Beach Cottage Recipe Easy Buckwheat and Pea salad

Tue 27th, May, 2014

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abeachcottage buckwheat 4

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Hellooo, welcome, here today with a little vegetarian gluten-free lunch recipe.  As you know I have been making changes to our eating in the week and pretty much going vegetarian on weekdays more often than not, so far so good and it’s going pretty well though I must say the males in the house love meat more now.  Anyway, a while ago I made this recipe up with peas, Parmesan and spring onions one day, when, to be quite frank, I was scrabbling around trying to fill lunch boxes with a pretty bare cupboard and no bread.  I pulled out the buckwheat, opened the freezer and found a packet of frozen peas and what resulted was lovely – super tasty, easy, healthy, but importantly, which often happens with gluten free veggie recipes,  doesn’t leave you afterwards, wondering if you should perhaps try a bit out of the table too.

abeachcottage buckwheat 3

After I made it I couldn’t quite remember how the buckwheat had arrived about my person, more though how I had lived without it!  But since Christmas I have been looking around at different recipes and buying different ingredients that usually I wouldn’t, one of those is buckwheat – a few months ago I threw it in my shopping trolley under the guise of healthy eating and haven’t looked back since.  It’s kinda like rice but not, tasty, easy and just one of those things that is nice to have in the cupboard.  Since I’ve been using it often it’s lost all of its ‘strangeness’ but I do think that before I tried it I thought it was all, you know, airy fairy and alternative.  Couldn’t be further from the truth really, far from fancy, it’s become a staple for quick lunches, as a side and very very good to have for lunchbox salads (easy to chuck in the fridge and store in little pots).

I don’t know about you, but I am a bit of a sucker for going on store-cupboard shopping frenzies, and ending up with all kinds of weird and wonderful things in the back of my pantry, it’s most seductive this kind of stocking-up shopping, often though what is not good is that this stuff lingers around for years after one of these expeditions, forgotten about and going out of date.  Which is why I know buckwheat is good, not only have I used it, I used it up and continued to buy it…always a winner if it makes it from store-cupboard shopping expedition to front of shelf and top of trolley.

One of the best things about it is you don’t have to do too much to this to make it interesting which is one of the reasons I love it, I’ve always been pretty much anti having to do too much fussing and you don’t with this, it kinda has its own flavour, which is also why I love it for a vegetarian meal, it’s a bit nutty and has some bang for its buck.  I’m liking Woolworths Organic Buckwheat, I’ve tried a few, this one is organic, good value…after using quite a few Macro products now I trust it will be good and important to me, it’s in the supermarket, so you don’t have to take a trip to outer Mongolia to find it.

abeachcottage buckwheat salad recipe with peas, parmesan

If you read through this you will see there are two saucepans on the go, this is a real rarity for me, I’m a one pan throw it in kinda person, throw it in, give it a mix and get in the bath, here though the extra effort of having to cook the buckwheat and the peas (though far from hard is it to put peas in water, ditto the buckwheat) is more than worth it for the end result.  And as ever with me, if I like something, I double it up and make a glut of it – it never ever goes to waste in this house!

abeachcottage buckwheat

Pea Buckwheat & Parmesan Salad

2 cups frozen peas

1/2 cup buckwheat (I used Woolworths Macro Organic Raw Buckwheat)


2 spring onions finely sliced

1/2 cup parmesan cheese grated

handful mixed herbs chopped

salt and pepper

juice from half a lemon


1. add the buckwheat and 2 cups of stock (or use water and stock cube) to a pan, bring to the boil and then turn down and simmer for twenty minutes

2. in another pan cook the frozen peas

3. once buckwheat is cooked, drain both pans and add buckwheat to peas, stir in spring onions, salt and pepper, herbs, lemon juice – taste to adjust seasoning


a beach cottage recipe buckwheat and pea salad

That’s it from me for today, let me know if you try it!




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abeachcottage buckwheat 4

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5 Responses to “Beach Cottage Recipe Easy Buckwheat and Pea salad”

  1. N of BNE says:

    So, theoretically couldn’t you throw the buckwheat in a big pot, and add the peas for the last 5 mins of cooking time (and maybe a bit more water)? :)

    Will def. be trying buckwheat, I didn’t think you could cook it like that, so thanks.

  2. merilyn says:

    love buckwheat sarah, always in the pantry and I use it!
    I like to dry roast it and toss into salads for crunch factor! … all good and healthy!
    I will try this one hun!
    love that plate of yours!
    btw what goes with those funny comments???
    lol m:)X

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    You could always cook the peas in the microwave if you didn’t want to use 2 pans Sarah.I haven’t tried buckwheat but I will x