Beach Cottage House Cleansing Essential Oil Recipe Blend

Tue 15th, Apr, 2014

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abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style blog

G’day, greetings from the Easter school holidays and two mornings sitting on the beach doing nothing but drinking coffee and watching my boy surf, doing yoga in afternoons and eating too much sushi.  Oh sorry, no, there is no such thing as too much sushi.

So months ago I wrote about the essential oils I love, the ones that have been with me forever and how I’ve been on a journey with them for a long time.

essential oils for the home abeachcottage.com house blend aromatherapy oils recipe

Since Christmas essential oils have been big in my life, huge, they have helped us heal, I blogged the ‘recipes’ I have come to know and love with my oils and they have been very popular in this little corner of Beach Cottage Land and in those posts I also wrote about a blend for sleep.  Pretty much there hasn’t been a moment we haven’t been blessed with lovely oils the last few months, life saver.

One of my favourites ways to get oils happening in my life is to diffuse them in the house to kinda give it an oomph of freshness, to get rid of the cr*p, banish yucky stuff, bugs, germs and revolting male socks and make it smell like home.

a beach cottage coastal decor vintage style shabby abeachcottage.com

One of the things about living in an older house is firstly it’s far from perfect and secondly it is well, umm, you know older – and I like to try and keep it from not smelling that way.

And then of course there is that little putty and white thing that lives with us (oh btw Barls has an instagram account now, @barleyabeachcottage if you want to follow along with the beach cottage pooch), the one who thinks it’s fine to lay around snoozing on sofas all day and the one who sulks for at least 24 hours when it’s bath time.  Yep that one.  I like him a lot.  But I don’t want my house to smell like him.

So I burn oils for all of those reasons above, but also because it’s just nice to have oils around in my life – I don’t know what it is but, you know, I’m often tired, busy, ratty and over it all at the end of the day and the ritual dropping of oils onto the burner and the lighting of the tea-light underneath kinda starts the wind-down and I hope the calm – we could all always use more calm, ya know?

House Blend essential oils recipe abeachcottage.com how to use essential oils to make your house smell good

It’s taken me ages to get myself together and blog this little essential oil aromatherapy recipe blend for the house because, really, I just dabble and go, there is no perfect here, but the oils listed below are normally the ones I reach for when we need to zap the crap…this is the combo I use mostly when getting the house to smell good and get rid of stuff, I call it House Blend,

 Essential Oil Aromatherapy Blend Recipe for House / Home

a few drops of each of these in a diffuser, or any combo you like


clove bud 



cinnamon bark

tea tree


In addition if it’s evening time I like to add lavender, patchouli and chamomile to this.

I’ve just come home from the beach and put my oils on straight away, in the daytime I also like to add an uplifting energy oil too like lemon grass, mandarin etc – whatever floats your boat can go in with this blend and leave your house smelling lovely.

That’s it from me, I’m off to paint a new (to me) coffee table, it’s beautiful, I’ve been looking for one for ages, it found me at the weekend.

Yours in essential oils and white paint.


House Blend essential oils recipe abeachcottage.com how to use essential oils to make your house smell good

if you are interested in starting using essential oils, this post I wrote here is all about my journey with them over the last ahem 20 years or so, what I’ve learnt and how I use them plus 3 of my faves to start with if you want to start small and go from there

and this post here goes further into my Get Well Blend, the blend of essential oils I used when we got home from hospital to convalesce and I am adamant helped us through a tough time, check it out if you are needing to cleanse stuff out of your life or need some recuperation :)

**this post is part of my Well-being stuff on abeachcottage (my Well-being posts are here including starting vegetarian in the week, smoothie recipes and things that helped me get my energy back), I was meant to be starting this journey at the beginning of the year, fate had different ideas…but I’m getting back on track slowly, the universe had different plans for me this year, I had a HUGE HUGE wake up call in how I live the rest of my life…up next the yoga journey…

thanks for all your wonderful interest in all of this, you girls rock you know :)

abeachcottage.com coastal vintage style blog

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23 Responses to “Beach Cottage House Cleansing Essential Oil Recipe Blend”

  1. Selby says:

    Thanks for sharing your house blend- sounds lovely! I have some of those so i’ll start there & add as I can:)

  2. Neen says:

    OOOOOOHHHHH I love lemongrass, it really is uplifting. Might have to update my oils, gradually or perhaps look into scented candles to get me through renovations.
    Happy Easter Sarah, Neen ;)

  3. Karina Clark says:

    Beach time! Sounds so wonderful Sarah! Yesterday we were In shorts and today there is a fresh blanket of snow on the ground

  4. Emily says:

    I love all of the mirrors on the wall. Simply Beautiful!

  5. Victoria says:

    Thank you so much for sharing this! I previously bought Wallflowers from B&B Works but after reading up on their potential toxicity, it really has me freaked out! I’m going to go the essential oil route now and soy candles only:)

  6. Catherine says:

    Im a little afraid to put oils over an open flame. It wont catch fire? Do you have any suggestions for using something similar without the candle? Would love something like this in my office at work, no open flames alllowed.

  7. DeAna says:

    Haven’t yet jumped on the essential oil bandwagon. I have FOMO (fear of missing out) so I must look into it. :)

  8. Tricia Rose says:

    I need to remove my oils from exile in the fridge and start using them! I have sandalwood…

  9. merilyn says:

    nice blend sarah,
    I’m losing it as I thought I’d already commented
    but we’re still painting mr deck!
    fiddly and over it scrunched up and can hardly move! love the look tho I need a soak with oils!… lol m:)X

  10. thanks for sharing this Sarah…….I need to do this! sounds wonderful and can only imagine the aroma

  11. Shannon says:

    Hello Sarah and all!
    I found your blog a couple of weeks
    Ago via instagram and have been loving your posts.
    Got an aroma diffuser from Ultransmit. It’s small, so you can tuck it away, and has lights that you can turn on off. So far I love it! During the day I’ve put a few drops of lemon or orange and at night run it with an allergy relief blend.
    I’m going to go back through your oil list.
    How do you store your oils? I just have them on shelf but on another blog I read you’re supposed to keep them in the dark. Whoppsie!

    • Sarah says:

      well I keep them in a basket all together so I guess it’s kinda dark, yeah I’ve read you are supposed to to stop the oils from spoiling but I figure they are in a dark bottle and I’ve never had a problem yet.

      welcome to abeachcottage, glad you like it :)))))

  12. alison says:

    I’ll try your blend. I’ve said before using oils in a burner usually just make me feel agitated or nauseous.
    Glad to hear of such positive results for you Sarah.

    • Susan says:

      Alison, I am so sorry about that…were you using pure essential oils or fragrance oils? Try Spark Naturals, but I am not sure where you are based.

  13. Etta says:

    A friend in Melbourne gave me a bottle of May Chang Essential Oil, which is described as a “feminine lemongrass” smell, and it is amazing how it can lift my mood. I even put drops inside the toiletroll:-)

  14. Katrina says:

    Hi Sarah

    I’ve just started exploring EO’s and love the sound of your blend. Do you use a carrier oil in your diffuser or do you use water or do you just use them neat?? Thanks!

  15. Mellissa says:

    Thank you for sharing your essential oil experience,I have picked up a cold water diffuser after reading your post and the positive effects of oils and its been amazing.I had purchased some high quality oils before christmas and hadnt used them.p.s.Love your work :-)