a recipe from a moper for a white bean salad

Thu 30th, Jan, 2014

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Hello from me!  Since the accident, after the initial craving for the oddest of comfort foods, hello chip butty, we’ve been making lots of healthy soups, salads and veggies and lovely friends have also delivered a few comforting soups (even though the weather has been a hottie) and meals too…and this comforting recipe has been loving us and in my slow cooker a few times….we’ve also been seriously into beans and with more time on my hands at home with an exceedingly clean house,  I’ve had a bit of time experimenting with a few different bean combos…more to come soon, this one is an oldie and a goodie and couldn’t be easier…


I’ve enjoyed using beans for a few years now, once I got into them I really got into them…before that I would read about them and their wonderful-ness I would think, really, really?  Like really how do they slot in to my every day cooking?   But now lentils, kidney beans (have perfected a mean vegetarian bean chilli recipe now, it’s taken a while but good for our meatless days), flageolot, black beans (super love a black bean soup), cannellini and my fave chickpeas, are a big part of our diet…the best thing about beans is how easy and budget friendly they are, they might be a super-food, and of course that is important but for me having something healthy and easy is paramount….if you have a can in the pantry they are soooo simple to help in that oh my goodness what the heck am I going to do for the lunch boxes/dinner/quick lunch conundrum that seems to plague me often…other good stuff is they are low GI and fill you up…

…what I didn’t realise before craving cannellini and the like the last few weeks though, is that they are also super-charged with anti-oxidants and are de-toxifying, I’m a big believer in your body letting you know what it needs (that’s why I get in the bath with a Limoncello right?) and I believe beans were calling us this last three weeks!  I’m also thinking and wondering now if the healthy recipes, beans and veggies may be the reason why we are healing (not including my heart lol) more quickly than it was thought…

Really though, for anything to work in feeding time at the zoo in this house, it has to be real-girl, in that it’s easy, friendly on the pocket, tastes good and doesn’t require a trip to any fancy deli to purchase it…you can tell me til you are blue in the face the healthy properties of a powder from the root of an ancient tree in Outer Mongolia but if it tastes disgusting, costs a fortune and just doesn’t fit in with our lifestyle, ain’t gonna happen.

Anyway I’m rambling about beans for some reason, I’m guess it’s helping me and stops me from moping, I am Queen of Moping at the moment…yes I have added Moping to my list of skills, I am not only Queen of White Paint any longer, nup moping be the thing I’m doing…I’ve been told that it’s quite ‘normal’ to mope after a trauma, the thing is no-one else in this old cottage is moping but me…I could earn a blooming gold medal in moping, my chin is about dragging along the ground as I walk around…so talking about beans is better than moping right?


So this is a really simple bean salad (I eyeball it mostly so it’s not really a recipe, I’ve just listed what I use and how it goes but really it’s add and taste if you know what I mean) we do which is almost store-cupboard, especially if you include your herb garden as your store-cupboard, I’ve always got a bunch of parsley growing, always got a random onion in the fridge and rarely without a half alive half dead lemon lurking somewhere about my person – so for me this is store-cupboard…I’ve been making this for years and years ever since I was much sprightlier and when a can of cannellini beans back in the day was the height of Mediterranean chic, at least in my eyes…(oh and while we are talking healthy salads for lunches and lunch boxes click here to have a look at my easy gluten free quinoa and rice salad )


White Bean and Tuna Lemon Salad


2 cans cannellini beans drained (or beans of choice, white beans are good here, chickpeas work too)

1 large can of tuna in oil (or tuna in water if you like)

2 cloves garlic very finely chopped (we love garlic you might only prefer one clove)

juice of 1/2 lemon

1 bunch parsley finely chopped

1 – 2 tbsp capers (leave out if you don’t like, I love the flavour & always have a little jar in the fridge door)

2 tbsp olive oil (I use the oil from the tuna)

3 spring onions or about a third small onion finely sliced 

salt and pepper

Add beans, tuna, garlic, capers, garlic, spring onions to a bowl and mix to combine, dress with olive oil, lemon and lots of salt and pepper.


If you have a can of beans and tuna in your life and you are wondering what to do with them, this may be your answer my friends…may well stop you from moping too ;-) this is the anti-moping bean salad, hahaha

See ya


p.s. thanking you all again so much for the support over the last few weeks, I am so grateful…if you have emailed me I am still ploughing through my inbox, thank you so much for sending me kind words I am trying to get back to everyone xxo

p.p.s you may be experiencing a few issues with the spacing, font etc with this blog, sorry about that if you are, the new design is coming soon (it’s been rolling along being fixed behind the scenes while I’ve been away) so I’m hoping things will be ironed out and all better on here very soon x


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17 Responses to “a recipe from a moper for a white bean salad”

  1. Petra says:

    Moping is fine :-) It’s all part of healing. You’ll get back on the bike soon enough and get your routine and normality happening. You’re sounding/writing a wee bit better anyway.

  2. Sam says:

    HI Sarah…..it’s nice to ‘see’ you back! Hope all is going ok.
    Cheers Sam

  3. Gen says:

    Oh yes, I’ve got a case of the mopes this week too…my youngest started school so it’s a bit quiet around here. Funnily enough I’ve been cleaning the house to the nth degree as well. Having your baby start school is not nearly as traumatic as having a child go through an accident/operation so I’d say you have cause for a bit of moping! Salad looks yum and glad to hear your kiddo is feeling better. Gen

  4. Anonymous says:

    That sounds really yum! I am going to make that tomorrow! Thanks for the recipe. Thinking of you. Aisling

  5. Anonymous says:

    Try these home made baked beans with your can of white beans.

    Amazing fla our and taste and smell.

  6. Julie Johnson says:

    Sounds like a simple and tasty salad. I will have to try this although most in my house are pretty picky about new things. Glad your getting your mojo back piddling in the kitchen and such. Hope your little one is doing better.

  7. jody says:

    thanks Sarah, as always a beautiful post. i say let your heart mope, or feel what it is feeling. listen to it as a wise counselor as you can learn from your own heart.
    much love, your family is blessed you take such wonderful care of them. xo jody/fl

  8. Anonymous says:

    Chip butties are soul food.

  9. Mope all you want and feel. That is part of the process my friend. It’s healthy.Thank you so much for the recipe. I too am always looking for easy peasy. Still praying for all!

  10. Linda Jenkins says:

    Sarah that looks great and one I will try soon. Moping or wallowing is part of the process of dealing with a big stress or trauma and it sounds like you are trying to nurture yourself in lots of positive ways so keep it up and keep being kind to yourself .

  11. merilyn says:

    dear sarah, moping is ok it’s part of the process … you’ve been through much! … do something nice for yourself!
    beans are very handy to have in the cupboard and extremely versatile!
    we just had a butter bean smash [ blitzed up with lemon juice, lemon zest, crushed garlic, and extra virgin olive oil] delicious with some easy chop salad and tuna in olive oil … yum! … needed sooo easy tonight! lol m:)X

  12. Sarah says:

    Looks super delish, I do love tuna and I do love the beans too…will have to give it a go! Hope you are feeling ok! xo

  13. wordshipper says:

    That salad is very similar to one I make with chick peas, I add black olives and orzo.

  14. merilyn says:

    morning sarah! hope you and your’s are ok … need to know, what are chip butties? please … probably brittish? lol m:)X

  15. janita says:

    Thank you for the recipe. Looks like something I would like to try. I have tried a couple of things with lemons to keep the half-alive…. half-dead syndrome at bay. As I love to buy a whole bag of lemons but have trouble using them quick enough. I have frozen whole lemons. They thaw really quickly in a little cold water or just leave them on the counter for a bit or overnight in the fridge. Recently I juiced the lemons and froze a Tablespoon in each little compartment of an ice cube tray…. Then popped them out when frozen and placed the little cubes in a baggie. Fresh lemon juice at your service! Janita

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