the beach, autumn and yoga

Mon 17th, Mar, 2014

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ocean sea beach photo abeachcottage.com sydney northern beaches australia

Good Morning from Sydney’s beaches, we are having beautiful Autumnal weather here and I’m popping in to say G’day with some  lovely pictures from the beach from my iphone & a little bit about Well-being, Beach Cottage style…

At the start of 2014 I had decided I was going to grip the year by its balls and get myself together…I don’t know if you know what I mean but I know what I mean in that I had been ‘fumbling through’ for a few years…I am not the most  badly organised person on the planet but neither am I super together plus I have this kinda in-built aversion to too much planning, it makes me feel tied down and hemmed in, I know exactly where it comes from and why too.  This gives one serious problems in life when one has three children, a husband with a busy growing business, a lot of sport and little corner of the interwebs with a few visitors to run and I found myself often doing the fumble and often winging it to get by…

ocean sea beach photo abeachcottage.com sydney northern beaches australia

So I had decided that in 2014 there would be less fumbling through, more planning, less busy and interestingly rather than just zee planning of zee boring stuff, more planning of well-being…I bought myself a diary, I bought myself a couple of inspirational books I had had my eye on for ages and I was looking at a few retreats and workshops to go off to – nothing hocus pocus but I have been silently observing a very successful friend of mine with a very busy life and how she schedules everything right down to her left elbow softening – but along with business meetings, planning session and high-flying she includes scheduling well-being, fitness, health and calm into a jam packed lifestyle.  She without knowing it said something to me and the penny dropped, 2014 I was going to schedule the life balance stuff into that new diary and all would be tickety-boo!  Hello life balance.

So I had this ‘Well-being’ thing well and truly scheduled into my 2014, I’d decided I would blog little bits and pieces of it because whenever I talk about anything like life balance / healthy lifestyle etc I get lots of questions, I had started switching to less meat and gluten, I’d been bush-walking via the diary ;) and I started a ‘Well-Being’ category on the blog… and then, well, things didn’t turn out quite as I expected at the beginning of the year.

Since then I have been in a tailspin, the adrenaline gets you through the really sh*tty bits and then months down the line you realise what happened and Well-being has been about the last thing on my mind to be honest…but really there’s no-one else here who can do anything to make the aftermath of the last few months feel better apart from me..

So I am gently and I stress very gently wanting to discover and prioritise what is important in my life (top of that list are two white slip-covered sofas, a new vintage-y Hamptons kitchen and another beach cottage to get my teeth stuck into hahahahahha) plus I want to make changes for a more balanced life,  making time for the people I love and recognising, celebrating and acknowledging steps forwards and achievements…

In view of that, this morning, I decided to suck up the sadness and have a go at yoga…I’ve dabbled in classes before, but to be totally honest I think that I was never ready for yoga in my younger days, I played a lot of sport then, had more energy and yoga just seemed too slow….nowadays that’s just what I want.

sydney beaches ocean abeachcottage.com

So I’ve been looking around for a good class – the main things I was looking for – location and class times.  I’ve learnt before that unless exercise slips nicely into my routine in the morning I won’t stick at it, it’s as simple as that for me, which is one of the reasons walking works for me.  So I found a general Hatha yoga class that meant I could do the school run, park the car and go straight to it (also don’t like having to wait around another reason why I wouldn’t keep it up).

And the result?  It was great, much much better than the last time I tried yoga, I went on my own and found everyone to be friendly enough (I don’t have issues with going to classes alone I know some people do), everyone seemed ‘normal’ and I found bits of my body that I haven’t felt let alone seen for a very very long time…if ever.  The studio was lovely, clean bright and felt right, it didn’t cost an arm and a leg and I came away feeling lighter and kinda buzzy, not sure what that was but it was ok.

I’ll be reporting back on here the Well-being journey…I’m really hoping yoga helps me get over the last few months, it’s not been co-incidence in the last few weeks that lots of people have told me it will help.

I’ve also read that the key to balance is rewarding your achievements so I thought that every time I make a yoga class I’ll buy a rug, sofa or quilt, whaddya reckon?? ;)

Please leave me a comment or email me anything you might think will be of interest if you know a lot about yoga or have been on a journey with it….

What about you, when you stop for a moment (God forbid you have anything like what happened to us to make you stop and re-assess) and take some time to think about your life what changes would you like to make?  What could you indulge in that will make you happy and reduce the stress in your life?



You can find other Well-Being posts over here  including the post I wrote here on  5 Things that Helped Me Get My Energy Back  and here the post I wrote when life got all on top of me and I decided enough was enough and the green smoothie recipe that helped me out of it

ocean sea beach photo abeachcottage.com sydney northern beaches australia

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33 Responses to “the beach, autumn and yoga”

  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds lovely & somewhat similar to my own circumstances. We moved to Melbourne 3 years ago from Southern California. I’ve struggled with the Winter weather here in Melbs, but am finally finding my new routine 3 years later! Got 3 kids & I’ve recently started yoga again, love it & it has helped so much! Don’t be alarmed if you cry or get a bit emotional at the end of your practice. It’s so good to get that stuff out. Love your blog & photos!xx

    • Sarah says:

      thanks Rachel, yes I was wondering about the emotional side – I did Bikram yoga years ago and it was not my cup of tea and made me super emotional and a bit crazy, never again, I think it was just too hot for me, anyway wondering if tears will come with this…

      it’s hard moving to a new country even if the culture is very similar – just putting down roots takes a long time I think x

  2. Neen says:

    Actually Sarah I too have found yoga to be ‘my’ time. Time for my head to stop racing and for my heart to heal and my body to move. I have taken a break due to work and other excuses( has to be in mornings after school drop off too) but my yoga studio has just moved to a lovely new space, so I think it’s time for me to re-join.
    Lots of people keep saying to me ‘you need to look after yourself in order to look after others’……hmmmm might just make the time to go tomorrow.
    Thankyou for the lovely post…..again…. ;) Neen

    • Sarah says:

      my pleasure…I know when people say that to you you think rubbish but I am thinking that it’s so true, just soooo easy to actually not do it…x

  3. merilyn says:

    hi sarah, yoga is great for bringing the awareness into the moment and slowing a busy person’s mind down.
    I practiced yoga for about 15 yrs or more, but when we moved to south coast I didn’t find another class. but I learnt meditation and a friend and I took it in turns to have an hours yoga once a week for a time. then she moved but I have always practiced and integrated it into my lifestyle … it does work wonders on every level of ones being and it is non-competitive which I love and it keeps you supple as well … love it!… Namaste lovely sarah m:)X

  4. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    I started yoga about 15mths ago and was really enjoying it, however it all went by the wayside when my son starting rowing and the classes did not work for me any longer. The full on rowing season has finally come to an end and it has taken me a week of doing nothing to start to get some energy again. The very early morning starts 6 days a week have a taken more of a toll on my wellbeing than I realised while in the middle of it all. This morning I had an amazing walk on the beach and had the urge to do some yoga once again and have the benefits all day. So tomorrow I will look for a new local class or will try doing it from a book myself. I also have been recommended to try meditation, so will give this a go. In the past I have always been an organised bunny, planning my day when working fulltime. When I finished up work last year I let this slide and looking back now think this was a bad move. The drifting has not been good for me and feel so much better after starting to set up an online planner today. I to have purchased a great book to get me on track so fingers crossed things are on the up soon. Thanks for your post it has hit the spot today.

    • Sarah says:

      my pleasure!

      Jenny have you seen YouTube yoga? I have done bits and bobs of it and learnt some new stretches on there for after my walks, there are LOTS of good channels and some you can pay for – there are even virtual classes you can join in California in real time as if you are actually in the class – not sure if you have seen these…I wanted to go a physical class this time because I need teaching on alignment etc plus I want to get out of the house and actually go to something…I’m finding after the accident I could quite easily never go out again!

      on the meditation I have been doing it for a while now, and there are iphone aps for guided meditation which I highly recommend…search meditation and also hypnosis, I have had good results with hypnosis aps, hope that helps sarah x

  5. Annette says:

    Just discovered your blog today, via Instagram – such beautiful images. Looking forward to poking through the archives and getting to know you.
    Yoga – yes it’s lovely and that after class buzz is wonderful – I hope your teacher takes the time to lead the class in meditation and shavasana – bliss. I don’t go to classes at the moment – can’t afford it and being a bigger girl with dodgy wrists and knees, it’s a bummer not to be able to just dive in, but I have gained so much from the classes and my teacher’s open wisdom. No I’m not a hippie!!
    I’m new to blogging so am enjoying discovering other people’s work and vibe.

  6. Libby Boyle says:

    I have just moved to Western Sydney from North Queensland and I’m now ready to start reaching out to meet people. Yoga classes are where I am going to start. Just searching around for the right place to go at the moment. I love the calm of yoga. Reminds me of my cat’s philosophy on life.


    • merilyn says:

      hi libby, that is funny! just went into your blog
      what a naughty moggy … cute tho <3
      great idea wlth the ottoman/puff!!!
      luv it! lol m:)x

    • Sarah says:

      yes they are which is one reason I actually want to go to a class to get out of the house, hope you love Sydney, it’s pretty amazing!

  7. Smaggle says:

    I was never hugely into yoga but I’ve really come around this year, I love hyrid classes like yogalates and Barre. You seem really well! yay!

  8. With our move to Brisbane I’ve been able to up my weekly yoga sessions to twice a week. Have never felt stronger. It’s amazing. Good luck x

  9. Chandra says:

    Hi Sarah
    I love your post, we seem to be inspired by the same things. i am definately a beach girl and I have practiced Yoga for over 15 years. You photos are beautiful. To answer your question at the end, I now dedicate 30 mins each morning to meditation and doing a mini Tarot spread, it helps me focus and gives me time to assess what is important to me that day. Plus it makes me a better wife and mum. You might like to check out my blog I’m about to create some infographics of my favourite yoga sequences. Love your work. Chandra

  10. Sandy says:

    Hi Sarah

    I, too, have just started yoga for stress and extreme anxiety and find it definitely helps plus the nap time using a diffuser and 4000 oils mixed together, putting the headphones on listening to downloaded meditation (particularly water sounds really send me into relax heaven) so I wish you well with it, I know it has helped me.


  11. Lark says:

    Yoga sounds like a great idea. I did a 20 minute stress relief yoga video when my kids were babies and it was really helpful. I should really dig that thing out now that I am facing new stressors.

    • Sarah says:

      Yep you should it’s been great for me already and I’ve done only two sessions and one 20 minute before bed routine x

  12. Hello there, I’m the very first time here. I discovered this website and that i think it is really lovely to see & it assisted me out a number of my unusual considering it. Thanks Sarah for this type of wonderful publish.

  13. Kat says:

    Hi Sarah, good to hear you are doing something nurturing for you lovely lady.
    I hope it helps. In fact I am sure it will.
    I love yoga, but unfortunately it is not available at my gym and seeing I already pay a membership I can’t afford to do that separately as well.
    I have been wanting/meaning to do the meditation part for the past oh five years, since my #4 was born.
    My kids are all at fulltime school as of this year and do you think I can make myself sit and be quiet and just do it at home? Ah no.
    I really need to work on that as I know when I did it as part of the hatha yoga class I took it was brilliant at slowing my mind and just making me feel all calm and zen and we could all do with a bit of that!! :)
    Be kind to yourself my lovely.xx

  14. Anonymous says:

    I tried yoga many years ago and found it ok but I like Pilates better. I’ve been doing Pilates for about 12 years.

    I just feel I can’t stop my weekly 6pm 1 hour mat class as it makes me really stop and detach. The crappola going round in my head before class is gone, or at least mellowed considerably, 1 hour later.

    Tonight our Pilates instructor told us she was somewhat alarmed and amused about the new craze in USA that she heard about on the news this afternoon…nude yoga!

  15. Kathryn says:

    Hi Sarah love your blog, I just bought a Pilates Power Gym from the shopping channel and just love it. It came fully assembled and delivered to the door. Ticks all the boxes beginners, medium & intense at your own pace, would fit beautifully in your outdoor room. Both guys & girls. I use it whenever I get 10 minutes, it certainly works, & the guilt feeling is banished. You can feel it strengthening your muscles with every work out & won’t need to join a gym or have a session outside your home ever again. Off to do some furniture painting rather than the ironing xx Kathryn

  16. Michelle says:

    Hey Sarah, so nice to see you back – for a couple of reasons. Firstly because we’ve missed your wonderful, bright, beachy take on life and secondly (and more importantly) because you’re now in a place of healing. Our bodies do get to a point where they literally stop us in our tracks if our world becomes too full of everything. So glad that you are looking after you – it’s the most important part of every day. Embrace your yoga, enjoy the wonderful beach walks (my sanity check as well) and take care xx Michelle

    • Sarah says:

      thank you Michelle for your thoughtful comment, I think you are right, I have moved on to the next stage :)

  17. Sandra says:

    Hi Sarah, Yoga and crochet were my two “things to try” in 2014 and I have to say I’m loving both :) I have found a fantastic teacher and her studio is just beautiful and very peaceful…she has a Westie x terrier who just sits in his basket during the class and when we’re finished goes from person to person saying “Hi”…I’m now upping to two classes a week and am progressing to the “stronger” classes as my yoga teacher says I’m “very strong”…who’d have thought? Namaste x

    • Sarah says:

      Namaste to you too.

      I have found a lovely studio too and same thing I’m probs going to move up to the next level soon. so far I am loving it!