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Thu 28th, Aug, 2014

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Good afternoon from a sunny old cottage…woohoo we have sunshine and spring in the air (oh and if you want to hear a wild and awesome ocean from my walk this morning head on over to Facebook or Instagram I posted a video over there x).

Well anyway, here I am talking about wellbeing again, you would have thought that I would be well, well by now right?  Buzzing around all buzzy and well.   Not that I’m not well.  You know what I mean.

I have been after a pedometer for about 10 years I think…I am not quite sure how, why and for what reason I haven’t bought one seeing as I’ve always fancied one…why would I want a little gadget to tell me how far I am walking?  I don’t know.  I do know that I walk most days with Barls and other days I actually do a fitness walk so heck I must be adding up those steps right?  But I do also know that I spend a lot of time around and about at home, I spend a lot of time standing at the dish sink, blogging, in the chinese laundry, at the computer, at the ironing board ironing sheets, on the laptop, you get the gig – yeah busy but often standing still.

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Anyway I recently had a bday and when asked by my lovely family what would I like, I knew straight away, it’s not the kinda thing I would go out and buy and I think over 100 dollars is a lot to spend willy nilly so I was like puurrrrfect, yes I know exactly what I want thank you very much, I’ll have a Fitbit Flex.  It’s a little gadget that measures how many steps you take, you can add your water intake to it, how many calories you’ve had and it measures the amount and quality of your sleep.

Now, I have to say that I was very very interested to see how many steps I was taking in the day…I don’t know about you but every single day whether I am manically on the go or lazing around on a weekend day I ALWAYS flop down on the sofa at the end of the day and my derriere is firmly stuck there in exhaustion until bed.  I am always knackered.  Always.

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I believed this was because I was doing lots/had a busy life/took 100 million steps per day, looked after teenagers, rinse repeat…

Ahem according to the little grey blue beauty residing on my wrist, I may well be busy but some days I am not stepping while I am doing that.   Big big huge eye opener.

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And then let us move onto water and hydration….oh my lord.  I even wrote a post on how to add more water to your life and I thought I was pretty much, every day hydrated enough…so there is a little lady in the fitbit thingy, you have to log your water intake in there…yes you could quite easily do this with a pencil and paper…but once you start doing it the 1.5 litres you thought you were consuming every day suddenly goes down…

The first day I was gobsmacked – every time you log so many mls of water into the little lady she gets filled up with blue water – starts at the feet and goes up – the first day I didn’t get to her neck…the next day I wasn’t even at her knees by lunchtime…but that was the weekend so I gave myself a break…back into the week and I was madly drinking water and still only up to just past the thighs by mid-day…sheesh kebab.

It didn’t take me long to work out that before I was logging my water intake, I was drinking most of my water in the mid afternoon to early evening and normally about 1.2 + litres…what the Fitbit has shown me is it’s much better to get hydrated in the early part of the day too and to knock that 1.2 / 1.5 litres up to 2 litres.

The other thing on hydration is that some days I wasn’t as hydrated as I thought I was – generally yeah 1.2 to 1.5 litres a day but some days not so much….duh…

Here’s what it looks like – the first day I hit 10,000 steps I was pumped!  You sync it with an app on your phone (or computer) and throughout the day it updates and when you hit your goal (you can add your own goals, I am going to up my steps to 12,000 soon) a little buzzer goes off…


It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to work out that if you go for a walk every day and you are fairly active in your life, then you are going to hit the steps…you do not need a fancy app and a band on your wrist syncing throughout the day to know that….and on those days that I walk for an hour or so in the mornings who needs the Fitbit, it’s the other days that are interesting…the days when I am blogging or doing stuff around the house or driving the kiddos around or, you know, laying in the hammock reading on my iPad pretending to work.  Those are the days when the Fitbit smirks up at you saying yeah yeah you might think you’re working/cleaning/changing the world but I know you are pretty much not active right now.

On Saturday I had been for a walk and then mooched around doing things in the house, gardening, picking up kiddos, blah blah blah and we were going out in the evening…by 6pm ish the app was telling me I had some steps to go…I wasn’t going to hit it blah and on top of that I was going to stuff my face with Italian and ahem have a few drinks…so I started doing laps of the house while doing make-up, dried my hair walking on the spot and after I was dressed jogged from front to back picking up random items of my offspring’s clothing that they believe lives on random floors…that is how the Fitbit has changed my life…it’s made me move my butt more basically, on days when I thought I was still moving it.

Seriously though, this has been really really interesting to me…if you *think you are active but wondering maybe why you are finding the muffin-top hard to shift (on that note this has done nothing for my upper arms), are maybe lethargic, perhaps a bit blue, one of these strapped to your arm may be the answer…

See you soon


**this is not a sponsored post & in no way affiliated to or gifted by FitBit

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p.s. smoothies have been a really good booster for me where health is concerned, you can read all about the ones I love over here (I’ve been on a journey with them and it’s constantly changing and evolving – you may find something that helps x)

abeachcottage coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com beachy decorating

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9 Responses to “wellbeing fitbit”

  1. Marti says:

    Are you living my duplicate life??? I just so happened to be gifted a fitbit by my hubby two weeks ago, and I feel the EXACT same way you do! I felt, for the average gal, that I am pretty darn active during the day, running up and down the stairs to do laundry, make the beds, feed the cat, etc, etc. Surely I would have no problem proving to fitbit and myself that the extra 20 pounds on me was NOT due to my laziness, but some strange and exotic condition. Guess what? In two weeks, I have only met my 10,000 steps three times – THREE TIMES?!?!? Meanwhile, my husband has clocked an easy 12,000 steps on his and he has a very sedentary desk job!!!! WTH???? We are challenging each other now, and definitely have amped up the water intake, and with logging food, it has been a major wake up call for us both. Who knew a computer on your wrist would be so darn motivating? Thanks for making me realize I am not alone on this! You totally got every thought right outta my head, I’m delighted!

    • Sarah says:

      oh so good to hear Marti!

      I was exactly the same – with being a mum, looking after the house, blogging blah blah blah I was like hell yeah I hit 20,000 steps every single day….errrr nup!

      I have had it a couple of weeks ago and just this morning I feel like my sleep is better because yday I hit 12,000 steps….very interesting.

      good luck!

  2. Petra says:

    I’m really glad you showed a picture of the screen of the fitbit because otherwise I was just yeah, great, another one of those thingys! Now, I can see how it could really help you keep an eye on how active you really are, and how many calories you’ve burned up. I like it. I want one! :-)

    • Sarah says:

      yeah I was a bit the same thinking it wouldn’t be that good but in fact it’s the opposite, as I said I am REALLY surprised that although I am pretty much busy all day long and literally collapse at the end of the day sometimes the actual hard cold truth of movement on some days is really low – which all around leads to more tiredness, crappy sleep etc…it’s been a big eye opener and wake up call for me – if you have a spare $100 or so and can justify it I would so recommend xx

  3. Anonymous says:

    Love that lamp… and you’re spot on, we are never hydrated enough.
    Stopped by yesterday and stalked (browsed) your page for a bit. I was searching through a few of your posts for more info on your photographs. Just wondering what you use for your spectacular white glowy pics such as in this post. Do you edit at all? Please don’t say photoshop. ;)
    Appreciate your response.

  4. Kat says:

    Oh snap Sarah. I have been using my fitbit flex for a few weeks now, although I won mine on a blog comp. Yay!
    I actually haven’t used the water part yet. I must do that though and make sure I am drinking enough.
    I find that I easily make my 10,000+ steps on the days I go to the gym and do a class. Other days I need to throw in a walk and be more aware of moving.
    The most fascinating thing for me has been the sleep log.
    Where I thought I was getting 8 hours sleep I am often not and I wake heaps during the night most nights, so the quality of my sleep is not great.
    Next thing I am going to track is my food intake and see if I am taking in more calories than I am burning up each day. This could explain the muffin top that will not shift even with me doing 5 gym classes a week!
    It’s a great little tool. Thanks for sharing what you have learnt about yours :)

    • Sarah says:

      yes I hear you it’s very interesting – I haven’t really done the food thing either, I am aware that I have quite few treats through the day lol I thought I would do it one step at a time! Right now I think home-made dinners, a huge green smoothie and salad or soup at lunch means I’m fairly healthy but next step is to start logging my food in there…ahhhh!

      I really think you will be surprised if you log the water intake, I was pretty gobsmacked how upping it to 2 litres and actually marking it down showed I was drinking less than I thought!



  5. Carole says:

    I’ve owned the Fitbit Zip for roughly six or so months. Some days I hit the steps easily, some days not so much, and some days, well, I’m downright lazy.

    There is a pedometer that also logs arm movement, which would be nice in some instances. We do a lot of work around our property but aren’t always walking while doing it. Hubby was digging a ditch and doing other such work about a week ago. Good exercise, and he got his heart rate up, but of course it doesn’t count where the Fitbit is concerned.