a beach cottage reader donates me vintage doors

Wed 18th, Jun, 2014

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old barn vintage doors abeachcottage

It’s been lovely here, cold (well Sydney cold, I won’t tell you the temperature, I’ll let you go off and check it and then come back and start pouring gallons of ice cold water on me to let me know what you think is cold) and sunny, interspersed with the odd day of rain and cloud.

I’ve been spending lots of my days treasure hunting, lots and lots of my time…I have realised the last few months since what happened in January that it’s very very therapeutic for me…I used to treasure hunt heaps like this when I first came to Australia and didn’t really know a soul, didn’t know where I was half of the time, spent a good deal of the hunting with my finger on a map chucking u-turns left right and centre and didn’t, really, know what I was after either…things haven’t changed much, though the map bit has improved and now I am often with a friend…oh and now I call a u-turn a ‘youeee’ and if I am feeling very Australian, a u-bolt (first time I heard that I nearly fell off of the passenger seat I was sitting on).

I’m really really enjoying Winter this year, it’s short-lived here, just a few weeks of quite cool temps and it may sound odd but I finally bought a coat, a puffy European eiderdown filled coat, it’s probs totally overkill, in fact I know it is, half the time I have to remove it, but it’s changed how I feel about Winter here, in the mornings and evenings I pop it on and get rugged up – why why why did it take me so long to buy a coat?  Weird.

In late afternoons, before it starts to actually get dark, it gets chilly, this old cottage without any heating and certainly no insulation needs to get rugged up too, we go around shutting doors, putting down blinds, there are layers of rugs here and there, windows are closed, layers of quilts come out onto the sofa, uggs go on, candles are lit here and there and I settle down for an evening of cosy.  An evening of cosy looking at my vintage loot hahaha.

coastal beachy vintage style

Talking of loot leads me to these doors.  We all know I love a vintage door or 75 and I have been looking for some more, errrm, rustic, a bit beach cottage farmhouse for a while…a fellow treasure hunter told me a few years ago when I first started this blog about her list she keeps of stuff she wants/needs/would kill for and how once things go on that list, by hook or by crook, somehow someday they turn up.  I said that I do exactly the same thing, though I don’t have a physical list (or a list on my phone) I just pop what I want into the depths of this place they call my brain and, it may take months, and this time years – but it seams that fellow treasure seeker knew her stuff, if you want things they will come.

abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style blog

And that’s exactly happened with these doors though I was very surprised in the way that they came into this old beach cottage of ours.

I got a little Facebook comment on one of my posts over there from a reader who lives on the beaches too, who was doing a renovation and wondered if I would like these doors.  Oh my.  That would be a yes.

coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

And so one evening my lovely hubby popped over to pick them up and they are now sitting out on my deck very happy with themselves…this was to be at first a temporary home, Mr BC just leant them there when he brought them in…but the more I looked at them there the more I liked it.  And so they’ve stayed for me to look at in the mornings with a cup of tea.

Moral of the story, get a list and start adding things to it…going on mine, rugs, quilts and hammocks. ;)

See you next time


p.s. my little shop by the sea to cleanse this old cottage of some loot has been bobbing merrily along over on Facebook and Instagram with lots of old coastal vintage things making their way to new homes – I’ve listed some of the goodies over here too on the blog…I’ve had lots of enquiries about the things I have for sale :-) …yes there will be oars, more ladders and crates coming up soon, sadly I cannot email personally pics of the vintage finds I have on the way (I just don’t have time!) and I cannot hold anything for you – all my bits are one-offs from years of vintage treasure hunting so once they are gone that’s it.   Thanks all for your kindness and interest.  There is one person in this old cottage who is pretty happy about the cleansing haha, though I must say I am feeling it a tad on the painful side to let some things go.

p.p.s my newsletter goes out this week, it’s been on a little holiday but this week I have a fashion find to show you, which I bought on a whim and totally floored me on how it has slotted into a gap in my wardrobe…so wanting to share – to sign up pop your addy in the box at the top of the blog xoxo

beachy decor abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com



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13 Responses to “a beach cottage reader donates me vintage doors”

  1. Selby says:

    The doors look great!:)

    I’m going to put hunter gumboots on my list & I’m crossing off flannelette sheets which have been on the list for a bit & finally arrived in my little house:)

    • Sarah says:

      they will come to you…trust me haha I had black Hunter’s on my list too but I thought it was extravagant to have two pairs (hoping to make it three soon tho roflmao) but anyway one day at a market with my daughter for vintage fashion, there they were, a pair of black Hunters in my size, never worn and 20 bucks…winner! xx

  2. Jim says:

    I don’t even know how I ended up here, however I
    believed this publish was good. I do not understand who you are but certainly you’re going
    to a famous blogger in the event you are not already.

  3. karen says:

    Hey Sarah your doors look great. Do does your deck. Colour on floor looks cool. Did you repaint or has the colour faded?

  4. Theresa says:

    I have very similar looking doors that are still in use in my house. When my house was first built the toilet and laundry were outside the back door. They are still there even though the laundry and toilet are enclosed in the house.

  5. merilyn says:

    nice one … winning there hun!
    yes was just saying to mr m today when we went for a long walk by the beach that I’ll be needing some hunters! lol m:)X

  6. The doors are beautiful…..congratulations!

    Your finds are amazing and I’m not one bit surprised that they have been snapped up so quickly.

  7. John says:

    What a wonderful and generous gift, you have been given a brilliant reward for all your hard work. The doors are lovely.

  8. lisa says:

    Hi Sarah…you wont believe it ! I too have had two of these beautiful doors come into my possession recently WOW !! I look forward with anticipation to see what you will create with yours .. I have a some things in mind for mine:) Maybe we can exchange ideas
    Regards Lisa x

  9. Alison says:

    It’s so weird how that list thing works, isn’t it?

  10. Booie says:

    Great post Sarah. The doors look gorgeous. Love your style!