Chocolate Cupcakes

Fri 1st, Aug, 2014

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chocolate cupcake recipe abeachcottage.com

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Well here I am with a lovely recipe for lovely cupcakes and a nice mixer, oh yes.  Now, this recipe is a little bit different to my regular throw it in and forget it recipes here in Beach Cottage Land and it requires an extra step that I don’t normally like to bother with in baking…but, trust me, this is far from a fuss, and oh-so worth it.

abeachcottage chocolate cupcakes recipe easy

I was first given this recipe by a friend a few years ago after trying her cupcakes and loving them…I’ve no idea where it came from originally, though she told me it’s one of those pass-me-down-and-on recipes…since then I make them for special occasions mostly, these are not your everyday cupcakes, and that’s why I like them, they are special enough for an occasion (when you bite into them you’ll know why) but they are also easy enough and don’t take a long time to bake…

sunbeam mixer chocolate cupcake recipe

I made the cakes you see here for a family dinner for one of my kiddos who had returned from a big trip and I knew that chocolate cake would go down very well…and the Sunbeam mixer I showed you the other day got put through her paces again…I wanted to try the mixer on a cake that is not just a throw it in cake, though I do still throw this in but I let the mixer do all the fussing … the important things for a mixer to do well needed to be working for this recipe (Sunbeam has a list of the 7 things your mixing should do super well click here to have a look) as in, the fluffing bit needs to be, you know, fluffy, and the airy bit, airy.

chocolate cupcakes easy recipe abeachcottage.com

The 7 Measures of Mixing according to Sunbeam is precisely why a good mixer is essential in my kitchen domestic goddess apron wearing life for a recipe like this.  I am not a professional, or even a super efficient home baker, I am a person who enjoys a bit of weekly baking but don’t want any fuss –  I do not know, or really if I am honest, want to know, how to perfectly aerate my eggs, I do not care essentially how one goes about the perfect way to cream butter and sugar – I just want a trusted mixer sitting on my bench to do that for me…this one does that beautifully while softly purring at the same time, making all good in the world.

mixer sunbeam abeachcottage

Soooo, for this recipe to be special, it needs the butter and sugar to be fluffy, the eggs to be beaten in well and everything to be nice and aerated – the Sunbeam dealt with all that quite swimmingly I can tell you that.

abeachcottage cupcake recipe

Glorious Chocolate Cup Cakes

100g milk chocolate

125g butter softened

1 cup water

1 1/4 cups brown sugar

3 eggs

2 cups self raising flour

1 tsp baking powder

1/4 cup cocoa

1. add the water and chocolate to a saucepan and combine over a very low heat, stir and cook for about 5 minutes until the mixture is smooth (this will be quite watery, that’s ok) & set aside to cool

2. beat the butter and sugar until pale and creamy

3. add the eggs one at a time and beat the mixture well in between each egg

4. stir in the flour, cocoa and baking powder to combine

5. pour the batter into individual baking cases (this batter is very runny, don’t worry it’s fine)

6. bake 180C 20 minutes

Icing / Frosting

3 tsp cocoa

1 cup butter

3 cups icing sugar

1/2 cup chocolate

1. melt the chocolate

2. cream butter, icing sugar and cocoa

3. add the melted chocolate

abeachcottage sunbeam mixer chocolate cake

So that’s my secret little special chocolate cupcake recipe working very nicely with the Sunbeam mixer…let me know if you try it, however you mix it up…it’s so so good!

cupcake recipe chocolate abeachcottage.com


 The lovely people over at Sunbeam are giving Beach Cottage readers a chance to win one of these lovely mixers…all you have to do is head on over to Pinterest, create a board and pin what to you makes the perfect cupcake (just leave a link to your board on their Pinterest board).  Click here for more details.

 p.s if you need another delicious recipe in your life, a super easy one, have a look at this Banana Cake I did with Sunbeam too xo

chocolate cupcake recipe abeachcottage.com

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9 Responses to “Chocolate Cupcakes”

  1. Tracy says:

    Looks yummo!

  2. merilyn says:

    yep! sure looks yummy enough to eat!
    “I want that one!” … lol m:)X
    btw your photo with nikki … just gorgeous! …
    wondered if you went! two of my favourite bloggers right there!X

  3. Jenny says:

    These look great Sarah! Just wondered at which point you add the melted choccy/water mix to the batter,,,? Also, I know this is a sponsored post, but just wondered if you have fallen out of love with the Kitchenaid mixer? It rarely gets a mention nowadays. I have been umming & aaahing about getting one & just wondered if you had any buyers’ remorse about it! Thanks for another yummy if muffin-top expanding recipe! Back to those situps…..

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Jenny

      Interesting question on the KitchenAid – no I have not fallen out of love with it at all…I hadn’t realised I didn’t mention it nowadays (it’s often on my Instagram), it has indeed changed the way I bake for the better…I do have a few issues with it, main one that it is VERY expensive in Australia with the USA version of the exact same machine so so so much cheaper and I don’t think that’s fair, but nothing major. I do not have buyer’s remorse whatsoever but I think it’s a really big investment!

      The main reason I tried the Sunbeam is b/c I love promoting Aussie products so thought I would give it a go…not expecting to be wowed which I was hence why I posted about it, I can’t put my finger on it but it really works nicely, everything is smooth, it’s quiet and feels really superior in quality, plus it looks nice and does the job really well – if you are thinking of the KitchenAid I would definitely have a look at the Sunbeam in comparison (try to see if you can get to turn it on, it purrs!), in my opinion it gives the KitchenAid a huge run for its money.

      Add the choc to the batter at the end :)

      Hope that helps


  4. Jenny says:

    Thanks Sarah. Darn – I had nearly made the decision to leap headfirst into Kitchenaid Land – now I’m deliberating again! If it’s any consolation, they are even more expensive here in NZ…. however, I DO love the look of them, and the fantastic range of colours available. That might be what tips me over the edge in the end!

    • Sarah says:

      Yes, the colours are gorgeous and they are like a kitchen decor accessory…good luck with deciding x

  5. Lovely to stop by and just look at the photos (better than any periodical!) but I cannot resist checking the recipe.
    The magic word was Chocolate!!
    Interesting to note how expensive the KitchenAid is Aussie land. I always think it is so much more dire here in the US than Europe these days!
    All the best,