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Fri 8th, Aug, 2014

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coastal vintage style abeachcottage

Helloooo from an overcast Sydney, I’ve been for a walk by a very cloudy sky ocean this morning with those lovely pale seaside colours that come when the sky is puffy…soft blues, greys and almost a hint of pink.

Thanks for the suggestions on the trunk, I moved it here as a side table rather than a coffee table and so far so good, but I think I will try in the hallway too as a place to store shoes, (more like fill with junk).

abeachcottage.com blue coastal vintage trunk

I am looking forward to the weekend…on my agenda more gardening, I am hoping to get my lovely hubby to make/dig me a few more beds to fill with vegetables and flowers for the rabbits to eat ;) (I am thinking about going for raised beds on the earth, if you see what I mean rather than raised by way of boards, though I am also thinking, against all of my principles on up-cycling, of thinking stuff it and heading to Bunnings and buying a few raised beds, slotting them together and hitting go).  I have also discovered that I am the proud (and prior to now ignorant) owner of an avocado tree, an avocado tree in need of a whole lot of love.  We had a horticulturist stop by to talk about another tree here which is listed and protected and he was the one that informed us that the tree alongside it (which to be honest we wondered if it was a weed, it’s kinda large, spindly and certainly not bearing fruit) was an avocado…oh my lord…I am from a land where avocados do not grow in gardens, they arrive on planes…so I have been googling how to give it some love…

I am also tackling the laundry room.  Big deep sigh.  It’s a cave in there.  We never really did anything with it other than paint it (white) when we moved in, it has in-offensive tiled floor and not much else…it does have, strangely though, for a small utility room, two windows and two doors (yes really!), which makes getting anything in there a tricky job…I am going to start by pulling everything out (in there right now is an old dresser holding some of my linens, a massive amount of beach towels stacked up on an ikea unit, and various other seaside paraphernalia such as wetsuits and flippers, sunscreen, beach mats and all that jazz, plus the sock box which is actually a monster in disguise who eats socks so there is never ever a pair)…my mission is to get cupboards in there and have everything shut away and surfaces on which to do laundry on…I am on the lookout for a vintage laundry tub, so far I’ve found nothing and am thinking of going for a new Butler’s sink even though it won’t be as big as the tub that is there now. …once it’s all done will become amazing, organised, laundry goddess with ironed undies, alphabetically arranged detergent products and pressed sheets.   I’ll show you pics of the before soon…if you’ve got the stomach for it…

nautical cottage decor beachy decorating abeachcottage.com beach house blog

See you soon, I’ll be the one sporting ironed undies.


coastal vintage style abeachcottage

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10 Responses to “beach cottage blue coastal trunk”

  1. susan says:

    Love the color of the trunk. Your home has the most wonderful light…even on a puffy day. I can’t remember, how far are you from the beach? You sound very good…continued healing.

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I also decided today, as I was finishing my sixth load of washing for the day.That my laundry needs a massive makeover. Not sure yet if much can be done as it is a very small space. Ideally I would like to have the space to have numerous washing baskets so that the washing can be sorted as it is put into the laundry, rather than me sorting through it to find the particular items that I need for a specfic load. I’m keen to see your before and after pictures for some inspiration.

  3. krissie says:

    I’ve just finished my latest post on raised garden beds, they are fantastic and really really make gardening so easy!
    I hope you do yours as you’ll realy find gardening a lot easier then and the soil is improved too.

  4. Neen says:

    Ironed undies to paint in, drips ‘n’ all !!! LOL !!
    I spend so much time in our laundry that I have a radio on to keep me company as I sort, soak, scub and wash…hmmmm… alphabetically arranged laundry detergents…. I’m onto it !!
    Enjoy your weekend, mine is full-to-pussy’s-bow with teenage sport and a debutant ball ;) Neen

  5. Honeyaar says:

    Mme Beach Cottage, you are too funny!!!!
    Ironed undies; how very British, soon you will talk about the char lady coming in once a week…..

    Can’t wait to see the before and after pics…laundries are invariably a dumping ground for everything you don’t have a home for, can’t decide whether if it is worth keeping or just loads of dust bunnies/ fulf from the dryer.
    In our house it’s a inadequate mud room of sorts (as of course in Australia ) no such room exists !!!! Bring on the transformation and inspire us please. ;-)

  6. merilyn says:

    hi sarah, that trunk is just like the one my sister and I had growing up albeit brown! … memories of our toys in there! I went to the beach today oh my I couldn’t tare myself away … so beautiful!
    good luck with the laundry! … Kerrie from seawashed has a good laundry … I hate ironing hardly ever do it!
    cheers m:)X

  7. Lovely…though you know my fave thing in the pics don’t you!?! xx

  8. Victoria says:

    Your trunk is so beautiful, I love the color! I’m also very happy to see you haven’t yet painted the lovely green legs on your table:) Your home is gorgeous, you have great style!!!

  9. Selby says:

    I would love to make over our laundry but sadly for renting not an option, so instead I’ll enjoy yours vicariously:)

  10. Alison says:

    Just love a good armchair reno so look forward to the new laundry. Anyone else watch Homes Under the Hammer?