changing up the bedroom beach cottage style

Tue 11th, Feb, 2014

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a beach cottage coastal vintage style

Well good afternoon Beach Cottage ladies, how are you all, ummm I’ve been moving things around a bit in my bedroom…

coastal bedroom shabby vintage beachy chic abeachcottage.com blog whitewashed floors, casual jute rug, vintage doors, linen curtains, white bedding, striped pillows

This started because Summer is ending and the nights are not quite as sweltering here in Sydney…the early mornings and the late evenings have just turned a bit so that we have moved away from that oh my lordy heaven on earth it is so hot to hmmm nice, get a bit of weight and the first doona on…which was an excuse for a bit of a move around…

I don’t know why but I feel like I need to do that to everything in this old cottage too …I feel like, after the last month, I need to wipe the slate clean, move around, chuck things out, foof, fuss, layer up linens, stalk rugs online, buy new linens from France, get a new sectional for the Family Room…move on, move up, move out….get all that stagnant crap out and get into 2014 with hope…life goes on doesn’t it and I’m feeling like there is fresh air…(thanks to all of you again for all the support, we are doing well)…

vintage shabby coastal style abeachcottage

I’m really in to doors at the moment, vintage ones…there are a rather a few leaning around about the place…and I am on the lookout for more…and chairs….and a Chesterfield in just the right shade of mushroom…and white sectionals in puffy linen…did I mention sectionals? ;-)  I’m so scheming how to rid myself of those leather sofas (yeah yeah I know first world problem I’ve been going on about for too long) and bring that sectional right on in…or perhaps the Chesterfield….so much for reducing my home-wares footprint this year….but I’m calling it therapy….along with linen shopping…Mr BC believes a shrink might be all around more cost effective..

I told him, perhaps you have a good point, but actually I’ll stick with a slip-covered linen sofa…in white…



vintage shabby coastal chic abeachcottage.com old thrifted furniture painted white, whitewashed floorboards, vintage doors, linen curtains


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35 Responses to “changing up the bedroom beach cottage style”

  1. Neen says:

    Moving ,cleansing, wiping the slate clean that sounds perfect to me.
    Luuuuuuurve your bedroom re-style, especially the doors. I am secretly planning to bring an old wire gate inside……just letting the thought out into the universe to see what comes LOL !!!Neen ;)

    • Sarah says:

      haha yes I have let some thoughts into the universe for things…old wooden chair has already made it’s way into my life…results! I will wish for you for iron gate ;-)

  2. Ooohh yes rug stalking, I’m determined to get a few rugs in the house for Autumn/Winter…any site suggestions more than welcome!?! ;) xx Oh and could Barls maybe accidentally chew a corner or two of the white leather? You know, just to help you out?!! x

    • Sarah says:

      ooh yes good idea on the chewing, shame he has never chewed stuff…I’ll have to teach him roflmao xoxox

  3. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    The doors look amazing, its reminded me of the wooden slat doors that are in ghe garage waiting for me to paint and place behind the bed. I’ve always found the a major clear out and re shuffle of furniture brings a positive fibe to the house and brings some normality after a period of change or stress. looking forward to seeing the new rugs and linen.

    • Sarah says:

      yes I am thinking you are right, it does feel better, i really want to find some time (things have gotten busy again) to have a real good change around in the other rooms…

  4. Jodi R says:

    I am loving vintage doors too. I picked one up the weekend before last for $10. It is similar to the one with the glass boarder that you have with the black board paint in the middle. I saw yours and loved it and thought… “I wonder if I could ever find something like that for our place?” … Jumped on Gumtree and there it was 40 minutes from my house. It has one cracked pain of glass and needs some cleaning up but I think it will be beautiful when I fix it up.
    Thank you for inspiring me to be creative about reusing things. Wonder if Hubby would let me use old doors as our bed head.

  5. Nola says:

    I feel the same need to clean and change a few things-looking for some new throw rugs and floor rugs. Here in Adelaide we are having a really hot summer so can’t wait to open up the house and clean everything and buy lots of flowers and foof up the house!

  6. Sharyn says:

    Lovely. A bit taken with vintage doors myself. Glad you are breathing some fresh air finally. xx

  7. Rukmini Roy says:

    Oh its lovely! I’d love to foof my home but I hear I’ll have to change homes. So yeah! Foofing is on the cards.

  8. Rukmini Roy says:

    Oh its lovely! I’d love to foof my home but I hear I’ll have to change homes. So yeah! Foofing is on the cards. On other news Sarah, I WON THE BLOGGER’S AWARD in “Art & Design” category. :)

  9. Lynn says:

    Sarah, don’t feel guilty about planning a few purchases-buying the things we really like and want makes the hours of hard work very worthwhile. I think when you’ve suffered a trauma of some sort you do feel like renewing and replacing-maybe it’s a way of moving on mentally once the worst has passed-which I really hope it has for your family. With love from the UK. X

  10. Lisa mckenzie says:

    I think cleaning and cleaning and chucking out are part of what you are going through after my Dad’s Heart attack in January I was the same cleaning out everything and always looking for some thing to do ,I think it is a coping mechanism.Love your bedroom makeover and I love your new blog layout so classy and chic

  11. merilyn says:

    hi sarah, you must have been swinging from the chandelier
    to get that shot of your lovely revamped bedroom … clever!
    I’m glad things are shifting for you … love m)X

  12. ali thompson says:

    i love this set up. the doors are gorgeous in that setting. oh and the pillows too….!

  13. Libby Boyle says:

    Ah, the new couch problem. We’ve just been through it! My girlfriend and I went on a fact finding mission and sat on 20/30 couches. I love the look of Chesterfields but NOT comfortable for long term sitting … We found. My vintage club suite which I have had for … 30 years (recovered twice) is off to eBay soon. The new couch has been ordered and now I have to wait patiently. Time passes slowly when you’re waiting.

  14. Smaggle says:

    I’d LOVE a bed spread like that but Mr Smags loves his prints and colours. I miss all my girly things I had before we co-habitated.

  15. Debbie says:

    Superb foofing, Sarah! Always makes the soul feel better, right? Love the hat on door. You’ve inspired me to search for neglected spots in my own house.
    Deb in Texas

  16. alison says:

    LOL! LOL! LOL! I’m not the only one with an old door as a bedhead. I recently introduced the concept to Mr alison in a light hearted way – you know the psychology one employs when something is going to be outside their comfort zone? Well, I have the metal part of my childhood home front flyscreen door. It has beautiful curls in its design. I was going to use it as a feature somehow in our garden but what I’m going to do now is possibly paint it (or leave as is) and get Mr alison to attach it on the wall behind our bed as a feature/bedhead. I have it propped up against a wall so he gets used to it. More psychology.


  17. Lily says:

    Stunning! That rug – love it! Everytime I see one I fall in love that bit more. The linen too – love!

  18. Tricia Rose says:

    Had I told you I made slipcovers for my sister’s leather sofas when she was selling her house Sarah? White hemp rather than linen, and they are still going strong – it’s a thought.

  19. aves says:

    Heya i’m for the first time here. I came across this board
    and I find It really useful & it helped me out much. I hope to give something back and aid others like you
    aided me.

  20. Oh dear, I had some catching up to do, and just read all about the ordeal your family went trough this past month. So sorry to hear that and so happy to hear that things are going back to a new kind of normal.
    The bedroom, looks great, love those old doors.

    But how in the heck did you take that last shot. Do you have some kind of drone flying around in your bedroom with a camera attached. Or were you flying your broomstick? That is one mighty birds eye view. Beautiful, but how did you do that?
    Hang in there and keep up with the retail therapy, it is working.

  21. You’re so lucky it’s turning cooler in Sydney, we’re still boiling up here in Queensland! Loving your bedroom space, as always – how did you get those photos so high up :-)

  22. Rachel says:

    Such a great space! Love all the all white even the white keeps the room open and bright.

  23. Hayley says:

    How do you keep your lazybones rosette quilt so white!? Mine is going brownish in patches from my puppy sleeping on it even though I wash it :/ please help!!! I love it too much haha tha you :)