Crock Pot Slow Cooker Cheese and Relish Twice Baked Potatoes

Mon 16th, Jun, 2014

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easy slow cooker baked potatoes recipe abeachcottage.com

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Helloo lovely Beach Cottage ladies, let’s talk  jacket potatoes in the slow cooker – this may well be one of my best discoveries in slow cooker cooking, being able to throw some big old potatoes in there, walk away and do nothing else, is quietly liberating (find my twice baked goat’s cheese potatoess here).  But really, while divine, especially if the potato is good, the humble jacket potato can get a little on the boring side, and especially if it’s dinner, rather than lunch.

Twice baking changes that, all of a sudden it’s tastier and more special and for not too much more effort.  Twice baking cheese and onions and mmmm it all gets good.

crockpot slow cooker jacket baked potatoes recipe abeachcottage.com

One day though I was bored with the old regular jacket potato thing, to be honest it’s one of my kiddos favourite meals, I’ve never quite been sure why, I make it with homemade coleslaw which is a no-brainer and every time I make it I seem to double the coleslaw and every time there never seems to be enough.  Anyway, so I googled a few things to do with jacket potatoes, didn’t find much interesting, did a bit more perusing and came across a recipe which included the addition of mustard through the cheese for the twice-baking bit.  Hmmm.

It got me thinking to adding things from a jar, I had half a small jar of a home-made tomato relish in the cupboard, through it in and it was lovely and since then it’s made twice-baked potatoes interesting without much effort.

I’ve written on here before that I like nice foodie bits and try to buy organic where I can, but you know, family of 5 and all of that, often it’s not reality.   But when it comes to things like condiments, dry goods and things where the outlay is not so regular I make the switch.  Relish is a case in point – I just don’t buy the cheap stuff basically, not worth the savings and usually it’s rammed full of sugar and e-things.

So for this recipe today I used one of Woolworths Gold relishes, there are a few in the range and so far I’ve loved the ones I have tried…this one is Sun-Dried Tomato and Red Pepper – it’s excellent value in a quality product, Made in Australia (I always look for that on things like this if I can) and the e-numbers simply are not there.   Those four things are important to me, I know it’s just a jar of relish but do you know what I mean.

slow cooker jacket potato recipe with cheese and relish abeachcottage

Anyway run a relish through a potato with some cheese and you’ll be glad you did.

Crock Pot Slow Cooker Twice Baked Potatoes

5 large potatoes

2 to 3 cups of grated cheddar cheese

5 (or so) tbsp tomato relish (I used & loved Woolworths Gold Sun Dried Tomato & Red Pepper)

salt & pepper

optional :  5 (or so tablespoons butter)



1. rub potatoes with oil, prick, sprinkle with sea salt & wrap in foil

2. place in crock pot / slow cooker 4 hours, if you are home turn about half way through

3. remove, slice in half & scoop out potato leaving skins

5. mash scooped out potato & add cheese, butter and the relish

6. stuff filling back into potatoes & sandwich together

7. place back in slow cooker for an hour or until warmed through

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes   * the recipe above is an estimate you may prefer just a tad of relish… *the longer you leave these the more ‘done’ the outside skin will be – if, like me, you like a very well done skin, like you would buy from a jacket potato stall then just leave them in there – turn them over a few times so that the skin browns all over  

easy slow cooker baked potatoes recipe abeachcottage.comThat’s it from me.  

See you soon.

Sarah x

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how to cook jacket baked potatoes in the crockpot slow cooker abeachcottage.com

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19 Responses to “Crock Pot Slow Cooker Cheese and Relish Twice Baked Potatoes”

  1. Alison says:

    We cook spuds in foil in our slow combustion fire in Winter.

  2. Aisling says:

    These look fantastic! We have baked spuds on the menu this week – i might try these instead. Thanks Sarah your recipes are always great!

  3. I love that relish! It’s been on our grocery list for a while now!

  4. Veggie mama says:

    heavens! I’ve got a jar of relish I know what to do with now… YUM.

  5. Fleur says:

    Yum, I love a jacket potato, but the time between getting home from work and serving dinner never seems long enough to cook them. I’m going to give this a go leaving them on low all day.. what do you think?

    Fleur x

  6. merilyn says:

    that looks yummy sarah, sitting there on that beautiful plate … cheers m:)X

  7. DeAna says:

    I LOVE crockpot potatoes! This is brilliant…and being from Idaho I know potatoes ;)

  8. well I can’t say I’ve ever heard of ‘jacket potato’, but these look delish sarah! I will definitely give them a try in the crock pot. Never even occurred to me. have a lovely day.

  9. Yum! Gorgeous pics and recipe Sarah! I think I’m going to make these this week x