Beach Cottage Vintage Find Farmhouse Table for Coastal Beachy Style

Mon 28th, Apr, 2014

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coastal vintage farmhouse table abeahcottage

Good morning from a murky Monday morning in Sydney, I’m here with a beachy decor vintage thrifting find for you, strap yourself in for some swoon worthy old furniture, I can’t actually believe I found this one and about on my doorstep too.

We’ve had a little run of grey overcast weather here the last few days after a glorious Easter weekend and I’ve been hanging out with my kiddos for the Easter holidays, I have had a few emails to see if I am ok as the blog has been a bit quiet, yup all is good, but since what happened in January I am cherishing those rather large babies that live with me while I can.

vintage shabby coastal table abeachcottage.com beachy decorating

Anyhoo, let’s get us to vintage things – if you get my newsletter you’ll have already seen this beauty, I found her while surfing online for old stuff.  I wrote a post here about how vintage treasure hunting has seriously changed, even in the last few years, how now rather than lots of surfing the op shops and crawling around on my knees in the dust, and having to deal with fighting the dealers, (although I still love doing that from time to time – I’m going on a vintage treasure hunting road trip with a friend this week), I am getting a lot of joy out of keeping my eyes open on-line.

Vintage treasure hunting in the bath with a glass of Limoncello sounds pretty attractive to me a whole lot of the time :-)

coastal vintage style abeachcottage.com

So I am going to paint the legs of this, but I wanted to leave it a while to see how I went with the green, up close it’s a pretty revolting green, not simply bottle green but kinda bright bottle green, that’s not the nicest of colours actually.  Green is one of my least fave colours for coastal decor, heck any decor, and this is no exception, but I didn’t want to paint this right away.

It’s been in situ now for a week or so, and strangely the green has slotted right in, I have been hesitant to paint it because this green wears real signs of time, not a faux paint distress or a milk paint job, but old paint cracked and marked, scuffed and worn.

I’ve been musing it quite a bit, because yes, I do have such an exciting life, whereupon the whys and wherefores of whether or not to paint some green table legs is about as happening as my life gets sometimes, but I think I may start by just sanding this paint first before any application of lighter colours and just see what happens.

Sound like a good idea?

OK, I am off, I hope you like my table, I’m loving it…

I have a few lovely bits and bobs to blog this week, I must say after some time off and a very nice no-schedule time, it’s nice to be sitting at the computer, foofing with a few photos while drinking coffee in a quiet cottage…umm I have to tell you though, two weeks of school holidays and this old cottage is in dire need of some ahem tidying, it’s more bombsite than vintage right now…back soon

Yours in rustic table love



coastal vintage farmhouse table abeahcottage


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26 Responses to “Beach Cottage Vintage Find Farmhouse Table for Coastal Beachy Style”

  1. alison says:

    I think it’s great that you are “running your own race” with your output of blog posts. No pressure, but I’m relying on you to keep it up to keep me focussed with my life changes and resist outside pressures.


    • Sarah says:

      thanks for the nice thoughts, as you know I have had a complete life re-assessment and taking time off from blogging was crucial, not that I don’t love blogging – like anything I think you need downtime and I think blogging and social media is quite hard to switch off from. :)

  2. Diana says:

    Love your table but I am on the same page as you are about green for decorating. Except for the beautiful greens in nature. Enjoy your treasure trip (junking)))

  3. Melinda says:

    Hi Sarah,

    well done on your table find!

    Being you, Im sure you’ve had a mini peak at the wood underneath the green … in a perfect world Im sure it would be great to just remove the green and have lovely natural legs.

    Sticking my nose in, oh the cheek (!)- what about grey? to tie in with your stool etc lIght, mid or charcoal…Im sure you have it all sorted in your mind but looking at your images thats what jumped out to me :)

    lovely photos as always

  4. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I’m with you on the green indoors. I feel that it’s place is outside in the garden and surrounds. Its the start of the 2nd week of the school holidays here in Kiwi land and I to have been enjoying some time with my teenagers, even though the house has been taking a beating. The mess got to me today and I scrubbed the kitchen from head to toe and feel all the better for it. I’ve enjoyed the time just chilling and lettings things go a bit, but can only cope with the mess for a short while before the OCD kicks in and I have to clean. Have fun on your vintage rummaging this week.

  5. Looooove the table Sarah – I have no doubt you will reach the right decision with the green legs :)
    I think you are so right to blog at your own pace – I am a complete rookie to the whole blogging world (having launched a little online shop and blog 8 months ago) – it was beginning to take over my life and I have already made a conscious decision to cut back and take it slowly. You give your readers so much pleasure with your wonderful blogs – take a breather when you want to – we will still be there :) Marie

  6. merilyn says:

    glad you’ve had a kick back time sarah,
    love that table but I too dislike green with a passion … can’t work with it … leave it in nature,I think that too! … it has wonderful natural patina on it though choices, choices! lol m:)X

  7. Jody says:

    A departure from your usual palette, but I love it! jody/fl

  8. Victoria says:

    I guess I’m in the minority here but I love the green! It’s not overwhelming and it adds a little pop of color:) Plus, it’s so naturally shabby. But whatever you decide to do with it, it will be amazing!

  9. Hedy says:

    I had to tell you, I’m in OZ finally. A dream from childhood and at 65, I made it. I’m visiting my daughter for a few months after losing my husband last summer. Like you, I love it here, such a beautiful country. We are doing the tourist thing but also vintage treasure hunting for daughter’s new home outside Brisbane. Always have enjoyed your posts, you were one of the first bloggers I followed. Hedy King from Indiana.

    • Sarah says:

      Hi Hedy

      I remember you from the early days of the blog because I loved your name so much!

      I am so glad to hear, you are in a lovely place, I hope you have a wonderful time xo

  10. Isabel says:

    please leave the green! it is beautifullllll, really.

  11. DeAna says:

    I guess I’m odd one out. I LoVE green. I’m always a shade of green with of ENVY reading your blog.

    Can’t wait to see how she turns out…


  12. Mandy B says:

    Love the table and love the green! x

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  14. Rochelle says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Love the table, and even the green although pink or blue would have been my first choice. Such lovely styling as always! xox

  15. Carrie says:

    Your entire house is absolute perfection! I am so envious. I really wish I could make my house look just like yours. I will get started slowly but surely! You are a wonderful inspiration!

  16. Carrie says:

    Oh, and by the way, green is my least favorite color. It does seem to stick out like a sore thumb amongst everything else in your house. If the table were mine, I would paint the legs light-to-medium blue. :-)

  17. Petra says:

    Well, my fave colours are blue and green so therefore I really love the table with the green legs! I also love the pink flowers in the vase – however I like all the suggestions above too – grey sounds nice but you’ve got to find the colour that is “you”!

  18. Candy Runyan says:

    I am not particularly a green color person but I love your fab treasure just the way it is. Matchy, matchy is not my thing either unless it’s white, of course! I would leave it..nice pop of color and if it’s got that shabby, been around the block a few times look and, well, nothing can duplicate that. JMHO.

  19. Kate says:

    The green is perfect in combination of the other colours in your home :) It stands out in a fresh way, it does not match, but it goes, and that is always better. Greens and blues are great together. And with the pink flowers and white walls, this is stunning.