recipe fish chowder crockpot slow cooker friendly

Wed 5th, Feb, 2014

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Well I’m here again, G’day, I am here with a super tasty chowder recipe, a fish chowder that can go in your slow cooker…


I’m still up and down as I write about fish chowder in the crockpot, but I’m rolling with it ladies, it’s a bumpy ride this one I’m on at the mo’ and I’m doing lots of strange things, including but not limited to excessive and over the top online rug stalking…who knew…at least it’s not bedlinen I suppose…talking of that I am about to persuade a large teenager to move some furniture in my bedroom…part of the ride has involved me enjoying food foofing and I find myself messing around with bowls of chowder, loading up pics on my computer and enjoying giving them a tinkle and having a play and writing about how to make an easy chowder…



Anyway though I don’t want this place to be about poor old me, lots of people are a lot worse off….and to be honest it’s  my happy do what the heck I fancy place on here, and, when all is said and done I am actually fine now, we made it through it all and so much healing and moving forward has happened that ummm actually somewhere in all of the revolting-ness I’ve walked away with something, not sure what it is but it is there…and I will talk about chowder and crock pots and things with cream and be done with it… speaking of things that can go in the slow cooker this curry recipe is in high rotation as comfort food in this old cottage at the moment…got to a love a curry when the going gets tough…


I first had clam chowder in San Francisco, not a bad place to  have your first fish chowder right?   I was pretty gobsmacked with it, as indeed was that lovely man going by the name of Mr BC who is so very lucky to have me as his wife, and it’s been a love love relationship ever since…we stopped in a restaurant we’d read about in one of those guide books, yup a bit touristy but a mix of locals and tourists and the chowder was good man, like so good I am still talking about it years later…do you have those food memories?  I love them.


Since then I have experimented much, often, and always with chowder recipes and I love simple potato chowder too – so tasty, budget friendly and easy (you can find my recipe for that here)  - fish chowder though is my fave and this one is pretty near the mark and for a recipe that you can throw about your kitchen so that it lands squarely in the lady sitting on the side doing all the work for you, I reckon it’s a keeper…the good thing about this too is that it’s good any way you want to cook it – crock-pot, stove top or oven….and it’s just easy, tasty, simple, fussy free comfort food.  That’s my kinda recipe and my kiddos love it, while I love that they are getting all sorts of goodness in one big hit.


Fish Chowder Recipe

Slow Cooker Fish Chowder

2 carrots chopped

3 cloves garlic finely chopped

1/2 kilo / 1 lb fish (I actually used just over 1/2 a kilo for this)

3 sticks celery chopped

2 medium onions chopped

2 large potatoes diced

1/3 cup double (heavy) cream (eyeball it you might like less or more)

1 cup white wine

3 cups fish stock (

fresh herbs (chives, parsley, oregano or whatever you like, I add what I’ve got fresh)

dash of vinegar

grated cheese to top


1. if using slow cooker pop all ingredients in and cook on high for 3 to 4 hours.

2. if on stove top sweat onions and veggies for five or so minutes and turn to high add wine and burn off alcohol, then add all other ingredients and simmer very low for a few hours, at least 1 hour

3. about 15 or so minutes before the end of cooking time stir in the cream

beach cottage recipe notes :  

lovely with crumbled bacon on this (or if you want the whole dish a bit more hearty add some back in at the beginning) and also good with shredded spring onions…you can sub the fish stock with veggie or shock horror a stock cube or one of those cartons of stock, I love those for ease and taste, but watch out for yucky stuff in the ingredients list on the back, *keep an eye on the liquid, you may need to adjust it depending on how long you cook it for, if you put too much in your slow cooker just leave the lid ajar and turn it on high…

Well I’ll be off then…I hope you like it, oh and if you try it or any of the recipes on here I’d love to hear what you think, I read every single comment,yes indeedy.





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35 Responses to “recipe fish chowder crockpot slow cooker friendly”

  1. Oh look, am I first stalker today? I always slightly gag at the word ‘chowder’ no idea why since I really don’t think I’ve ever actually eaten it?!! The fact I can just throw this in the slow cooker and that it has all the lovely goodness of wine, I mean fish, I do believe I will be trying this…will get back to you with my all-so-important opinion!?! xx (hope you are having more ups than downs now x)

    • sarah says:

      yes more ups than downs now yay!

      I would love your opinion of course, assuming there will be wine on the outside too hhaa

  2. Sweet blog! I founhd it while surfing around on
    Yahoo News. Do you have any tips on how to get listed in Yaoo
    Nes? I’ve been trying for a while but I never seem to get there!
    Thqnk you

  3. Hi Sarah
    I have just about done an identically recipe minus the fish and fish sauce and used lamb and the smell is making me hungry as I speak. Good old slow cookers..
    Actually I am up and down myself for many reasons but it does help to foof and cook.(for sure)
    My beloved chowder memory was a seafood chowder in Boston (to die for) and Boston is one of my fave US places not that I have been to many. Would love to go back sometime. A driving extended holiday in the states is on my Grace List.. Enjoy your chowder. Thanks for the idea I never would have thought about doing fish in the slow cooker.

    • sarah says:

      hey I have the same – a driving holiday to the states! I don’t know when it will happen yet, years seem to keep just sliding on by lol!

      I hope you are ok :-)

  4. Neen says:

    I too choke at the word ‘chowder’ but might give this a whirl when the weather cools down a bit. Might be a great Easter meal, I always struggle with fish recipes but this might be the ONE.
    Your A-M-A-Z-I-N-G chicken curry is on high rotation in this little victorian reno delight house!
    Thanks for posting Sarah, :) Neen

    • sarah says:

      oh you are very kind Need – I would defo give this a go, I love fish but I find with our lifestyle it’s sometimes hard to get something that is convenient, not too expensive (don’t know about you but for five of us it’s not cheap to eat a hearty amount of fish) and that we all like…this works though for us!


      • Neen says:

        Nah you are the kind one Sarah, giving away your secret recipes !!!
        We are hours and hours from the sea, but have just found a place to get yummy fish from, so I have saved this in my ‘ABC’ recipe file ;))))))) Neen

  5. Diana says:

    Ahhh clam chowder ~ ate it the first time in San Fran and then, of all places – Disneyland!
    And I have been making it ever since. Very similar to yours but clams instead of fish and
    have never added wine to it. But I will!
    I love your baby blue scalloped mug.

    Hugs to You

    • sarah says:

      thanks Diana, funny where you have things when you are on vacation! the mug is from Target, I am hoping to get another one but I don’t think they do them any longer x

  6. April Zimmerman says:

    Definitely going to try this! I live in Charleston (South Carolina) where She Crab Soup is very popular. Have you tried crab in this recipe? Do you think it would work?

    Absolutely love your blog and inspirations. I live by the ocean here in Charleston and there are so many wonderful, old treasures to be found here.

    Blessings to you! – April

    • sarah says:

      blessings to you April, umm I reckon crab would be wonderful with this, in fact I think I am going to try it, thanks, I hope you like it if you give it a go x

  7. alison says:

    So lovely to hear some good news at your end.

    The word “chowder” always reminds me of the word “chunder”. I revisisted your lovely potato chowder recipe. I find the the smell of seafood of any description quite repulsive. Don’t know why. I come from a long line of seafood eaters. The smell can even bring tears to my eyes and give me a panicky feeling! Go figure. We’re all weird in our own special ways.


    • sarah says:

      I know someone who has the same with eggs – makes her nearly vomit just to smell them so I think you’re not that weird just a bit hahaha x

  8. merilyn says:

    it looks delightful sarah! … the photos are gorgeous and I’m sure it will nourish your family. I love seafood but have never had fish chowder before. I would be willing to try it though! lots of love m:)X

  9. Kristian says:

    Howdy! Would you mind if I share your blog with my myspace group?
    There’s a lot of people that I think would
    really appreciate your content. Please let me know.

  10. Selby says:

    I’ve never tried making a fish chowder before & to be honest I’ve probably only eaten one once or twice- they were very yummy!

    Usually the recipes seem way too much pfaffing about but this looks great- love your recipes as they really aren’t intimidating & if you say its easy I know it will be – reckon ill give it a go sometime soon, maybe on the weekend:)

    Thanks for the inspiration Sarah!

    • sarah says:

      my pleasure! I only do easy recipes Selby, I always pass on by ANYTHING that has more than a few steps x

      • Selby says:

        Gave this a go Sunday- very proud of myself as cooking fish for some reason intimidates the heck outta me!

        Super easy very happy with that!:) taste wise it was nice but I think I didn’t quite nail it- I think I really did need to pop in that cup of white wine (I just used extra fish stock instead as that’s what I had) & I definitely needed to season a bit more strongly or reduce a bit more or something.

        Thanks for giving me the inspiration to give it a go & now I know how easy it is I’d be happy to give it another crack & see if I can get it just right next time:)

        • Sarah says:

          my pleasure the wine makes it very tasty and yep it needs good seasoning to bring out the fish – not sure how you made it but leaving the lid off a bit will reduce it – it’s sometimes hard for me to write the way I do it, cos i tend to leave it in the slow cooker and if it looks a bit liquid-y I just open the lid ajar, I am sorry it wasn’t better for you :(

  11. Smaggle says:

    I love chowder and thislooks amazing! I love a soup in bowl with a handle.

  12. heather says:

    Sarah. You never fail to disappoint, and this is one recipe I’ll most definitely be trying! Can’t wait. Yum-Yum! Sending strength & hugs. Hx

  13. Rachel Clark says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love your beachy blog! I’m currently living in Melbourne & moved here 3 years ago from sunny Southern California…love the Summers, but I struggle during the Winter here in Melbs! I’m trying to finally beachify our home & remember those summer days when the Melbourne cold weather hits! I’m looking for one of those driftwood hanging garlands, any suggestions where I could find one here? Hope you & your family continue to heal & find comfort.

    Thank you,

    • Hi Rachel, just thought I would help you in search for a garland, you will find them in the shops from Mornington down to Sorrento – Sandarne, Big Chair and The Early Settlement Gallery plustHappy Days Bali things in Sorrento.

      Good luck – Kathryn

  14. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    That looks amazing Sarah and I am so glad your having more ups than downs xx

  15. Lassiegirl says:

    My eldest son and I had some clam chowder with oyster crackers just the other day and we had “rememberies”. The first time I had clam chowder was on a trip over to Santa Catalina Island (22 miles off the coast of Southern California) at an adorable seaside restaurant. My Uncle, from Oklahoma where I live now, had come to visit us in So. Cal and wanted to go to the famous (as in a song) Catalina Island. Anyway, I was about 17 and I loved it and the memory is always there with me when I eat it so it’s a warm, breezy, seaside kind of memory. For my son, his first was clam chowder eaten out of a sourdough bread bowl which is fantastic and it was eaten at the “wharf” at Disneyland in Southern California. That was another fun memory for him and me. So, with the weather here freezing us with more snow today and in the coming days, clam chowder sounds good for two reasons: one, it reminds me of warm seaside memories and Disneyland and two, clam chowder is warm comfort food on a cold snowy day. Glad things are getting better in BC land and healing is continuing!

    • sarah says:

      oh I love those memories! I have one involving food at the top of a Spanish mountain and my babbas lol!

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Sarah! I love chowder and that looks awesome! What fish did you use please? Looks like smoked cod in the photo – or is that carrot? Yum :)

    • Sarah says:

      hi sorry I missed this

      I used white fish for this one but I’ve used all sorts, there’s not much that doesn’t work, cod would be great, I just go for what’s on offer to keep the cost down x

  17. Maureen says:

    Hi Sarah,
    Love reading your ‘life’ :). This recipe sounds yum. Wondering what type of fish you used?