vintage crates, old tables and beach cottage style

Wed 27th, Aug, 2014

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coastal vintage style beachy decorating abeachcottage.com

Hey!  How are you?

All of a sudden, it seems even in the last few days, the temperature has crept up…just a tiny bit…but all of a sudden we realised that it got to 6pm and none of us were in Uggs and I was not skulking around in a onsie (that thing has saved the environment some serious not-turning-the-radiators-on emissions)…yes, yes I do believe Spring is in the air friends…oh Spring how I love you, this year it has lots of promises with it does Spring…I feel like ever so slowly I am getting better after what happened, not when I think about it but generally not so sad, well still a bit…but better…and Spring is bringing all those promises it always brings….

vintage australian drinks crate abeachcottage.com coastal vintage beach decor decorating

…and Summer, do you know there will be a very pale (almost blue) used to be English woman on the beach a whole whole lot this year..after her life re-assessment she will be doing a lot of beach lazing…she will be carrying a vintage American picnic basket with her and her new floral beach tent, a few good books on her mini iPad, wearing a gypsy top that actually looks, well, summery and covers those things sprouting from the shoulders who grow by the day and call themselves upper arms and while doing all this doesn’t look like some kind of demented boho gone wrong but just pretty and flowy and nice with shorts or jeans and flip flops (it’s new and it’ll be in my newsletter, best find I have had for AGES)…and she will be calm and whooshy because this year she’s realised the less she cares the happier she is…

abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style old beach shack oar

Anywhoo, I’ve really cracked on with the house… the laundry room is in progress (oh gosh which leads to the study but well that’s another story), we’ve had tradies here to quote on various other things including the laying of beds in the garden (this has been a mis-matched conundrum so far but this work will hopefully streamline it all and it’s too much for me to do on my own) and we have finally decided the vintage wardrobe is toast and a new more simplified system needs to go in…it’s time for me to be able to find gypsy tops…you know?

coastal vintage style beachy decorating abeachcottage.com

And I have to tell you I have been having a whale of a time here with my cottage cleansing and the passing on of old beachy coastal vintage things to new homes…if there is one thing I love doing it’s moving a few things around and foofing…

…there is a part of me inside doing the happy thrifter’s dance…because you know what happens when you cleanse and pass things on to new owners?  There’s room for more ;)



p.s. these are some of the bits and bobs coming up for sale…you can have a look in my shop if you fancy yourself some new coastal vintage finds… the little white side-table & crate going up on instagram and Facebook very soon (pop over there if you are interested for more info or email me xx)


beachy coastal decorating decor vintage chair abeachcottage.com


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6 Responses to “vintage crates, old tables and beach cottage style”

  1. Ann says:

    I Love that chair!

  2. Marcia says:

    Greetings from Florida.
    LOVE your blog, so much inspiration for this sea lover.
    My husband and I are currently in a transitional house as we search for our dream beach cottage. We got rid of all our furniture and started collecting timeless pieces. Love all your ideas and look forward to more visits.

  3. alison says:

    Refreshing blog post that leaves me with a smile and reminds me that I’m on track with my life changes.


  4. Lisa says:

    I love the bike. I have one Just like it. I have been trying to get my husband to dig it out of the garage forever now so I can take some photos of it. Love your blog and will be following you! Love your shop too.