coastal style beach cottage makeover

Thu 20th, Feb, 2014

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beachy decorating abeachcottage.com

G’day beach cottage friends, well remember those old vintage chairs I found the other day, hmmm, well one of them needed love, freshness and some paint…and it’s not white!   If you are averse to either the painting of wood or a touch of zee yellow, please step away from your computer right now.

So if you follow me on Instagram you’ll know I’m finding yellow popping up all over my life – it’s cheerfulness and optimism is helping me I guess.

coastal style beach vintage decorating abeachcottage.com

I decided to pop that onto one of these chairs, I did have to take a deep old breath, I still, even after all the many things I have painted, feel a strange pang when I paint lovely wood…the way I look at it now though is that whatever I do to it, if it stays in my house and gets loved with us, we’ve saved it from landfill…

And that is me and how I cook on through to the weekend and lovely Friday…with a yellow chair and a pot of yellow paint I had mixed to hopefully resemble the colour of primrose…whatever next?

See you next time with a bunch of photos of pretty things.


beachy decorating abeachcottage.com


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21 Responses to “coastal style beach cottage makeover”

  1. alison says:

    I love the way you get in and just do things. Meanwhile, others like me, just think about it!!


  2. Helen says:

    Hello Sarah, I’ve noticed quite a bit of colour cropping up in your lovely cottage…a flowery rug, pillows and throws and the softest buttery yellow chair is just delightful. Love your inspiring style

  3. Yellow is a fabulously happy colour. Glad you’ve painted that sweet chair yellow :-)

  4. Ha! So funny…I’ve spent the week painting things yellow, including an old chair! It is even named after a flower too…yellow rose!!?! Great minds and all that? Mine is a tad more full-on yellow I think but loving the brightness it brings to the room. Yours fits in perfectly there…enjoy! x

  5. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah. Looking good! Can’t wait to see what you might have done with those two things-you-love-to-loathe! Has one of them had a coat of yellow paint too???? Just looking back over the last few blog posts & comments, seems I’m not the only one who no longer receives the posts by email since the new format came in. I seem unable to re-subscribe as well. Really missing getting your posts in my inbox :( It would be really sad if you have lost a lot of your subscribers in the changeover. Hope it’s somehow fixable! x Jenny

  6. I love how you pull things together! Those curtains are so pretty too. Did you ever post your finished kitchen with the new cabinets? I don’t remember seeing that post and I couldn’t find one when I searched…

    Have a happy day xox

  7. Jo says:

    I always love looking at the all-white homes of so many bloggers. However, I could never live with all white. It’s so interesting for me to look at the rooms, and try to imagine myself living in a white house. I look at my kitchen and dining rooms (the rooms I see from my computer) and try to imagine them in white and I can’t. I absolutely love that you have started putting little touches of color here and there. The yellow chair and the curtains look awesome. You always make it seem like your house is an old run-down cottage, but it looks beautiful to me. I wish you would show us photos of the whole room and how one leads to another so we can get a better feel for the cottage. And isn’t it funny, how, once we’ve had a few months of nice weather, and flip flops, etc, we start yearning for jeans and sweaters? Well, let me tell you – I’m in Minnesota and we have had more bitterly cold weather (-40 windchill) and snow (I have 6-8′ drifts and the snow plow guy now has to bring a bobcat and MOVE the snow because there is no more room to push it! and we are getting another 5-9″ today. It’s been one of the longest winters in history!!! I can’t wait for spring.

  8. hrh Sarah says:

    Hi, Sarah~
    Love the touch of soft yellow, just gorgeous! Glad you got sun today, though that chair is like a little bit of indoor sunshine :)
    We’re coming out of sweater weather here, though no doubt there will be plenty more chilly days and nights before the heat of spring is really upon us. {{hugs}} from VA

  9. kerrie says:

    I love the floral curtains! I grew up in a yellow room and it is cheerful, but I must have tired of it after all those childhood years. Of course it looks great in your beach cottage….though I loved that chair in its natural rustic wood state. I could have never painted it. But we are free to do what makes our hearts sing! I would not be surprised to see your yellow chair turn white one day down the road. Have a lovely weekend with your pretty yellow chair. xxo

  10. Diana says:

    Love your primrose yellow chair. And those floral curtains. Used to stay away from yellow until recently. Now I will be adding a touch of it here and there with my blue. Have gone from turquoise to navy to sky blue to Caribbean blue over the years ~ now I am back to turquoise again.
    Love your inspiration!

  11. Kim says:

    Love that primrose yellow on the chair {btw that is the name that will be given to our next hen, hopefully in this new lot of chicks;)}. IKWYM about painting wood, though. I feel it too and actually I’m still tossing up what to do with my big timber dining table. I don’t love it’s Oregon colour but I’m still feeling nervous about painting it white. I definitely need to get less timber in my house though, it’s a bit of overkill at this time in my life when I’m loving painted timber. Agh! I betcha I start to love raw timber again in about 5 years time an it’ll be back to stripping it all back again. Hahaha! That’s decorating for ya. x

  12. Sharon Forward says:

    What a beautiful colour and I have to agree with the first comment love how you just get on with your projects I must take a leaf out of your bookx

  13. Debbie says:

    That chair looks lovely with its new coat of paint, and the soft yellow is just the right shade. Even goes great with the curtains.

  14. Neen says:

    Just delightful Sarah, the softness of buttery-yellow is perfect for that time-worn chair, great choice !! Neen ;)

  15. Jim says:

    G’Day, Sarah. Your blog is so beautiful.

  16. Lorna Jean says:

    Looks cheery…love it Sarah, I hope this finds you well and that your baby is mending.

  17. Sharon says:

    The yellow chair is very cheerful and it looks just perfect with your curtains. I do love a few bits of yellow around, I think it makes a room feel cozy.

  18. Smaggle says:

    Those curtains are perfection. Absolutely love them!

  19. Melissa says:

    I MUST know where those curtains are from! Delightful as we head into our spring. Also love that yellow!! Can you think of a close color match that a paint company might have as yours is a custom mix? Yellow’s are so tricky, but I love yours!

  20. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    That chair looks beautiful Sarah and I think you painted it yellow because it’s a cheery colour ,I hope you’re travelling well and your little one is ok xx