this is Sunday

Mon 23rd, Jun, 2014

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abeachcottage blog Sundays, I love them, they mooch along at a pace of their own & I love it if they include fresh air and nature… abeachcottage blog abeachcottage blog …any which way suits me, gardening, down the beach, but mostly I love a walk – nothing better than a good walk on a Sunday with a roast dinner in the oven. This week it was roast pork…I slow cooked it, not in the slow cooker in the oven – I started doing this years ago, there was a recipe in The Guardian or maybe it was The Telegraph (in the days when we got the Sunday papers delivered in England and spent the whole day, with little ones, wondering if we would actually ever again have time to read a paper, and now newspapers still seem like a treat to me, I’m very much a digital person, anyway) it called for cooking a joint of pork for a very very long time at a low heat in the oven – I kinda adapted it to over the hours on a Sunday so that it could go in early, smell wonderful, and sit in there on its own not needing too much attention – it makes for super good crackling and I’ve always been surprised that the meat doesn’t go dry.  With that we had roast potatoes with rosemary, roast onions with garlic, bread, Yorkshire puddings, peas, sweetcorn and salad and a lovely white wine gravy. There was also chocolate mud cake…I am not a hugeeee lover of this cake – I remember when I was a teenager and I was first introduced to this cake from the states (our old town opened an ‘american’ burger bar, it was the place to go if you were a teenager – you got LARGE portions, huge burgers and mountains of coleslaw and dessert was sweet and sticky and chocolate mud cake very popular) I found it soooo sickly, but I always ordered it and always, afterwards, wondered why. This chocolate mud cake & the awesome icing we make though (I say we as Miss BC is nearly always the baker in the house) is omg divine, it’s obviously how mud cake is meant to be – best with a cup of afternoon tea I think, though last night after a huge roast it slipped down quite nicely with ice cream.  I’ll post the recipe soon – I did manage to get some pics yesterday before it was devoured. When we lived in England and Mr BC and I had littlies we walked a lot on Sundays and ended up in the pub for a swift half most times – it seems a bit odd now that we went to the pub with our little kiddos, pubs have a whole different connotation where we live…I miss the pubs…and I miss walks in the woods… abeachcottage blog

But this is my Aussie version of a Sunday walk in the woods….this is a bush walk….in Winter… …I love bush walks in Winter, the air is pretty fabulous, it’s cool and green and just nice… I cannot say it beats an English walk through the woods, over the fields to end up in front of the fire in the pub…but man it’s pretty good.

Love Sarah

my little beach house shop has been busy over the weekend – pop over here to my shop if you love coastal vintage pieces xx

abeachcottage blog

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4 Responses to “this is Sunday”

  1. merilyn says:

    helloo sarah, yes it is lovely going for a winter bush walk especially if you have hunters;)… no not quite like the forests of Europe or England … mr m misses them too! it is shocker weather here today … staying in yay!
    great that you are doing well with the shop. love m:)X

  2. Alison says:

    I love the wattle picture. Such a lovely plant with so many species. Beautiful perfume.
    Just returned from a winter walk along Bulli cycleway. Magic.

  3. Janet says:

    Hi Sarah. Your Aussie winter Sunday walk looks just wonderful. I can’t imagine a Sunday winter walk like that where I’m from – Canada. I think I like your version just a little bit better!

  4. DeAna says:

    Just loverly…<3