a sitting room move

Wed 13th, Aug, 2014

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sofa abeachottage

Well here I am, sitting on the sofa you see above in the lovely Sydney sunshine, I am back from the city meeting with Apple (love Apple and their products) and I am eating leftover ham and pea slow cooker soup from last night….wowzas this is good…i’m not sure if I have blogged it or not…I have been making it for years but this one was probably the best so far…the reason I think it is superior is funny because I was rushing out the door early in the morning after school drop-off for a day out and over the bridge and knew I wasn’t going to be home until school pick up and didn’t want to worry about dinner…I had a ham hock sitting in the fridge and a carton of ready-made stock and threw both in with literally nothing else, resulting in the hock being in there for nearly 12 hours by the time we had it…12 hours on a ham hock slowly cooked makes for a very very nice soup…

old vintage chair mirrors abeachcottage.com

Anyway this is not about soup or Apple…this is my sofa in the Sitting Room, turned around the other way…this is the trickiest room to change around…one wide window, two doors and small, very small, which makes for good when trying to hide from teenagers or husbands, not so good when trying to re-invent beachy cosy…let’s just say that ummm there aren’t many ways to move this tiny little room around…let’s just say I already knew that…but still I would keep on…still I did in my head think I could have my two white chairs and sofa facing each other…with a rug in the middle and a coffeetablescape there to admire…guess what?  I couldn’t…so sofa is under the window not facing the chairs at all….

abeachcottage white sofa beach decor

I now know why Barley likes his spot under the window…having the sofa here could prove beneficial to Sydney’s carbon footprint because sitting here in the sun one does not need any other kind of heating…indeed sunscreen is possibly required…boy is it warm here and no way this room can stay this way for the summer…

Don’t tell anyone but I can’t stand the sitting room like this…a change is as good as a rest they say and because this move around meant the drilling and climbing under the house by my lovely husband and a little bit of swearing re the Apple TV, I am, for now, keeping quiet, but days are numbered….

Did the crew that live with me tell me I wouldn’t like it this way and that it would be a faff to move all the wires and stuff?

That would be in the affirmative

Did I listen?

That would be in the negative.


old vintage beach house chair abeachcottage.com

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7 Responses to “a sitting room move”

  1. Honeyaar says:

    …looks good to me Sarah!!
    But I hear you , I’ve been known to change things around too…
    …only to discover that I was , erm…a little hasty? Little misguided?
    ….totally wrong? How would that be possible….

  2. merilyn says:

    yes I see why barls loves it! I saved a photo of him on the back of the single chair! … sooo cute! … it looks like a lovely winter room, obviously facing north and in the summer probably the sun will be more overhead! … mmm thinking it won’t last like that hun ;0
    the soup sounds very warming for these cool days … here anyway! love m:)X

  3. Lyndie says:

    Loving the soft furnishings and natural light… I could spend the whole day there!

  4. Anonymous says:

    You are the master of room styling reinvention and will instinctively know the precise opportunity to change it all around again when they won’t really notice. I can sense your expertise.You have the gift.


  5. Lee says:

    Your photos are fabulous, how do you get such beautiful soft white light? I have the camera with all the tricks but I haven’t learned any of them yet and would love to take better photos of my home.

    Lee :)