Easy Greek Mason Jar Salad Recipe

Thu 6th, Mar, 2014

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How to Make Greek Salad in a Jar abeachcottage.com chop, pack & keep in the fridge for lunches

So a while ago I wrote a post about Mason Jar salads, not thinking it was anything much really, you now Mason Jar Salads, salads in a jar, well they are pretty much all over the place, I can tell you that I am not the first blogger to blog a mason jar salad, I certainly won’t be the last….but it went a little bit crazy, that How to Make Mason Jar Salads post has been much loved so much so that it and this little blog has been print worthy via this month’s Australian Taste magazine…nice I was standing in Woolworths at the checkout and there’s my humble little salad in a jar staring right back at me from the magazine I picked up to browse in line.  Here it is below…

easy-layered-salad-in-mason-jar-recipe abeachcottage.com

Anyhoo so that’s nice…there’s nothing special about the recipe, but I had come a long way with mason jar salads and done a lot of experimenting and found a combo that worked…I also blogged my hints and tips for not ending up with a soggy mess and why I like to have my fridge filled with containers of these things…not only does being this prepared make you feel like one absolutely awesome domestic goddess, it means that those times when you go to grab something bad, instead you grab a mason jar full of salad.  Win win.

greek salad mason jar abeachcottage.com easy to pack up at the beginning of the week & keeps in fridge

So that was a year ago and we’ve come a long long way with these little jars of health – we’ve taken them to sports events, tipped them out on the side of a plate with bbq chicken when chopping up a cucumber seemed like too much effort to even think about and we’ve taken them on picnics by the sea…recently having them in the fridge in the middle of traumatic times has saved us from fish fingers or the take-away…

I have a lot of combos now in salads in jars that just work, it’s surprising that some don’t, I mean you can hardly get this wrong but some definitely taste better than others – I wrote a lot more on the basics of making and keeping these salads in a jar and what works and what doesn’t over here    .

This one is Greek Salad in a jar, it’s tasty, healthy, easy – you can shove the jars full of it in the fridge and forget about it…also it’s really really budget friendly…we love Greek Salad in this old cottage, especially myself and my lovely daughter but we don’t like how much it costs, I don’t know about where you live but here on the beaches of Sydney where the cost of living is far from low, a little pot of this stuff when you are out and about is not healthy on the pocket…so making these up is very very good when being thrifty…it means that you can make up a glut load of these and instead spend the money on a rug…cool right?

Again this is no super duper recipe that will change your life, there is no secret ingredient, you just chop, chop, chop, stuff it in, add some oil and vinegar and go…

Greek Salad in a Mason Jar

2 peppers (capsicum) I like green and one other colour  chopped

1/2 medium  red onion chopped

1 cup feta cheese

1/2 cucumber chopped (I remove the watery bit too)

a few pitted black olives chopped in half

a handful of cherry tomatoes

salt and pepper

4 tbsp olive oil

2 tbsp white wine vinegar

1. start with layering the red onion in the jar

2. add 2tbsp oil and 1 tbsp vinegar on top of the onion so it sits in the bottom of the jar

3. layer all ingredients up to the top of the jar

4. screw lid on and refrigerate

*when ready to open shake the jar so the oil and vinegar dresses the salad

Beach Cottage Recipe notes  I like to add feta cheese in the middle of the salad because we love feta and always moan that in the Greek salads that you buy they are always stingy on the feta  **keeps a good 3 -4 days in the fridge more at a push

**these salads are perfect as part of our meat-free journey for lunches - find meat free ideas and recipes here and my journey on the first few weeks of meat free and losing 2kg here

That’s it from me and my Greek Salad


p.s.  You can find all my easy, budget friendly, family meals over here – they are much easier to find now, come and have a nose around :-)

I love recipes and nice looking food styling errm and I like pinning them too, I’d doing food over here on Pinterest xo



How to Make Greek Salad in a Jar abeachcottage.com chop, pack & keep in the fridge for lunches



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14 Responses to “Easy Greek Mason Jar Salad Recipe”

  1. Kim says:

    HI Sarah … well that’s a little bit fancy in the mason jar … sounds yummy too … I’m going to make this for lunch when I go to work and it is very healthy as well. Thanks for sharing. Cheers Kim x

  2. Sue says:

    Great idea Sarah!

    Can you tell me what size jar you use and how many salads this recipe makes? I’m guessing with 2 whole peppers and a cup of feta cheese, it makes maybe 4?

    Hubby eats a salad every day so if he made several at a time it would save time making it and cleaning up.


    • Sarah says:

      sorry yes I meant to include that this makes 2 160z jars, I would say this would be about 1 cup of feta cheese, obviously you can use more or less

  3. merilyn says:

    yep … loved it! the first time I layed my eyes on it! thankyou sarah!
    a few Christmases ago! so pretty with the red ribbon around the glass … so I did them to death not everyone loves them but I do!
    good to go in any pretty jar or glass, they are filling and delicious it depends on the stack of ingredients! not too sloshy at the bottom and I put the dressing on when about to use them. I scream at anyone throwing out a good jar to be recycled! lol m:)X

  4. merilyn says:

    moi again sarah, I am really enjoying your old posts they are jam packed with good info and giggles love it !
    shame I can’t spell anymore!!! laid oh well the holes in the cheese are getting bigger … lol m:)X

  5. Anonymous says:

    Wow, what a special moment for you seeing your salad picture in print!! Congrats.


  6. Joanne says:

    Greek salad in a maison jar mmmm looks delicious Sarah. Stunning pictures as usual. Hugs to you xo

  7. What a brilliant idea Sarah! This is an utterly delicious salad. Love it.

  8. aussiebeachgirl says:

    Hi Sarah. What do you do with the additional 2T of olive oil and the 1T of vinegar? I know it has to be added to the mix, but at what point? Ta beautiful. heather x

  9. Jillwendt says:

    Hello Sarah,
    I am so glad to see you back in my inbox! I have missed you! You always have a cheerful blog,and a very cute home. I will be making these salads to take to work. Yum! Many thanks….

  10. Lisa says:

    Just whipped up 4 jars for the week. Ate one today. Delish and everyone cooed at my presentation. Cheers.

  11. jo says:

    Gorgeous and fab idea !!! I may use jam jars for kiddie ones oh bring on the summer and picnic weather ha ha if we are lucky in old blighty
    love love love your website xxx