a little peek…Beach Cottage Studio

Mon 28th, Jul, 2014

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abeachcottage studio beach coastal vintage decor abeahcottage.com



I’m popping in with a few pictures of my new studio…I love the high ceilings, the old doors, the big thick skirting, creaky old floors and the fireplace…the window, sigh to the window…but it’s a tricky space to get right…

I brought a few of my favourite Beach Cottage things in at the weekend to make it feel a bit more like me…and it’s slowly getting there…

studio abeachcottage

I’ve been spending bits and bobs of time there….in between working on things taking strolls down by the sea, always nice to be near the ocean…

abeachcottage.com studio

Everything in here is one of my old found treasures, oh apart from the lamp and the rug, it feels like they are quite at home in this old place…

So long


p.s. I’ll be listing a few coastal vintage pretties on social media later on today xo

abeachcottage studio beach coastal vintage decor abeahcottage.com

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14 Responses to “a little peek…Beach Cottage Studio”

  1. merilyn says:

    good for you sarah! … you’ve made it feel like yours already! nice floors and something solid about those old skirtings from yesteryear! enjoy your time out space! … or whatever you are doing with it! my studio is my solace! … lovely! cheers m:)X

  2. Neen says:

    Aaaah the serenity… (line from an Aussie movie called The Castle)
    Luuuuurve that window over the door, no idea what it’s called but I am quite fond of it ;) Neen

    PS your studio has ‘A Beach Cottage’ written all over it !

  3. ooo so exciting. I love your space and cant wait to hear more hun x

  4. jaime says:


    The window over the door is called a transom window. In days past transom windows were used to add light to a space and also provide some ventilation.


    Your studio looks wonderful. Very serene and cozy. What are your plans for using the space? An online shop, perhaps? Whatever you use it for, I am certain it will be a success.


    • Sarah says:

      thanks Jaime, I didn’t know that :)

      I am planning to use it as a little space to work in for my new project, it’s not really any more than that really, no ambitious plans but I needed somewhere to go so that I can shut the door at the end of the day :)

  5. Adri says:

    Hi Sarah – all the way from a little beach town close to Cape Town! ;-)
    Slight change in subject …
    I know you changed your lounge sofa from a white leather to a slip cover type – are you happy with the change?
    May I ask why you did not like the white leather?
    I have been thinking of going that route – but a bit hesitant with two dogs, two cats and a boy in the house! Would love to hear your thoughts! Love your blog!

    • Sarah says:


      I hated the leather from the day I got it because it was too modern and not cosy enough…however it was very easy to keep clean, I ignored all the recommendations on how to clean it and just spray and wiped it with kitchen spray..with kids and a dog it was good, however I love slipcovers and as long as you don’t mind stripping them off and throwing in the washing machine it’s easy too and I love the way you can put clean covers on the sofa as you would clean sheets on the bed…hope that helps x

  6. Helena says:

    what a great place to decorate with some of the things that don’t quite fit in your own home

  7. dianne says:

    oh Sarah I just fall in love with everything you do AND then I go and copy it much to the displeasure of my hubby and his wallet ! he he
    much love xxx

  8. jen says:

    Hi Sarah,

    It looks great with your styling!

    May I ask where you bought your desk light from I really like it

    Cheers and thanks
    Jen :-)