A Beach Cottage Outdoor Vintage Room

Mon 12th, May, 2014

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 beachy coastal outdoor beach shack area abeachcottage.com vintage boat and old doors for rustic firepit/chiminea gathering

Do you have a ratty old outdoor area that you have been wanting to change up for a long time?  An area outside that’s scruffy and past it but could be used in the evenings for a chiminea or a fire pit, to sit under the stars, toast marshmallows, light lanterns and generally sit back and relax?  Well I have to share that I had just that out at the very back of our garden underneath the huge old fig tree.  There has been this space that has been dead and forgotten about since we moved in really – it’s under a lot of shade so the grass doesn’t grow much, there are a lot of twigs and stuff dropping from the tree there, and, really, there are a lot of other nicer areas in the garden to sit, so it’s pretty much neglected, gets a quick mow and tidy up and not much else, ever.  However I’ve always loved it up that end of the garden, it’s kinda quiet and secret, you can’t see anyone and no-one can see you, in fact, should you so fancy, you could sit up there completely starkers and in total privacy.  I won’t be trying that.  Or actually maybe I should I reckon that could be interesting.  Might spice up my life anyway.

vintage coastal outdoor beach shack area abeachcottage.com

Anyhoo for Mother’s Day this year Mr BC asked me what I fancied doing, we normally go off to gardens, take a trip to the city, take a picnic to a different beach or go to a country house or park – things we wouldn’t regularly do, but this year I decided it would be nice to take advantage of some of the brawn that lives in this old cottage.  I really wanted to go to the garden centre and buy lots of flowers and herbs and bits and bobs to plant (if you follow along on Instagram you’ll have seen some of my bounty already) as this year, after the rocky start, I really want to get out in the garden a LOT more….the other wish was to use the free child labour to clean up the area under the fig tree and make a vintage style outdoor room…uh-huh.  Sound good to you?  Oh yeah.  Yep there were eyebrows.

coastal vintage outdoor beach shack room abeachcottage.com

To be honest we are an outdoors, under the stars, sit around the fire kinda family, it sounds weird but it’s one of the reasons we wanted to move from the Old Country, not the fire but the weather and being able to sit outside a whole lot more – on top of our list was CLIMATE – as in WARM!   Well Sydney fits that bill beautifully but it also has seasons which means that particularly in Autumn and Spring the evenings lend themselves very nicely to a fire outside and sitting around in the fresh air chatting with a nice drink and very very easy.  And we’ve been doing that here for years and most recently on the new deck nearly every Sunday night.

But I wanted something more ‘camping like’, a bit boho, beach shack eclectic  (you may be looking at these pics and indeed thinking more hobo, I know someone who is thinking that and that I am a complete fruit bat) – I had seen something years ago somewhere up near Noosa or maybe it was Byron, but it was an outdoor area around a fire pit with lots of surfboards, lanterns and crocheted flags and hippie stuff (and it wasn’t just incense you could smell lol) …it stuck with me and I’ve thought about it often but really never got around to it and also wasn’t sure where it would go…

beach shack outdoor area abeachcottage.com


Most of all tho I was thinking ‘magic’ casual…somewhere up the end of the garden with lots of lights and candles, nothing at all precious, nothing that could be ruined, but somewhere to pop on some pretty lights, start the chiminea going…somewhere away from the house and go to for a few hours…

I also wanted to use the old boat that has been lurking in the garden for years – I’ve had all sorts of ideas for this but mostly I loved the shape of the underneath and the weathered feel to it, talk about shabby….incorporating this into it I thought would give it a kinda beachy coastal vintage beach shack vibe…

 beachy coastal outdoor beach shack area abeachcottage.com vintage boat and old doors for rustic firepit/chiminea gathering

I must say it was lovely…I loved it sitting under there last night on Mother’s Day with my family and it really did what I was hoping…the lights made it magical and everyone enjoyed it.

abeachcottage.com Barley

outdoor chiminea beach shack vintage abeachcottage.com

If you have a little area that is under-used and looking ugly, you love being outside and love yourself some vintage things and that casual beach shack boho vibe this took us not more than a few hours (and that included painting the wall that you can just about see, mowing, clearing a few weeds etc) and cost us nothing, we used what we already had – that’s not to say that you have an unlimitless supply of vintage finds tucked under your house…but hey I know a lady who could help you out.

See you next time.

Yours in midnight blue skies and chimineas



beach shack outdoor area abeachcottage.com



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7 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Outdoor Vintage Room”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Awesome. I always loved the idea of a getaway without really getting away. Love the beach shack hippie vibe to it. Just relaxed and easy peasy. Hope you had a great Mother’s Day relaxing with your loved ones and just enjoying the outdoors.

  2. merilyn says:

    glad you did a post on this one sarah! … it rocks honey!
    love that fairyland aspect of the imagination … ab fab!
    barls is just sooo adorable tucked in there too!
    now that the ground is cleared, there could be food for thought a paved or another low deck ;) lol m:)X

  3. Oh what a beautiful result! Somewhere lovely to sit any time of year. x

  4. Neen says:

    Oh me, oh my, that is divine xx Neen ;)

  5. Karen says:

    It looks fab and be achy, and how nice to have a little hideaway in the back garden! x

  6. Kelly says:

    Wow! that looks very inviting indeed.