Beach Cottage Newsletter is back!

Thu 27th, Mar, 2014

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a beach cottage newsletter

A quick hello from a very wet and rainy Sydney, just a note to say the Beach Cottage Newsletter is back in town.

After a long hiatus until I was feeling better she’s going out today and there’s a fashion post in there with some very nice forty-is-the-new-thirty-muffin-top-hiding pants – it’s only for subscribers and not on the blog so join us.

If you haven’t signed up yet pop your details below & check Weekly Newsletter, it will be hitting inboxes later on today – I promise never to spam you or try to sell you something (scrub that maybe a small child) but I won’t promise not to ramble ;-)


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a beach cottage newsletter

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2 Responses to “Beach Cottage Newsletter is back!”

  1. merilyn says:

    I will make a comment as you do lots of work to keep this blog going and the least I can do is say thankyou it is always lovely sarah! … all good!
    we’ve been talking decks here!!! deck colour to be specific so was wondering what your final colour was on your new deck … we know about yellow and that won’t be a happening thing!!! have a good day … lol m:)X