just thanks

Tue 21st, Jan, 2014

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Thank you.

Gosh I’m pretty much over-whelmed with the support.  I was amazed with the well wishes on here, on Facebook and on Instagram from people I never even knew knew me if you know what I mean…plus the lovely Beach Cottage ladies who have been with me since I started this blog have been here for me…the emails too….I tried to reply to everyone who left me a comment, message or email but I haven’t made everyone…if you haven’t heard from me please please know I read every single one and mostly cried my way through them all…

You’ve made me feel so so much better.

I’m really really really indebted and will be forever grateful.





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69 Responses to “just thanks”

  1. vicki says:

    Hi Sarah, your Beach Cottage is such a beautiful place to feel as though you’re on the beach, with the ocean touching your Spirit, the gentle breeze surrounding your thoughts….I can just feel peace, healing & strength..wish I could be near the ocean…but dreams are a special place where we can go. May you go along your journey, with all of the support, you need & hold the hand of hope leaving your imprints along the way….

  2. Rukmini Roy says:

    Oh, still the number 1 stalker…Not ashamed of that!
    No, thank you Sarah. You’ve taught us, the lot, how to see beauty in little things. We resonated with your life, your stories and found strength. Only good things will happen to you because you are a wonderful girl.
    Healing to your kiddo and hugs to you. We’ll stick around. I would.

    Love, Rukmini

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Rukmini you are a sweetheart, so appreciate your support xxx

      • Rukmini Roy says:

        You are welcome beautiful girl. I’m not a person of faith but I’ve prayed for you…for your little one. Because I don’t ask things from God often, he listens to me. We will have you back here, happy and smiling in no time.

  3. Melissa Love says:

    Prayer is a beautiful thing, even if you aren’t a person of faith, it helps to know you are loved. I hope this message finds you well and in a better place. You are blessed with many friends that care so much for you. Even if we have never met, you are in my prayers and you are my friend.

    • sarah says:

      thank you very much Melissa…it’s strange but I have certainly felt the love, the day after I posted on here there was a significant improvement in our convalescing xxx

      • Susan says:

        That’s GOD! I love reading a testimony like that – everyone praying and sending good thoughts = a significant improvement in convalescing! GOD is good, all the time!!!!! Continued prayers for healing! xoxo Psalm 34 – The Cry of the Poor!

  4. Nadine says:

    I think this shows that friendships formed upon the Internet are as real as a friendship formed via face to face interaction – and that those who have expressed concern for all of the Beach Cottage Family do so in a non-threatening, non-stalker way. Sarah, you are a long long way from the family in the UK who can drop everything and rush to help you in times of need. This means that you have by necessity become stronger than you may have ever imagined, but not invincible and not impervious to the outside world as it appears has happened recently. I cannot and will not speak for all of your readers and fans, I simply hope that you will call on us if you need us, and if if there are no posts for a while – so be it. All the best to the BC family

    • sarah says:

      yes I agree, I felt the friendship side of the internet in the past couple of days that is for sure, it’s absolutely done me the world of good and I am so grateful x

      thank you Nadine x

  5. andrea frost says:

    Hi Sarah…
    I honestly couldn’t sleep very well last night wondering if one of your kiddos was going to be okay..
    My Mr Christian went to the gym at 9.30…12.30 still NOT home..
    I was in a tiz thinking about him…but hey he is 25 yrs old..so his old mum ringing as to where he is ..is a tad ODD…
    BUT he had been to the gym…then went and got MacDonalds etc…
    so all was good..
    BUT i just want to reinforce how much what you wrote really “hit home” to me..
    The thing i guess is that you portray a wonderful lifestyle…gorgeous blog..which inspires everyone around the world…
    much more than any of us (well me…anyway)!!~ could do or achieve..
    SOO just take it day by day…
    do not feel pressured to talk to us “cyber ladies” any time soon..
    family is ALL important…A1…health…happiness etc…all that jazz..
    BUT if you do get comfort in talking to us “ladies” OUT THERE…
    we would still love to communicate…feel a part of your life and in some minor way HELP if possible..
    I am always here..being the “older/wiser..56 yo gonzo woman” sarah…!~~~xx andrea

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Andrea…it’s weird I didn’t even think about the blog or social media for a week and then all of a sudden I felt I needed to post….and then I was floored by people coming forward, absolutely taken aback with the kindness and sincerity….there are some very very special people in the world that is for sure xxx

  6. Nanci says:

    Sarah , you need not thank everyone individually we already know what a wonderful beautiful person you are !
    Keeping you and your son and husband in my prayers .. Only wish there was something I could do to help you being on the other side if the world can only let you know you are in my thoughts .. No one is going anywhere you are much loved and your site is so uplifting and calming .. Take care of you and your kiddo . Love and Hugs from Ohio .

  7. Julie M says:

    Dear sister, Know that we are thinking of you and your family. May you realize all of your prayers. Hugs to all of you! J

  8. So glad that you have found comfort in everyone’s prayers and wishes for your family and I hope things are going well:-)

    Take care,

  9. kerrie says:

    Sarah you are a beautiful family that I think everyone has grown to love. You have shared how deeply you love your children and you devote your days to remain home as their Mum. Your son is lucky to have you their now by his side…and you are lucky he is still here. This reality has hit my heart and the love that is embracing you now gives me hope. I am so grateful everyone cares so much!!!! I received your ‘thank you x’ email and couldn’t believe you took the time to respond. No need to this time…just let our love embrace you. xxo

    PS your bedroom speaks of all that is right in the world. A haven in this difficult time.

  10. Erin says:

    Hi dearest Sarah, you have given us so much over the years with your beautiful photos, funny stories and delicious recipes. It’s nice that your lovely readers could give you something in return. I imagine that a majority of us are mothers and so we understand the frightening, powerful love that makes our hearts extremely vunerable when it comes to our children.
    Our lives were also turned upside down when our son became very ill due to a virus and then a head injury a few years ago. He lost the ability to live a normal life, such as go to school, socialize, read, walk etc. With the help of some lovely drs who specialize in brain injuries his life is slowly starting to get back on track and he can now walk short distances etc. My husband and I have drawn a lot of strength from our faith in God and from each other. I hope that you and your Mr BC can do the same. Xx

  11. Judy Russell says:

    Please forgive me for asking,but may I know the nature of your childs injuries?And are they son or daughter? I’m just better at praying power prayers when I know what I’m praying about.You are so blessed to live in such a soothing home and have so big of a support system.We will all be here waiting and hoping for the best for your child and family.It always makes my day when I see something on my FB page from you b/c I know it will be amazing.Prayers going up.

  12. Oh so very lovely to hear from you again…it’s so insane as we’ve never met but you and your fam have been in my thoughts a lot the past days! So pleased that you can feel the love and support through the screens! Big xxxxxx’s

  13. Sarah, So sorry to hear of the accident, You are in my thoughts and prayers everyday for healing and comfort for you and your dear famiy. Bless you and just know that we all love you Sarah!

  14. ljae and hunter says:

    Be proud of you… look at you, you have got through a traumatic experience and you are still here, functioning (even if it seems you are slightly removed from it all), and even knowing what may lie ahead, you are waking up every day and moving forward, Doing what needs to be done and finding strength in what you know and love.
    Work is an escape. I find for that little time Im working, I can be just me, I can breathe for a moment without it hurting, I have something else to focus on. It gives me the space I need to gain strength and optimism to face the next hurdle placed in front of me. It gives me the strength to be strong for my son.
    I find a ‘happy, slightly selfish mum, makes a great mum’… filling that ‘Well ‘, when its draining, is the best remedy for yourself and your family, especially your child who needs you at your best and strongest… as much normality as possible does wonders for everyone involved.
    Breathe deep and slow, chill when u need, feed your soul and cry and scream into your pillow when u have to xxx

  15. America Serrano says:

    Dearest Sarah,
    I’m not quite sure as to what has occurred, but you have touched my in a way that I I’ll keep you and your family in my prayers.

  16. alison says:

    You’re welcome Sarah.

    I’ve been dithering about making a decision. I read your post about your son then made the decision in an instant. Thank you.

    Thinking of you.


  17. Jos says:

    Hope your kiddo is healing Sarah – your family has been in my thoughts since you posted – sending loads of strength.

  18. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I hope your baby is doing well and you and your family are ok ,you have been in my thoughts everyday since you told us,take each day at a time and I am so glad the msgs have helped you even if it is only a small thing we can do xx

  19. Mog says:

    Just read the sad news. Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Seeing as I am far away, bout all I can do. I am happy you have had so much support IRL. Your online followers are many and we are there for you too. Every little bit helps I think.

  20. Manda says:

    Still thinking of you and your family each day since your post. Even though we have never actually met, you and your family are in my thoughts and prayers.
    Take strength from those around you (here in social media land) when you feel as though you have none. Know that when you are shedding tears and feeling the pain of your baby being so very hurt, that there are many out here that wish we could shoulder some of that pain for you, even if it is just for a short time.

    Take care and take time to heal your heart. xx

  21. Bridget says:

    Hi Sarah,
    So sorry to hear about the accident and what you are all going through. It’s such a shock when your child is injured or severely ill. Have been through some very testing times with my three… My youngest son developed perthes disease at 6 years old and was in a wheelchair for well over a year and on crutches for 2….I used to think he would never be able to be athletic again. Then there was the time my eldest was stabbed and had a head injury in Australia….back in the uk i was absolutely terrified. Thankfully they are both fine……..and I hope yours will be too.
    The love you have for your children is the strongest, enduring and fiercest thing in the world so can understand how you are feeling right now.

    Am thinking of you all during these dark times…… And accept all the help offered!

  22. Miriam (xxmimi_xx) on IG says:

    Hi Sarah you have nothing to thank us for I just wish I could something practical for you and your family but I am glad to know peoples well wishes, thoughts and prayers are giving you some sliver of comfort. I had an accident when I was 17 and it was only as an adult and parent myself that I understood how frightened my parents must have been. We’d give anything to swap places with our children at times like this. I see in other peoples comments they have said your son (I didn’t know the other day) so I hope and pray that he heals fully and surrounded by the love and support of his family he will get through this awful time. Sincere love and light from Ireland. Mxx.

  23. zoe says:

    Thinking of you and your family with love Sarah ( feel like we are friends!) xx

  24. Jodie aka Mummaducka says:

    Hi Sarah, I went back and read all those messages of support as well. So supportive! All i could think was that we travel along in this life one minute on top of it all and then the next suffering a blow, then another, then another and we can’t imagine ever getting on top again. I had a bad run the year mymum died. It was just one wave of destruction after another! I thought it would pull up at 3 but it didn’t. We got to 12 major life changers! But we did eventually get on top again. It took a long, long time- years- to feel comfortable and not be waiting for the next blow! A long time to force ourselves to go places and to functions and just feel joy. But please remember it does come!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  25. Kylie says:

    Sarah – as a mum who sits by an ICU hospital bedside on a frequent basis, I totally know the fear & sadness & overwhelm you are experiencing. It is never nice to see your loved ones suffering, let alone having to face uncertainty in the future. I have had so much support & gained so much knowledge from people I’ve never met but are in the same or similar situations as me. The internet & social network is amazing. Know there is much energy & love coming your way from us. Obviously I don’t know what has happened or what you are facing but if I can help you in any way while you’re in hospital, please email me. I know my way round most of the hospitals in Sydney! Thinking of you & yours x

  26. mandy meza says:

    Thinking of you and your family at this sad time and all we have is love and hope to give to you and the the rest is in gods hands…..x

  27. Bec Acton says:

    You “thanks” blog post made me cry!! I have been thinking of you and your family all day and I am just so glad you are feeling a little better, hope the rest of the family are doing ok. You inspire and motivate so many people through your blog, its great to see us giving back to you even if it is only to send a message of support..Sending lots of love and positive recovery vibes xx

  28. merilyn says:

    to the beautiful sarah, who has brightened many a darker day for many people around the world … always uplifting and inspirational … one can feel the universal connection and you are loved! … hopefully this is helping to heal your child too! soul to soul m x <3
    (no need to reply)

  29. Sue says:

    I’m so sorry to hear you are going through such a traumatic and worrying time…there’s not much one can say to give comfort, although (as you are realising by the responses ) so many of your readers are sending their prayers, love and consolation….as am I.
    Just know that you will find support from all who know and love you…. whatever the future holds. Turning to your peaceful place by the water will be your strength
    ( Beth’s mum)

  30. Tiff says:

    This sounds weird, but I’m glad you have cried – tears soothe the soul where words fail. Your photos have brought me to a place of peace over the past years, when I’ve had a bad moment or tough day. I hope you can find that peace amidst this particular storm and I am so glad to hear that today went a little better. I’m praying that you will find each day brings more joy and less pain.
    Tiff x

  31. So many people sending you and your precious family lots and lots of love. I hope things are feeling better and that your bubba is wonderfully now. xox

  32. Julie says:

    Sarah, although not all of us post comments often, I for one read your blog every day, and as a Southern Hemisphere girl living in Blighty, your posts of the beach and the sunshine and your eternal good cheer have helped lift me so many times during the cold, bleak winter. It’s time for us to give something back to you, who have shared so much of your life with us.
    I’m praying for you daily, whether you feel you can or not, and for your darling boy too. Come on here to feel the love whenever you need a pick me up, or need to vent too. We’re all here, sending love and healing hope to you and your family.
    jules xxx

  33. Susanne says:

    Sending you virtual hugs Sarah at this difficult time. May your son continue to recover, and your family find some peace very soon. You have been constantly in my thoughts since you posted your terrible news, and I was so glad to see your message pop up tonight. Take all the time away that you need; we will all still be here waiting for you. Susanne x

  34. Debbi says:

    Thinking of you Sarah at this difficult time. Wishing your son a speedy recovery. Stay strong. Sending love & hugs to you and your family xxx

  35. Bridget in Virginia says:

    Oh Sarah, let the outpouring of love and kindness never surprise you….it’s one of the many things you quietly teach on your blog. You don’t do it in a preaching kind of way, you do it with the gentleness of your photos, the laughter in your stories and the humbleness in your times of grief. Please know that we are all here for you, all of us from across the globe. Big hugs and prayers for courage and healing for your precious child.
    Bridget (aka The Pleated Princess)

  36. Joanne says:

    God bless your family. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Looking forward when all is healed and you are back with us. Get well soon to your beautiful boy and stay positive and strong. Hugs and xxxx

  37. Mel M says:

    Oh Sarah, I’m so sorry for you and your Family and I hope that all is getting better although it may never be the same again. You deserve every Support because you Support and inspire so many People with your blog. Take all the time you Need and don’t care for your blog. We will miss you but your energy is now needed for more important things!
    My best wishes for you and your lovelies.
    Greetings from Switzerland

  38. Teresa says:

    Sarah, So sorry about your child, have been reading your blog for quite a long time now. I know you are like me in that our kids are our world. Prayers for you and your family in this time of need from Arkansas, U.S.A.

  39. gabriela says:

    There is no distance, no virtual vs real, just energy, good vibes and prayers. that´s why I´m sending all my best from exactly the other side of this world.
    Buenos Aires, Argentina, is present, here, in your space, together with all these beautiful ladies, sure that the strength of feminity and motherhood will hold you and your baby. The strongest chain of women is protecting you, believe me.
    Again, sorry if my english is not good enough to express my support, but here it is, beautiful Sarah.
    I don´t need an answer, just read it and keep it in your heart.

  40. Sarah,

    I’ve been reading your blog for quite some time now and couldn’t help but feel as sorry as if it had been a friend that had had a problem when I read your last blog. I’m far away and can’t do anything obviously, but if you think you or your kiddo could be cheered up, even if only a little, by a little gift from France, if it could bring even a half smile on somebody’s face, I’ll be happy to send it around the world!

    Cats are volunteering to send a whisker each…


  41. Chris Higgins says:

    Sarah, I have never commented but thinking of you at this time.Your house has inspired me to change mine.It very much country style and now going light and airy, as I also live by the beach.Antique white USA and I have now become the best of friends.Try and get plenty of rest.

    Chris at Coffs Harbour

  42. Janmary, N Ireland says:

    Hugs and prayers from up here to down there, wishing you and yours much love as you journey through this, jx

  43. Sandie says:

    I have followed you for some time but rarely make a comment. Even though it is true that I will never likely meet you in person, your wonderful spirit, humor and creativity come through so much in this blog I feel as if you are an old friend. May things continue to improve for your family and if it is any comfort you have so many people thinking of you and your family. Blessings on you all.

  44. Neen says:

    Hey there Sarah,
    Little do you know how your blog kept me smiling during the past 12 months. Funny thing is during our traumatic time hubby and I cleaned the house and weeded the garden within an inch of it’s life.
    Keep doing whatever gets you through each minute, sending you more healing rainbows and blogging luuuuuurve, Neen ;)

  45. Hi Sarah,
    My thoughts have been with you and your family all day today, wondering what I could do that might help you. I understand only too well how suddenly and unexpectedly our lives and what we hold dear can be changed and turned upside down. I am certain that our collective thoughts ( those of your fans and friends on the internet!) are supporting you and praying for you and sending positive healing wishes your way.

  46. Kate says:

    Dear Sarah,
    I’m so sorry to hear such sad news – my heart hurts for you and your family. I will keep your family in my thoughts and prayers.
    Blessings, Kate

  47. Annie M says:

    My love, thoughts and prayers are with you and your family Sarah. I hope your kiddo has a speedie recovery and that you are all drawn even closer together, lots of love Annie M xxoo

  48. Jane O'Brien says:

    Sending prayers from Boston – for healing for your son, and your whole family. xoxo

  49. Ronda says:

    Don’t ever worry about trying to reply to everyone. You are a mother and that comes first. Take care of your family and yourself. Your fans will be waiting for you when the time is right and your family has been healed. Family first, remember.

  50. Terri says:

    Prayers are the greatest gift….I have been praying much for you and your child. I am asking for complete healing for all of you. Stay strong. You are much loved.

  51. Mandy B says:

    You and your family are in my thoughts chick, so glad your baby is back home with you all where you belong x

  52. Dearest Sarah-
    I meant to leave a comment on your last post, but got distracted and called away at the time. Please know that you, your child and your entire family are in my Prayers and Thoughts for all that is needed while you attempt to recover from the tragic events that unfortunately happened to your loved one. Although I know not the details, Jesus if fully aware and will supply my humble words of prayers, as well as a miracle in restoration for you and your family. Life is so difficult at times like these, and we question the whys for sure, and we may never know those answers. I pray for peace for you and yours during a normally non peaceful time. I pray for extra strength for you all, when the tendency is to be raw and ones nerves to be stretched to the limits. May you all one day be able to find that light at the end if what now must seem like a very dark tunnel, and may that distant rainbow once again give you comfort in His being there to call out to and care for our every need.
    My heart breaks for you… I only have one daughter, and I know how much you love your BC kiddos, and the hurt your feeling must truly be agonizing. I pray for grace, and for strength to take one day at a time during this healing time for all.
    You were one of the first blogs I ever followed all the way from this Arctic Minnesota USA land of the cold. Your Australian weather, beautiful photos of the sea, your lovely beach cottage and most recently health tips is absolutely my favorite on the entire web. If you are able to continue, I will still be here waiting. If not, I will lavish all of the beautiful things you’ve shared in the past my rereading and get my BC fix in that way. There is not another that can replace this beautiful oasis you’ve do fondly named ‘a beach cottage’. You would be greatly missed, but we all agree that your and your families well being needs to be top priority.
    Blessings and prayers being sent your way.
    Lovingly and Prayerfully yours~
    Gretchen Schaumann
    Mimi-Toria’s Designs

    • sarah says:

      thanks for your beautiful comment Gretchen and thanks for following me along the journey here, I’m feeling the love and care x

      • Anonymous says:

        You are welcome Sarah. I hope each day brings you a but further from that hopeless feeling you must have experienced.
        Continuing prayers from across the pond.

  53. Sharon says:

    I am continuing to hold your family close in thought and prayer.


  54. Mel says:

    Hi Sarah,
    I hope things are continuing to get easier and that your kiddo and your heart are well on the mend. You’ve had an amazing response on here, lots of people thinking of you. I’m glad the response has touched you, because it would seem you have touched hundreds of people with your blog.
    Hugs :)

  55. Dave clark says:

    Your coastal decorations are truly stunning. All the things in your decorations whether it is carpet, hat,door, pillow ,bed are just perfect.