Beach Cottage Recipe Couscous with Asparagus and Pistachios

Wed 26th, Mar, 2014

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easy couscous salad abeachcottage.com

Beach Cottage Recipe Couscous with Asparagus and Pistachios

Hellooo Beach Cottage friends, I have a gorgeous little meet-free organic couscous recipe today.

Sponsored by Woolworths macro

easy couscous recipe abeachcottage.com with asparagus, pistachio and feta cheese

Now I don’t know about you but years ago I didn’t have much clue what couscous was, sounded a bit exotic to me when I first discovered it deep down in the South of France and I don’t know but maybe it’s in the compartment in your head where you think ‘too hard’…I know it was somewhere around there for me…once I started using couscous though it quickly was one of those things I am never without and it’s been a very essential part of quick, easy nutritious lunches in this old cottage for a long time now.

couscous salad abeachcottage.com

I’ve written before about how I like to pack up lunches in the fridge at a convenient time so it’s easy to grab and go, this is one of those recipes…it’s so easy because I just use the soak method for the couscous which means you can do this quickly and without too much fuss.  Sound like a win win?  It is.

easy couscous salad

If you haven’t yet tried couscous, I implore you next time at the supermarket to shove a little box of this in your basket; you will thank yourself and will have a treat in store…there are lots of different couscous brands and different varieties available now and this is one of those places where you can do the organic switch without it being too costly (I used Woolworths macro range, I like that it’s a good organic product but still good value).

This recipe too is quite basic in terms of not too wild and wacky ingredients though a bit special and still emphatically flavoured (and coloured)…plus incredibly simple to make since there really is nothing much more involved than some chopping and mixing plus you can easily make this ahead of time.

couscous asparagus pistachio recipe abeachcottage.com

Couscous with Feta Asparagus and Pistachios Recipe

1 1/2 cups couscous (I used Woolworths Macro organic couscous)

1/2 red onion very finely chopped

Juice of 2 lemons

2 bunches asparagus woody ends removed

1 ½ cups water

handful pistachios (I used Woolworths macro pistachios )

handful fresh parsley

salt and pepper

2/3 cup feta cheese

2 tbsp olive oil

  1. pop the asparagus in a pan of boiling water & cook for 3 mins
  2. put  couscous into a bowl
  3. pour 1 and a half cups of the asparagus water into the couscous and cover with a plate
  4. chop the asparagus
  5. add asparagus, lemon juice, olive oil, feta, salt and pepper, tomatoes, red onion to the couscous and mix

It’s as simple as that and is delicious.

If you pop it into a Mason Jar or plastic container you can make this early in the week and grab and go.

couscous salad abeachcottage.com

Let me know if you try it, thanks to those of you who have been trying recipes on here and leaving me a little comment on how they went…it’s good to know what you think thank you :-)


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Sponsored by Woolworths macro

easy couscous salad

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13 Responses to “Beach Cottage Recipe Couscous with Asparagus and Pistachios”

  1. Honeyaar says:

    Mmmmm. This looks Fantastique Mme B.C.
    Just love your styling and pics. Definitely will try this.

  2. merilyn says:

    won’t go there honey!
    namaste sarah, … peace …
    great couscous! … and those plates are amazing! … like embossing, just gorgeous photography too!
    hope you are ok. love m:)X

    • Sarah says:

      thanks I love taking photos

      Namaste to you too, I am trying to buy a yoga tshirt with that on the front right now haha x

  3. Oh this is so me – but switching out the cous cous for quinoa! Yum

  4. merilyn says:

    morning … moi again about skin creams sarah, as I don’t go on facebook i’ll answer your question here. my gp put me onto hamiltons urederm skin active it’s for sensitive rash prone skin … it is amazing @ under $10 dollars that is the cream I use morning and night she uses it too and she has beautiful skin which people tell me I do too! you can also get the hamiltons wash cleanser thingy, in large pump pack which I use for removing make-up.
    it’s all very moisturizing … too easy, wonderful stuff! love m:)X

    • Sarah says:

      thanks, where would I purchase it, I soooo want to try it xxx

      • merilyn says:

        g’day sarah, sent you an email but just in case you didn’t see it any pharmacy … I think I bought my last one from chem mart.
        I also use coconut oil sometimes when at home. I love any coconut products and mostly I like to use eco friendly products with no nasties … but hey, nothing’s perfect! lol m:)X

  5. Sandy says:

    Sarah – I had dermatitis, particularly around my eyes, and so not a good look, I had tried prescription creams, all this stuff from the pharmacy perfume-free, etc. etc.(even the Hamiltons, QV, Ego and all that) you know the best stuff? Coconut oil – I put it on my face and I have no more dermatitis, know this sounds unbelievable but it absolutely worked a treat for me and I have not had the darn thing since. I even throw in a drop or two of lavender and bergamot, skin is clear and smooth. Sandy

    • Sarah says:

      thanks yes i have been using it but i find it quite greasy for face and doesn’t sink in on me? glad you’ve found a solution x

  6. Rhonda Bridges says:

    Hi! About how many servings do you usually get out of this? It is FANTASTIC!! And honestly I could eat the whole thing, ha ha!!!(just kidding….sort of!!) thanks!

  7. Anonymous says:

    Couscous is such amazing stuff, so user friendly. I made a quinoa salad recently and I found it a bit ordinary, didn’t float my boat like couscous does.


  8. gee willlikers says:

    Once I saw asparagus I knew I needed the recipe. The feta means I’m shopping in the morning!