lately…a mess of photos, Barls and the BEFORE of the kitchen dresser

Sun 2nd, Feb, 2014

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G’day, a few pics from me and life lately…we are doing well I’m very pleased to say! 


I’ve been out in the garden with my tomatoes, herbs and veggies a lot and enjoying the end of the Summer and the lovely flowers everywhere…


…my first home-grown onions appeared recently…to be honest I shoved them in the ground ages and ages ago and gave up…this is the result, the tiniest red onions in the world?  probably but gives me hope for the future….


we’ve been having lots of soups in this old cottage, lots of broths and stock from bones, it’s kept us healthy in not so healthy times and has helped now too…though it’s out of season this is pumpkin soup in the making…it’s been requested as comfort food so I am there in a flash if someone wants this healthy meal to comfort…


… success with tomatoes this year, we’ve had lots of goodies, I’m pretty adamant they’ve thrived because of the new no-dig bed my lovely hubby built for me back last year made from old skirting boards and with zero budget (you can find that DIY no-dig garden bed instruction post here if you’re interested, it’s so easy and the results have worked!)…we have now this weekend also cleared an area out the back which was pretty much a dis-used part of the garden around near the garage (it was a huge concrete/weedy mess when we moved in here and now it actually looks good and that’s without the new beds!) and it’s ready for a few no-dig beds and lots more veggies and herbs…



being outside in the fresh air and nature has been great for me…



lots of beans and salads have been in our life… (the recipe for the beans is here if you missed it)


 I have been doing a lot of clearing out when I have been here with time on my hands, I tried to clear out my quilts, bed-linen, doonas and crochet throws, with a big fat fail, I could not bear to give a single one to Vinnies, indeed I added to the collection this weekend with some vintage sheets with a wildly not normally me 60′s flowery pattern in yellow, I love me a nice patterned drop cloth with a bit of zing which is why they caught my eye but actually after a double wash and dry in the aussie sun they won’t be going on the floor for paint…..yep I am a woman of many quilts, gosh….no wonder there are eyebrows when I buy more, not that I am not doing that in the future…indeed I am awaiting a bedding delivery from France, bring that right on…



…here is the darling of the house in a sulk after his bath…someone asked if along with Dettoling if Barls got a spruce up, oh yes he did and he wasn’t too impressed as he never is with bath-time….needs must my friend, stinky pooches and this old cottage do not go…little does he know but the groomers is due too…yikes




this is the dresser/unit I was telling you about…this is the BEFORE shot, as you can see it was in a state…. I’ve now painted it (rubbed it down, primed it and painted with a beachy white) and we’ve added a back to it so that it now fits in the kitchen…pics coming soon….after looking at lot of kitchens online and deciding I wanted something a bit more original than the generic white Hamptons/Shaker kitchen that I was lusting after, I tried this unit here for a week or so to see how it went and added my mixer to see how the room worked…I quite liked how it looked and hey it’s free so good on the budget too!  …with this new addition the whole room has opened up and it looks quite unique in its own way…I’ve not been able to get out for wall unit shopping the last month but on the wall above there will be units too giving us more storage (I need storage man!)…I’m also a big lover of lamps in the kitchen…this while not really work surface will mean I can have lamsp….YEAH!….before we knocked the wall down (here are pictures of the wall we knocked down, it made the kitchen teeny tiny, it’s not big now but it’s much better since the wall was removed and that’s coming from a lover of small kitchen spaces)…you can see the other side of the kitchen after when the wall was knocked down here

Well that’s about it from me, I hope you have a beautiful week ladies, I’ll be popping in, I have my aromatherapy recipe that we used to get better to share (I swear it helped, well me at least) and I also have the unit after pics to show you, just need to get them loaded up on the computer and then up on this little blog…



p.s. new site is ready to launch, hopefully no teething problems over the next few days, but if you can’t find me hopefully that will be the reason not anything more!

I grew these and yup I love that! xo 


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30 Responses to “lately…a mess of photos, Barls and the BEFORE of the kitchen dresser”

  1. Honeyaar says:

    Well done Sarah!
    What a lovely bounty from your garden!!! The quilts look loverly, Barls looks cute and cosy and cuddly; the new dresser looks rather frenchy wenchy….and life is on the up …getting there. Bravo!!
    Look forward to after pics soon of kitchen.

    You have a blessed week ahead. X

  2. Mara says:

    Hey Sarah, you sound much brighter. So nice to hear. Thanks for the lovely pics and update. Take care of you.

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I am glad you have been out and bought a new quilt even if you couldn’t throw any out (we all have a things we want to keep) Your veggies are going great and you sound a little happier and that makes me glad xx

  4. Alison says:

    Your photos are glorious!! So colourful and clear!! So glad to hear you are feeling better. :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Sarah I read your blog and follow a beach cottage on Facebook and I’m so pleased that everything is improving and your kiddo is doing well. Love all your photos. So refreshing and just love all your vintage finds. I go looking but just can’t seem to find anything I like. Jo

  6. jody says:

    I did not mention before, but it have a book by David Hoffman on essential oils. All proven facts on the actual healing and medicinal properties of them. It is a wonderful book.
    Your pics are gorgeous today, my love and prayers for continued blessings and healing . xxoo jody / florida

  7. ha! i was cleaning yesterday, sure i would be able to give away some old tablecloths, but i was wrong, wrong, wrong. :) i love all of this – just the sheer loveliness of tomatoes and onions and that “teepee” for barls. i want one of those for myself.

    you are taking care of you, along with everything else, and that’s a good thing, and it shows.

  8. Dawn says:

    Love all your garden photos, we are waist deep in snow here so your pics sure made my day. I really like the new dresser and the turquoise mixer is perfect on top.

  9. Sarah says:

    Wow a new site? Glad you are feeling better and healing is ongoing…I LOVE those IKEA units in your kitchen – they’re my fave and if I could, I would have those in a kitchen. I like the look of furniture rather than built-ins, which always look so ‘cookie-cutter.’ Looking forward to the new site! Have a great week and God Bless xo

  10. kerrie says:

    There really is nothing like eating your own homegrown veggies and herbs. I garden year round here in California in raised beds built by my carpenter hubby and son with free wood. We have done strawberries too and they are bettter than any I have ever ever bought, even from the farmers market. I really want to plant a peach tree but we havent found the space yet. So glad to hear you are all well on the healing road. xxo

  11. kerrie says:

    Oh and Barls and my Bella Bleu would make the cutest ever puppies!

  12. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Its great to see and hear that things are on the way up for the beach cottage family. The new kitchen is comming along really well, can’t wait to see the finished product. Your original style and flear is so much better than those mass produced units. Looking forward to seeing the new webiste, now that the kids are back to school I will have the time to spend to drool over your amazing work. lots Hugs Jenny

  13. merilyn says:

    morning sarah, sounding good! … wonderful abundance and anything healthy for healing therapy.
    all looks great! … and nothing like beautiful bed linen for stroking and soothing!
    love the adorable barls under the sun tent! lol m:)X <3

  14. Annie M says:

    Hi Sarah, glad to hear your kiddo is on the mend and life is still plodding along in the Beach Cottage. Looking forward to your new site and hope there is an ‘older posts ‘ button so I can scroll back through past days as I so love to catch up day by day, when I cannot visit every day which happens more and more often lately. Continued prayers and good wishes for healing and support for all the family xo Annie M

  15. Debbi says:

    Beautiful photos Sarah! So glad that things are improving for your son :)

  16. Beautiful Sarah, you sound a little brighter x

  17. Neen says:

    I think we can hear the cheer in your voice…..we can definately see the sunshine in your photos !!
    The spiderweb is sooooooo captivating.
    I too have to get rid of a few collections to make room for a final room reno. But I just can’t get into the right frame of mind to sort/make decisions…………oh well cuppa and french jam on toast time ;)
    Lovely post Sarah, Neen ;)

  18. mel says:

    Oh I love Barls in his crochet teepee, so cute.

  19. Smaggle says:

    I love hearing about all your healing pottering. Those tomatoes look divine! You should be very proud! x

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  21. alison says:

    What a delightful post.


  22. Kelly says:

    That picture of Barls in the crotchet teepee is adorable. I would have been tempted to crawl in there with him!

    I love that you grow your own vegies. I grew up on a small farm and there is just more flavour and scent to home grown fruit and veg. One day I’ll get around to growing my own, but until then, I’ll drool over yours.

    • sarah says:

      thanks it’s nice Kelly to have my own but actually I’ve taken a while to have success….salads, leaves and herbs are easiest and least fussy for me xx

  23. Julie Johnson says:

    Beautiful pics as usual but my favorite is Barls tent. I think he loves it too.

  24. Jan says:

    I adore the pic of Barley in the tent : )

  25. Sharon says:

    It’s great to read such an upbeat post from you. Your kiddo must be feeling somewhat better which makes me smile.

    I got a huge chuckle out of your quilt issue. I completely understand.

    Enjoy the bounty from your garden.

  26. Rukmini Roy says:

    You know your blog makes me wish for 3 things- 1. I wish I was living in Australia 2. I wish I had a kitchen garden 3. I wish I had barls. :P
    Sarah, on another note, my wee blog has been nominated by a very prestigious organization with eminent jurys as “One of India’s best” and I’ll be attending #Win14 with bloggers from around the country. I had a couple of questions because you are the girl who was at Nuffnang…I know this sounds weird and kind of like a joke but I really need your help. Where can I write to you?

    • sarah says:

      email me abeachcottageblog @ gmail.com or facebook message me

      big congrats! um as to number 1 it’s the best place ever, as to number 2 pots if you haven’t got garden and number 3 he’s going nowhere hahah xxox

  27. Rukmini Roy says:

    Thank you :) Emailing you away!
    Pots- yes. I have been growing basil, chive, kumquat, lime and oregano but others don’t do well :’( Plus moving homes are a major pain with all the plants and all. Someday I’ll have a home like yours if not in Aus, here in India and I’ll be a happy gardener. Lets see when that day comes. Maybe then a wee barls too. He is so funny..snoozing everywhere…I totally love him.

  28. Cynthia says:

    Just wanted to drop a thank you for your website. I visit it often and it always inspires me. Magically, everything in my cottage is turning white :). On a fixed income it is just darn amazing what one can do with a $1 can of white spray paint from the Dollar Store. Nothing is safe from my spray can! Furniture, picture frames (mom gave me all the old gold ones with the red velvet mats), baskets etc. Let’s see now what can I transform today?
    Hello from Galveston Bay Texas