Beach Cottage Easy Banana Cake Recipe

Tue 22nd, Jul, 2014

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easy banana cake recipe abeachcottage.com

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Hellooooo lovelies, welcome, let’s talk about cake, very nice banana cake, mixers and baking…

I do like making a cake, which is weird because I am not a hugeeee fan of cake…but I do love a home-made cake with a cup of tea and I live with men who adore cake…my big son loves cake a lot…and the man of the house likes cake with beer which I have always found rather strange (says the person who spoons salad cream straight from the jar when having a stressful day)…so yeah, early on in married life and wanting to do the whole cake-making thing with my kiddos I had to master a simple cake…

easy banana cake recipe abeachcottage.com

Since then I’ve moved on a bit, from a few basic, but good, recipes to trying and finding a few more cake recipes that are easy enough not to stress me out, don’t use any fancy ingredients and are pretty much one-step and don’t include any weird pans or gadgets…

There is something undeniably positive about making a cake isn’t there? The whole getting out the ingredients, turning on the mixer, combining it together, popping it in the oven, the house filling with that smell you just don’t get when you buy a cake from the supermarket and the end result when you leave it on the side for random passers-by to steal a bit when no-one is looking…all of a sudden with a cake on the counter everything is right in the world…

easy banana cake recipe sunbeam abeachcottage.com

Since I invested in a mixer, my baking has really come on and my mixer is pretty much a real working member of my kitchen nowadays, I’m really surprised I lasted so long without one…I use it for all sorts of things and I think buying one is a great investment – I’ve learnt that there are 7 things to look for in a mixer, the main thing being what you are going to use it for..for me first things first is that it is simple to use…and I’ve realised that I like to use recipes that you can start the mixer on low and just keep adding things to the bowl and putting the packages away while it’s going…so for me whisking and aerating, creaming and combining is key…I also think quality and workmanship is really important – nothing worse than your kitchen equipment wobbling all over the counter or, you know, an electrical appliance you are steaming your kiddo’s dinner in melting (ask me how I know).

banana cake recipe

…and so recently when Sunbeam contacted me to see if I would like a nosey at their new mixer I was like hmmm…we all know I love a good mixer in my life…but a good old tried and trusted Australian brand with a new modern twist?  …yeah, I do mixers…bring that right on…I love Australian brands and products…so yes please, ok, I’ll have a go with it and I’ll make a cake…

mixer abeachcottage.com

As you know, I own two mixers – one is a vintage Sunbeam mixer in good working order and still purring away like a dream…when I found her I was so so so happy…amazing that a 60 year old mixer (Sunbeam have been making mixers since 1948)  is still not only holding up but being part of this little cottage…so before the sleek new modern mixer arrived I wondered what it would really be like?  What would this baby be like compared to my old and doing well Sunbeam (I use this often for small mixing jobs) and more importantly, how would it go against my beloved KitchenAid?

beach cottage blog easy banana cake recipe with frosting

Well, shock, yes, yes and yes.   I have to hold my hands up here and say I wasn’t expecting to fall in love with this mixer and as I unwrapped this baby I was like a bit nonchalant…all was quiet in the house, the kids had been dropped off at school, Barls and I had just come back from coffee and a long walk and it was a bit of a grey day perfect for baking…as I took off the polystyrene and put it on the counter I was surprised…oh my….gosh…I was smitten pretty much right out of the box and I soooo wasn’t expecting that…you know when you like want to stroke things and keep walking past looking at it?  Normally it happens to me with shoes, rugs and various pieces of vintage furniture…this time it happened with this new Sunbeam mixer.  Score.

banana cake recipe abeachcottage.com

I can’t quite put my finger on it, but this is just smooth and sleek, feels quality and modern but still has a nostalgic feel about it…there is no fuss about this beauty…she’s beautifully but simply designed and something about her just makes you want to hit go.  She’s just so totally Australian to me too, maybe that’s what I fell for.  I kept turning the dial for the purring.

But what about mixing?  Well pretty much loved that too – I did my normal routine of adding with the mixer on slow and low and it all went swimmingly, clean up was super easy (chucked the bowl in the dishwasher and wiped down) …a good time was had by all .

how to make banana cake abeachcottage

Easy Banana Cake Recipe

(aka Best Banana Cake Recipe in the World Ever!)

1 1/2 cups bananas mashed

3 cups flour

1 1/2 tsp baking soda

1/2 tsp salt

3/4 cup butter softened

1 3/4 cups sugar

3 eggs

1 1/2 cups milk

  1. cream butter and sugar
  2. add flour, salt & baking powder and mix
  3. add bananas, egg and milk and mix to a smooth batter

bake for 1 hour 10 mins at 170C – test with a skewer until it’s clean, sometimes this seems to need 1 hour twenty for me so check at an hour and if in doubt leave it in another 10 minutes

frosting / icing

1 cup butter

3 cups icing sugar

1 tsp milk

  1. cream butter with icing sugar
  2. add milk and cream until soft and fluffy

cake with banana recipe

That’s it from me, my glorious mixer and the best banana cake in the world ever.



 if you are looking to invest in a mixer go here to look at Sunbeam’s 7 Measures of Mixing – the things every mixer should do and more importantly, do well.

oh and if you fancy yourself one of these mixers click over here for Sunbeam’s Bake it Easy Pinterest giveaway to win one xo

easy banana cake recipe abeachcottage.com

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13 Responses to “Beach Cottage Easy Banana Cake Recipe”

  1. Alison says:

    I hope my mum’s old Sunbeam went to a happy, loving home like yours.


  2. Helen says:

    Hi Sarah. One and a half cups of baking soda…is that a typo? Regards Helen

  3. Aisling says:

    Love the food styling Sarah – those roses the same colour as the icing looks cool! Aisling

  4. Rosie says:

    My mom was a baker like you – a good simple cake, like a pound cake or something with poppy seeds or raisins or lemon, something so good and simple to have around for coffee or tea – or breakfast (!). A really good cheesecake or hundreds of Christmas cookies.
    She used an old Sunbeam forever – probably 40-50 years – and it was always consistant and reliable. Nothing fancy, just hardworking and dependable. I wonder where it went? Wish I had it now – the one I have (you know the one, the one we all had to have) has to be stored in the pantry and is heavy as a cow. Hubs has to haul it in for me and haul it out again. It’s great but too blinking heavy!

    • Sarah says:

      yes I hear you on that one – I must say I was not thinking this one would be anywhere near it, but I’m loving it…still heavy but kinda sleeker and it literally purrs away quietly like a dream…also LOVE that it’s Australian…but then I’m weird like that…I hope you can find it, my old vintage one is still going strong!

  5. merilyn says:

    morning sarah, hope you are well!
    thought that was a new ‘mix master’ … looks good
    photos gorgeous as usual!
    my mother also was the cake maker … not me!
    but I do make the odd microwave cake easy and quick with my ingredients and yummy!
    I have a 60 yr old yellow mix master in this house somewhere unless someone has thrown it out!!! lol m:)X

    • Sarah says:

      thanks Merily, yup it’s the new one…it’s pretty fab, I was happy to find out how good it is :))

  6. Veggie Mama says:

    I love salad cream AND beer!

    I’ve never had a stand mixer, but I think it’s something I should have. Just so I can stroke it!

  7. Lynn says:

    Sarah, what size pan?

  8. Selby says:

    That does look like a lovely shiny toy to play with! Love me a good old sunbeam:)
    That cake sounds delish I love cakes that are bananna or carrot as the fruit or veg seems to really help them stay moist which is one of my biggest criteria in cakes I love.