beaches, memories and seaside colours

Fri 25th, Jul, 2014

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santa monica beach palm trees abeachcottage.comAs I sit here it’s a cold and grey Sydney afternoon (feel sorry for me it’s been 19C and cloudy today)…I’m cozied up in the Sitting Room, the fire is on, every single heater we own is on, doors to rooms are shut and rugs are layered up all throughout keeping that cool air from drifting up through our wood floors…I’m sitting here looking outside, the blinds yet to be drawn but the lamps on and there’s that soft inky blue sky you get just after dusk but just before it gets dark dark…

santa monica beach california abeachcottage.com

I love that light, when I was young and lived in England and the nights were dark and cold like this for a lot longer than they are here in Sydney, I used to love that sweet blue air.   I had this friend, when I was a teenager, she lived down the road from me, we were thick as thieves until she decided where she came from and the people she knew weren’t quite right.. her house was a two or three minute walk from mine, hers on the main road, both pretty much by the side of the train track for the trains to London, and mine down a side road and in a little cul-de-sac.  At the corner of the two roads was a house I fell in love with every single time I walked past it.  Old, built I guess sometime at the beginning of the last century, with lovely brick and lots of different rooms and bits and bobs of additions here and there from various owners, a big old front door, an old English garden with a brick path and a gate…whenever I walked home on one of those dark nights I would gaze into the house, a happy little family lived there who never pulled their curtains, it always made me smile to myself as I looked in as I quickly walked home in that inky dark….I dreamed of living in an old house like that one day…I’ve not quite made it yet…


So as I sat here computer on my lap, cupcake and tea by my side looking through pictures of  Santa Monica beach but at the same time looking out at that inky blue Australian sky, with curtains open, I was, all of a sudden, back in that English street gazing at that house with the people who never closed their curtains…and thought how so very far we are now from the little village we left behind with the railway station to London, the many village greens and the plethora of beautiful old pubs…memory is a funny thing isn’t it…someone once said to me memory is tinted with rose coloured glasses…that if you go back to things you remember, they never are quite as good as your mind likes to think…I wonder if that’s true…it makes me sad to think that it is…

santa monica beach

We arrived at Santa Monica, swimmers packed, a basket full of books, a picnic of sandwiches and salads and ready for a day at the beach, I won’t tell you it wasn’t busy, I must say it’s the first time in my life, and hopefully my last, that I queued in line to get to the beach, but it was lovely….

deck chairs palm trees santa monica beach

There are many things an Australian beach is and I hadn’t realised this before I was behind the lens of a big girl’s camera standing on the other side of the Pacific, but there is one thing an Australian beach is most certainly not and that is the muted ice-cream colours of a seaside California on a hazy day slap bang in the middle of July…

lifeguard santa monica beach palm trees santa monica beach

And whether my memory is rose-tinted or not, boy did I like that.



santa monica beach california abeachcottage.com

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11 Responses to “beaches, memories and seaside colours”

  1. merilyn says:

    I love your stories thankyou sarah!
    I’m watching Q I and you’re telling me about a time in London and the light on the santa monica beach … ab fab hun!… transported! … happy Friday evening to you! love it, lovely! … m:)X

  2. Ria says:

    I lived in So Cal for 32 years and I always laughed at the romantic terms they gave smog…hazy sunshine, June gloom, cloud layer… Beautiful pics though!

    I was born in England but left when I was still a child. I imagine that, if I were go to go back and visit, it would be nothing like my childhood memories. A part of me likes to keep it that way, although it would be fun to see my old home and school! Glad you’re back and enjoying your home:)

  3. Mandy Meza says:

    Did you go shopping to the British shop in Santa Monica for all your British treats.this is where I went for my treats or world markets….x

  4. cibele says:

    Good Morning , Sarah !
    I love your look … this space …
    With my love, Cibeli ( brasil )

  5. Candice says:

    I lived in Santa Monica for a year then move over to Hollywood Hills.
    But I still went to the beach in Santa Monica or up #1 every weekend.
    Now, living in New York State,I remember those days as being sort of “enchanted” …

  6. Selby says:

    Gorgeous walk down memory lane- thanks for taking us with you!:)

  7. shar y says:

    Are these straight out of the camera photos? They are absolutely fabulous. I am never able to get photos like this from my big girl camera! I wish I had your touch! Thanks for sharing with us!

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    right. This post truly made my day. You cann’t imagine just how much time I had spent for this
    info! Thanks!

  9. Liz says:

    Had to smile at your description of 19C being cold. This is what passes for summer in the UK!! You certainly have become an Aussie!

    • Sarah says:

      yes I know! I never expected to think 19C was cold…now I think warm and lovely as 30C ..though my fave for jeans, tee shirt and maybe a card 25C xxoxoxoox