a resolution and a white vintage bike

Sun 5th, Jan, 2014

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Well helloooooooo!

We are right back into the New Year here, all of a sudden Slobbing became all too much – weird how that happens actually isn’t it…you’re all like ahhhh I don’t ever want to get dressed again, I want to slob around like the great unwashed for hours, indeed days on end, and then bam after nearly a couple of weeks of it, it’s all too much, one needs routines, and cleaning things and proper meals instead of cheese and biscuits and less mooching around on the beach.

Soooo with that in mind I have a couple of resolutions this year, to be honest I have been thinking about this quite a lot, more than you would think when the answer from it all has turned out to be ‘be more grateful’.

Apart from being a better parent and what a huge all encompassing statement that is, my resolutions are pretty much to just coast along and enjoy this stage of life, my kiddos are all older now, even the little one (though it’s far from the walk in the park you think it will be when you are bogged down in broken nights and breast feeding), which makes life a lot easier, and I’m pretty happy that my body has not given up on me health wise though I do want it to get a lot stronger (to be quite frank last year I got a kick in the teeth from lots of areas and things happening to others around me and ended up knowing that I’m lucky, touch wood, that my body is functioning and healthy, stuff what it looks like) and my day to day life could be, heck I know, a very much whole lot worse.

So I don’t want lots of resolutions, to, you know, floss my teeth every morning and night or anything radical like that, but I do though want to get fitter, and although I’m ok (I talked about ways I was making lifestyle changes and the results half way through the year here on the blog after here I wrote about how suddenly everything all got a bit too much for me and my health and energy levels were feeling it) I want to feel more strong in my body…while I’m far from massively unfit, despite what you might think I don’t spend too many hours on that old teenage sofa residing in my sitting room, it is more of a collapse at the end of the day affair, I am not super fit and strong.


After thinking about this a lot I am hoping to change that with small little changes, I know that it won’t work for me trying to join up for a uber fabulous gym class, or joining one of those boot camp meets that take place on the beach here at some ungodly hour or god forbid I sign myself up for that mudder thing, which I am assuming means you roll around in mud….nup, I have the t-shirt on motivation and for me it’s about walking and doing simple things that fit in with my life already, that’s how it works for me…if I get up and put my exercise gear on and go straight from the school run I pretty much know I’ll do it, if I sign up to get up at 5.30am, meet a crazy trainer in boxing gloves and have to run up and down steps grunting I know I’ll probably last two sessions, actually make that one.


So in little changes my one resolution that I am determined to stick to this year is to make more use of my bike, ahem make that two bikes, white one or blue one…I already go out on my bike but more when, you know, you fancy ‘going for a bike ride’ rather than using it as a mode of transport and a way to keep fit…that’s changing.  I’m going to use my bike more to pop to the shops for a pint of milk, to go out to the beach, to head out for a coffee, little things I already do but normally not on two wheels.

And if I am not on this bike, well I’ll be popping pretty white flowers just about all over it, cos that counts as exercising and moving your bod right? ;-)

See you another day…I’ll be back with some pics from a little Beach Cottage celebration we had here over the weekend, dinner for 13 and a bit of a partay…with white pom poms (if you follow me on Instagram or Facebook you’ll have seen the pom poms)and flowers of course. xx


(Another thing I have done over the last year is substantially upped the water intake, we talked about it on Facebook, it was really interesting listening to the real girl views on water, hydration and its effects – I wrote a post on it and the 7 ways I have increased my water intake here and the same thing happened with exercise gear, I decided that to get fitter I needed to ahem update my workout gear, we talked about it on Facebook and I blogged here my discoveries and road testing of exercise gear with surprising results.)



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18 Responses to “a resolution and a white vintage bike”

  1. Anna says:

    Nice post Sarah. I can definitely relate to the fitness challenges you discuss. I enjoy your honesty without pretense. I also value your pragmatism. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

  2. Mog says:

    I wish I could ride a bike, a lovely vintage one like yours but my poor balance I’m afraid I would tip over. Haven’t looked into three-wheelers. They might be doable as is walking more. You have inspired me in so many ways. Thanks.

    Incidentally, my pins from your blog are always popular. Keep up with the foofing. And recipes, love those too.

  3. kerrie says:

    At our age it is, I believe, even healthier to do what we can do, that doesn’t add more stress…for me, that is walking and riding my beach cruiser. In my teens and 20′s I was an extreme athlete…a runner and rower(college crew team). It broke down my body over time and I actually had a heat stroke while biking in the mountains which changed my exercise lifestyle completely. So enjoy what you love to do and what makes you feel healthy. Good luck with those teen years, my four finally finished that season, and Oh my I thought it was way harder than the baby breastfeeding sleepless night years. My youngest is in his first year of college and he is doing that tough mudder thing in the spring. Your flowered bike is beautiful!

    • sarah says:

      oh I hear you on the teenager thing – very hard, the breastfeeding and all its loveliness sure was a breeze compared to this!

      hmmmm interesting I was an athlete too, wrecked my right knee and bones are feeling it now for sure….nice though to kinda just want to exercise for health and pleasure without setting myself hugeeee goals xxx

      thanks for your comment xoxo

  4. Lassiegirl says:

    I have to say that white bike with flowers is so pretty and begs to be ridden along shaded lanes on warm sunny days. I’m drooling at the pics as I’m a little winter weary today. Though the fresh snow from last night is pretty, the “feels like 0 degrees (F)” with blowing icy winds is not exactly inviting. I can’t even entice the kids to go out sledding, ha! Please, ride that bike for us suffering from “cabin fever” :)

    • sarah says:

      oh I will! here I am thinking ‘another hot day’ ….must say I’d love to sled with my kiddos again one day…will probs be more like my grandkids now!!!

  5. That’s funny I made a similar resolution. Just as I was about to get dressed ready for a walk or ride and beach swim. From sunny to huge Qld thunder storm rolled in and is still going. Decided to stay in bed and enjoy with a cuppa and my iPad. I’m trying to enjoy every moment for whatever comes Love Ecclesiastes 3 v 1-8 to everything there is a season. But still have to make sure I work on my discipline because to be honest after a busy hot weekend here on the sunny coast I was secretly happy to hear that thunder and heavy rain. Get on your bike a bit of rain won’t hurt you. Sounds good getting dressed now. Thanks for the free therapy.

  6. alison says:

    I attended my first aerobics class of the year today. I often use the class time as my thinking time and today I was mulling over my plan for work, exercise and living for 2014. I’m in the very fortunate position of having a lot of choice and flexibility but I think I tend to put others first instead of pleasing myself. I’m the multi task queen. Give me more to do, and I do more. Apparently I make it look effortless but my poor brain nearly has a meltdown.

    I need to KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid) more in 2014.


  7. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I am sure that is the best way of getting fitter,more fun and not like work or workouts to be precise,you will enjoy clicking done to the beach or the shop,I hope you do Sarah x

  8. Libby Boyle says:

    Oh how I agree with your gym thoughts. I’ve been there, done that and failed miserably. I love the bike too. I’m not very good at bike riding but would love to relearn on a vintage style one like yours.
    I put my resolutions in print so that maybe I can have a laugh in December. If you have a few minutes you might enjoy a read …


  9. MDN says:

    You’ve such a great place and overall weather in Sydney to reach your fitness resolution/goals!

    Since I don’t “do” facebook/twitter, haven’t seen those posts mentioned…but am wondering if Barls can keep up w/ you on the bike? Past memories bring to mind that nothing made out two pups happier than going for walks – of any kind – any place – any time! We got them to the point that we could do voice or hand only cammands and have them off leash. It took some work up front, but it was so much easier than having either pulling on the lead. Our half breed (poodle/terrier) was an obiedience school drop out (since I had to start back to college, she got only 7 of 8 classes), but she did better than her classmates. Then, we got a (strong and hyper) Weimaraner pup, and since he was younger, tho bigger @ 8 wks., he let his sister take the lead. Had mentioned that it was a lot of work up front, but if you haven’t done so w/ Barls, he’d LOVE it, and it’ll help your fitness goal, plus it will make time w/ him so much more enjoyable after he’s learned the rules with you or BC members being the pack leader! Dogs so love to please their humans! PS – How is Barls…haven’t seen any blog posts on him of late… Also, really enjoyed the local and other Australian trips you took us on in 2013! (TKS) Oh, and what happened with your remodel and also did you get the second cottage? If so, what have been your projects on it so far? Happy, healthy New Year!

    • sarah says:

      thanks, yes he loves walks and we go a couple of times a day, plus we play ball A LOT! the garden is pretty long so he can get a good good run out here for a ball lol I’ve noticed that if he misses a walk by about 5pm he’s like a toddler and starts looping around the house and doing strange crazy things – kicks all pillows off the sofa and all sorts, it’s funny….

      he’s pretty well-behaved though gets very excited when going on the bike – we did quite a bit of work when he was young to make sure he is fairly obedient, I am not sure how but I do this cough like ahem ahem if he’s doing something he shouldn’t and he knows it and just looks, he also gets sent (literally) to the dog house (he has a little house in the study) though that is hardly ever – when he was a puppy he stole a whole dinner from Mr BC’s plate (it was spaghetti bolognese) it was hilarious he wolfed the whole thing down and then sprinted to the back of the garden… he got in lots of trouble, since then and that trouble he was in he has never been near food though he sits and looks PLEADINGLY but he is not allowed under any circumstances to beg and not allowed near the table so he normally sits under it or in his bed….

      yes I know I haven’t done a post for ages on him – when my new design goes live there will be a section on Barley b/c I get a lot of questions about him – there have been FAcebook and Instagrams of him (a lot actually!) but if you don’t do that then you won’t have seen them


  10. merilyn says:

    thankyou sarah!
    use it, or lose it, they say! and I think they’re right!
    I’m disciplined at eating regimes and lots of other things but not exercising!
    I do a bit of yoga, walking and dancing, gardening and foofing! ok it’s adding up and I hate to sit for too long … but that’s the ‘limit’ and there’s the bad word!
    ok I did just clean my bike, so it’s on the cards i’ll use it now!
    so i’ll “move it, move it, move it! groove it, groove it, groove it!” and it all makes more serotonin to make us happy! … you’ve inspired me! X lol m:)X

    • sarah says:

      hhaa I like it Merilyn! I love gardening as exercise – mow the lawn, getting down and stretching etc, the fresh air and herb/earth/plant therapy xxx

  11. Welcome to the 40′s Sarah, it’s a time when you can kick back and enjoy and still plan for the future, because you are half way there now wait till you are in your 50′s like me and all you will want is peace and happiness, a cruisy lifestyle, and good relationships with your loved ones and mates. I think being by the water gives you a peace that city dwellers don’t understand. Shells, driftwood, camera, sun, laughter and like you said a strong bodyand yummy food all that is needed and some pennies in the piggy to buy the 2nd hand pre loved’s.