A Beach and some Espadrilles

Wed 14th, May, 2014

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abeachcottage coastal new south wales

Well good morning from Sydney Beach Cottage ladies, I am back from yoga just now, a new class to me (gosh I think I may not be able to move tomorrow) and have some lovely pictures of coastal Australia…

On instagram and Facebook yesterday we were talking about weather, in that it’s been glorious here in Sydney and in the early twenties for late Autumn I’m so not complaining.  It’s very much an English thing to talk about the weather a lot and I still do it like all the time, anyway it appears in some parts of the world you have had a late dose of snow on your Spring flowers, many of you have lots of rain and others have grey skies…so I thought you might like to see some of what Australia, land of nature’s gifts, does best – sun, blue skies, and the sea…

beach blues abeachcottage.com

However there is another thing in my life at the moment, kinda taking over from beach photos, I am looking at them now….you see I am sitting here knee deep in wedges, and I have to ask you, do you know of anyone who has a problem with shoes?

You know, there I am, in my forties, merrily bobbing along with an old cottage, a dog who errs on the side of crazy, a husband who raises his eyebrows a lot, a heap of white things and three children one of whom is definitely crazy and then bam something happens and sheesh I take it hard.  And then a few months later, when, actually, I’m doing ok, I’m out of the woods, something happens.  Something about shoes happens.  It was teetering on quilts and rugs but the shoes won and took over.

australianbeachI thought I was ok and had recovered and then oh dear, shoes, wedges to be specific keep arriving.

Just now,  the doorbell went, I was merrily minding my own business, uploading pictures of the beach, oohing and ahhhing at the beautiful Australian coast in Autumn when ding dong, or rather ding a ling of the old ship’s bell that resides outside this old cottage just to keep the delivery guys guessing went.

Ahhh hello Mr Italian Delivery Man.  G’day he says.  I swear I saw his eyebrows lift.

Ahhhh more shoes from the Old Country.  Wedges.


Indeed espadrille wedges.

Always good when your shoes match your rug.

Now taking the wedges count up to 7 and not including the wedges I already had, so all in all this cottage is the bearer of a lot of wedges.

I must say they are gorgeous.  Like omg I love you gorgeous.  But they do kill my feet to walk in.  Indeed they kill my feet to sit in.  They almost kill me too just to look at them.

But man do they do things to the legs.

And, truly, they nearly, but not quite, are as good as an Australian beach.

Over and out.


abeachcottage beach

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23 Responses to “A Beach and some Espadrilles”

  1. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Gorgeous shoes ,I’m sorry they hurt though!

  2. DeAna says:

    beaches don’t hurt to look at… Your beach pics make my heart go pitter pat. :)
    And you gotta love shoes that match the rug!

  3. Melinda says:

    hot tip for breaking in shoes fast!

    put them on and then get your hairdryer and blast them with hot / warm air. The leather will begin to soften and suddenly they will be comfy as comfy.
    If shoes are just a bit tight fitting, pop on a sock ( thin if you need only a little give, thicker for more) and then blast – works a treat

    happy wearing xx

  4. ljae says:

    oh those photos of the beach…. 4 more sleeps and then I will be strolling the shores of Shelly and Manly and shopping..

  5. Lisa says:

    Beautiful shoes, but I would return them if they’re not comfy. Wedges are the easiest, most comfy heal to wear for sure, and there are many options to choose from that are both beautiful and feel like heaven on the feet. Return them, you’re worth it. :)… But if you decide the keep them, please post pics of you wearing them, hehee. ;)

    • Sarah says:

      oh they’ll be fine, I always need to break shoes in – it’s not the heel it’s my feet ;) my daughter breaks my shoes in for me so I am lucky nowadays hahahaah

  6. Kerrie says:

    Nope..i cannot wear any heels anymore. They hurt my back. But I am fine with it. I live in birks and long skirts boho style anyway.

    Those wedges are so cute though and work well as home decor too!

    I really miss yoga…i need to get back to it.

  7. alison says:

    Love your beach photos. Thanks.


  8. merilyn says:

    the beach is always gorgeous! … but sometimes only shoes will do! … can totally relate to that … they will look gorgeous on you if you can walk in them
    if you can’t just stand! … perfect that they match the mat! … lol m:)X

  9. Kirsty says:

    So glad you said they hurt. I was just about to be hating on you! haha Mine are so very beautiful but they kill me… kill me! Everyone always says how wedges are so comfy… no… just no! But so beautiful! Lovely photos as always.

    • Sarah says:

      haha I normally get my daughter to break them in for me so I am lucky – her feet are just slightly bigger than mine so she takes the pain :)

  10. Ellie says:

    My youngest daughter has been a complete shoe fanatic since she could walk. She never has enough shoes and spends far too much time online, window-shopping for more. She’s only 9!!!
    I think she may grow up to be you, Sarah. ;)

  11. Victoria says:

    Your shoes are lovely! Since living in only So Cal and now Florida, my motto is if I can’t wear my flip flops, I’m not going:)

    Gorgeous beach pics!!!

  12. Lovely shoes, I’m a flats girl myself. Can’t take the pain.

  13. David says:

    Living at the beach is exactly where I will live one day. It’s good to see that you really appreciate and love the life that the beautiful Australian coast brings.

    Cannot wait …