Autumn and Leek and Potato Soup

Tue 29th, Apr, 2014

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easy leek and potato soup abeachcottage


G’day, as you know, I have been taking it very easy the last few months, as much as one can when one has three children and all that jazz, and between very very very good weather and probs the most depressing grey weather ever I have been pottering around this old cottage.  Can I just tell you that I have been pottering around in shoes, specifically wedges, ordered from the internet as therapy?  The males of this cottage think this is bonkers, pottering indoors in wedges, slingback wedges at that.  I think it’s bonkers to ride a bike for 45 miles in a skin tight nylon jersey and ahem short tights emblazoned with someone else’s branding all over it, on a bike with racing handlebars and whose seat looks, how can I say, rather uncomfortable around the nether regions.  Horses for courses.

May you be fully aware, people of Beach Cottage Land, that this pottering in this old cottage, has not included tidying and it needs it, but hey recently I’ve thought I just can’t be faffed and you know what, it, the untidiness, certainly will be not going anywhere any time soon.  It’s not that you would walk in here and after being gobsmacked by way too much white for it to be healthy, think that it was particularly badly a mess, it’s not up to the oh-my-gosh-have-we-been-burgled-mess quite yet, it’s more the underlying mess…do you have that too??? You know when you’ve stuffed things in places lots and lots of times, when your drawers somehow don’t open and your cabinets are getting to the stage where you almost shudder when you open certain ones in case something hits you on the head?  Or you try and find the Passatta and it’s in the Tupperware drawer?   I am unsure who on the other side of this screen is nodding in agreement or frowning wondering what the heck I am going on about, but I know that if you walked in here you’d think hmmm ok, not bad, tidy, fairly clean but I’d know different.  Though I have to say on the clean side it’s pretty much still being well Dettoled every week so I am guessing that on the disinfectant front we are pretty much laughing all the way to the bank.

leek and potatoe soup abeachcottage.com easy recipe simple ingredients crock pot friendly

It’s cooling down here, like a lot, I’m typing this in jeans, a cardigan, a scarf.  And a pair of wedges.  I mean it’s 23C today people, for Sydney-siders that’s cool!  I love the feeling of the last few weeks of Autumn, the feeling of Winter coming, when it’s not that cold that you peep out from the covers in the morning and just don’t want to get out, where boot wearing becomes part of the uniform and when it’s not crucial that you remember to sling a jumper in the back of the car for when the sun goes down.

I can hardly wait for the nights to come, the sun goes down, the light has changed, it’s chilly and though one of the reasons we moved to Sydney was for the fantastic climate pretty much year round, these next 3 months bring us cosy-ing up time, layering time, ditching the salads and stuffing ones face without muffin top worrying.  Essential oils are being lit every afternoon for the scent and the low glow, baths are long and hot, towels are warmed, hot water bottles are sometimes being filled and I sit here in the evenings while my better half watches football and plot our Californian road-trip – talk about excited, I’m frothing at the thought of Yosemite, Miss BC and I will about die at the shopping, hello The Gap and all of us are saving up both dollars and calories.

It seems quieter here now, I am thinking this is not much to do with the sounds or air of Winter coming but more me, I’ve been noisy and stressy and heart-broken inside but it’s three months now and there seems to be a difference, the heart’s pretty much still in half but the noise, well it’s much much quieter.  It might be yoga responsible for the quietness but whoever and whatever gave this to me, it’s better and that is so ******* good.

how to make leek and potato soup abeachcottage.com easy recipe

The colours have changed, the Aussie sky is still its glorious blue, but lighter more Winter tinged, the leaves have turned, burnished, golds, reds and beautiful muted falling colours, that Summer here punches out with her big loud bright bang of sun, are back and it’s nice.  I drive home every single day, sometimes thrice a day, past four huge old trees with falling reds and golds, their leaves a thick carpet on the road and grass all around…most days a man I don’t know but with a big smile is sweeping…the next day they are there again waiting for him.

And with all of these fall things, vintage thrifting, bulb planting and reading has been soup, to be honest I have been musing a new blog, shutting this baby down and starting up Soup&Wedges.com and rocking and rolling that all they way to the bank, wouldn’t that be good?   Would you read it?  Woman with upper arm problems in Sydney takes the world by storm cooking soup while wearing wedges.

So this is a leek and potato soup recipe I have taken right back to the basics – I love leeks but sometimes some of the leek and potato soup recipes I have made have been sink-worthy, as in throw the soup down the sink and go to the kebab shop.  I think the key is to leave out the onion and, unless your name is Jamie or perhaps Ina, or you have an assistant or both, to get some help in the stock.

The other day I was at the veggie market and leeks were on offer, it always makes me laugh here because leeks are sold, at least where I live, in singles, as in you pay a few dollars per leek, whereas leeks in the Old Country are as cheap as chips and sold by the pound.  Anyway so I was walking past the market and leeks were on offer and though not quite deep into Winter for a potato soup, but thinking of the deepness of my husband’s pockets, I bought some, headed home and decided to take this baby right back to the basics, no faffing, I mean I hardly spend my days stuffing mushrooms but this one really is as easy as can be and up there in the taste department with this soup recipe I make, which is super popular on this little corner of the web and can be made in the crockpot (well as can all the soups I make).

leek and potatoe soup abeachcottage.com easy recipe simple ingredients crock pot friendly

Easy Leek and Potato Soup

2 large or 3 medium leeks sliced

2 cartons ready-made stock (I’m not to be judged people)

handful garden herbs chopped & a couple of teaspoons of mixed dried herbs

3 cloves garlic chopped

1 cup white wine

knob of butter

salt and pepper

10 small potatoes (about 500g, I normally go for two small to medium pots per person)

sour cream and grated cheese to serve

1. soften the leeks for a bit in a the butter

2. add the herbs and potatoes

3. turn up the heat and then add the wine until it has reduced a bit

4. throw in the cartons of stock

5. simmer on low for at least an hour, I leave this a good few hours, you could get away with 30 mins though

serve with lots of grated cheese, big hunks of crusty bread and if you have males in your house that nearly cry at too many veggie options and worse at soup for dinner, well you could be super nice and make them bacon toppings (I just snip bacon into a frying pan and fry while the leeks are softening)

I’ll be off, hopping into bed with my wedges.


p.s please feel free to leave me any wedges jokes, I know you are thinking them

easy leek and potato soup abeachcottage

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13 Responses to “Autumn and Leek and Potato Soup”

  1. Smaggle says:

    Oh delicious! It’s so cold here in Melbourne at the moment, I’ll have to make this dor dinner tonight! x

  2. Yum, I’m going to have to try this.

  3. well, i loved this, but i’ll be honest – what i loved the very best and first of all was the title, because you made it sound as if autumn was one of the soup’s ingredients. and then i read your article and the recipe, and i think it is. all stirred together. wonderful.

  4. merilyn says:

    hi sarah, I remember my granny always made potato and leek soup and she was from England.
    great photos as usual! can only imagine you pottering around in your new wedges! I do that with new shoes … helps to make one feel special! swan around a bit! lol m:)X

  5. alison says:

    You make me smile.

  6. DeAna says:

    I have nothing very clever to say except this post is beautiful and makes my mouth water…

    I’m happy you are in a quiet place. :)

  7. Selby says:

    Yum sounds delish!

    Sorry if this question seems silly but what sized stock cartons or how many mls please? The kind I get has many carton size options:)

  8. Hey Sarah! I envy your 23 degrees. Here in Toowoomba, we may be in the Sunshine State, but we’re on top of a little ‘hill’ called the Great Dividing Range and can I tell ya … it’s already WAY colder than 23 degrees – EEK! I am such a hot weather gal that I’m threatening to move to the tippy top of Australia until Spring. :0) Leek and Potato soup is one of our winter faves (one of the few nice things about winter!) Your recipe is close to mine, though I add a handful of diced bacon – Yummo! Everything tastes better with bacon! :0) Enjoy your wedges … I’m rockin’ ugg boots here to keep my toesies warm! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

  9. hrh Sarah says:

    I love potato leek soup! especially with a good dose of bacon ;) and everything from cooking to cleaning is improved by cute shoes, just sayin’… we’re heading ever so slowly into spring here, and soup is still very much on the menu. maybe I can sneak in one more pot of potato soup before it’s too hot to think of cooking…

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  11. Etta says:

    You are so funny! My potato/leek soup calls for a half cup of good blue cheese grated and I even do Parmesan for my kids which we love!

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