the schoolhouse table for coastal vintage beachy style

Wed 5th, Mar, 2014

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beachy decorating vintage coastal abeachcottage.com

Well she’s in the schoolhouse farm table re-purposed for an old beach cottage and we are trying her out, she’s a bit flimsy, a bit wobbly on the legs and if truth be known rather a tad too long and skinny…the same cannot be same for her owner apart from the wobbly legs bit…

how to decorate with a coastal vintage feel abeachcottage.com visit the blog for real beachy decor in a real cottage

To be honest I am not sure how this table will work here…I am thinking may be better off on the other side of the family room perhaps as a homework table…

a beach cottage coastal vintage style

I have to say playing tablescapes with her has been super nice ;-)



p.s. a bit of housekeeping

firstly thank you for all the messages regarding the email subscription and feedburner…a few things…since the accident in our family I have not published any Beach Cottage Newsletters (they will be back soon) so if you haven’t received the weekly little message from me with a few extras from Beach Cottage Land and a bit of a round-up of what’s been going on, it will be back soon, it’s not that you’ve been removed from the list or anything like that – I have been so busy at the moment with sooo many appointments and medical stuff and well you know the gig with three kiddos plus if I’m truly honest I just haven’t had it in my to greet people with what’s been going on here when in my heart I feel like cr*p…(If you haven’t subscribed and want to for when the Newsletter goes out again you can see a little box up there to the top right on the main page, just add your email address to that – I promise I won’t ever spam you and nope I won’t try to sell you my left leg or indeed bombard you with advertising or affiliate links)

….secondly if you were getting a daily email from Feedburner, it’s not working at the moment, we are looking into it…thanks for your patience, I’ll let you know hopefully in the next few days how to get back on it…

thirdly I’ve had a few messages regarding Pinterest – do I allow pins of my stuff to Pinterest yep and where have I gone on there…well really same thing, pinning pretty things has not been part of me up until really the last week or so when I found myself on there and then wooosh two days went past where my nose was stuck to the screen looking at pictures of white scandinavian interiors ;-)  seriously I am still on Pinterest – over here if you want to follow along, I like coastal bits and bobs, vintage coastal and beachy home stuff, bags, love bags and I have to say I am getting rather addicted to those outfit set up thingies…love finding those while sitting in bed with no make-up on, greasy hair and pyjamas on ahhahaah


beachy decorating vintage coastal abeachcottage.com


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21 Responses to “the schoolhouse table for coastal vintage beachy style”

  1. merilyn says:

    hi sarah, table looks good albeit being a leetle bit wobbly! with everyone’s elbows etc looks cute though.
    I read on fb where someone suggested to put it on the deck … I’m sure it will become apparent … ah-ha moments I call them!
    … thought maybe was the case with the newsletter
    I swing by once or twice each day anyway see how you are doing and hoping all is healing on all levels …
    love m:)X

    • Sarah says:

      thanks Merilyn, just haven’t had it in me for the newsletter…I reckon when I fancy doing it again will be the universe telling me it’s time to open it up again right? xoxo

  2. alison says:

    No worries Sarah. It’s all good. Don’t know how you do what you do. I don’t care if things are missing or late. They’ll turn up eventually. I’m grateful for anything on your blog to sooth my full head.

  3. Neen says:

    Me too, just glad you can share your treasures,paint drips and foofing with us whenever you feel like it :))))))) Neen
    (table envy in a major way here :0)

  4. Oh Sarah, I love that table, wobbly legs and all (the table’s, not yours – although I’m sure yours are lovely too). I have been thinking of you and wondering how your son is doing on his journey to recovery. Sending much love and healing thoughts.
    Sharon x

  5. How are things on the medical/kiddo/healing side of things lovely? I don’t expect details but I do hope things are looking a little brighter? I hope you are feeling a tad stronger and more like yourself each day…I take the fact that you’re back to pinning as a very good sign!!! And on that subject…what’s these outfit set up thingies you speak of??!? What am I missing out on??! xx

    • Sarah says:

      things are looking brighter thanks and getting back to normal with a different reality which is hard :-)

      I feel like crap inside to be honest but I hope that will get better – the best thing anyone said to me is that there are no rules to how I will feel…that has been so true x

      outfits on Pinterest? girlfriend you need to go there and find them, it’s soooooooooooo addictive for the great unwashed hahhaha xx

  6. Hi Sarah, good to hear it’s not my computer that’s going crazy not receiving anything from you! Still love reading your blog posts and hearing about your comings and goings! Love the table – and a homework table sounds like a really cool idea, even tho’ it looks fine as a dining table. All the best.

  7. Hey Sarah! Had a giggle at the wobbly legs … the table’s not yours … cos that would be rude! :0) Know the feeling, tho and right there with you … my legs, not the table’s! Oh dear! :0) Love the look of your wobbly-legged table … perhaps somewhere where it is just responsible for looking rustically gorgeous and displaying small, light objects, rather than every day use. As someone else said … you’ll find the right spot in an ‘a-ha’ moment. Also know what you mean with Pinterest … I avoided it for a while, guessing that I may become addicted … and I was right, but oh what wonderful escapism! :0) Enjoy … and set a timer! :0) Bear Hugs! KRIS

    • Sarah says:

      gosh Kris a timer is a good idea for sure with Pinterest, it’s so wonderfully addictive!

  8. DeAna says:

    Love the table! You scaped it loverly.
    Frankly, that you manage to do anything blog wise after the accident is amazing. I don’t think i could.

    • Sarah says:

      thanks DeAna, it’s been weird really, blogging actually made me focus and feel more normal when I was in free-fall and made me look at all the good stuff still in my life even when deep in trauma so that’s been good!

  9. Sandy says:

    Hi Sarah

    No worries, everyone is understanding about the emails, newsletters, etc just get you and your little family all together before doing it. I don’t know how you have done all the blogging, cooking and everything else with what’s happened in your life – they all come first, we your devoted followers will still be waiting whenever you are ready (so into the oils now thanks to you, what a difference they make to a cr*p day!!). Sandy x

    • Sarah says:

      thanks Sandy, very kind, all the messages on here and social media have been amazing for me too!

  10. Jenny Bowman says:

    Hi Sarah, just popped by from damp old England. I’ve read your blog for ages but not often commented. I adore your table, wobbly legs and all, just my cup of tea. My current kitchen table is made from reclaimed scaffold boards. The previous one from an old door was spirited away by my daughter when she moved to her new home. We are definitely driftwood, shabby chicaholics here. We don’t live anywhere near the sea but we can dream and your lovely blog helps us do that. Big hugs from a mum and grandmum who cannot find the right words to tell you how brave I think you are and what inspiration to are to us all in your darkest hours. I pray that you will see some light at the end of the tunnel soon and send you all, especially your son our loving wishes . Xx

  11. kerrie says:

    Well I have not wanted to bother you about anything because I am surprised that you even have the energy to be back blogging as much as you do.

    But I cannot figure out why you do not appear in my blog list on my sidebar. I have tried re-adding you since you have updated your blog…several times but you do not pop up. So I keep missing posts. And that is okay because I know where to find you!

    Yes, I think that old table might work best as a desk against a wall or maybe on the patio or even in your cute backyard studio. xxo