Special Beach Cottage Christmas Rituals

Tue 17th, Dec, 2013

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Good morning ladies, how are we all, are we feeling super Christmassy?  Well I can tell you that I am, things are slowly but surely being ticked off my list and I’m getting into the rituals and nice things of this silly and crazy but nice festive season…I’m far from perfectly organised though, I am just trying to remain calm and floating above it all in my mind….and we are off up the coast  a bit this weekend for a get away to the beach…

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I adore this time of year and for a very long time now I have treated myself and those I buy gifts for to a magazine subscription – I don’t know about you but it’s the kinda thing that slap bang in the middle of the year you don’t suddenly, on a Tuesday morning, turn around and go ‘righto I know I’ll subscribe to a magazine for a year’ but if someone gifts you one, or you take the oh-so-hard way out of Christmas shopping and buy one for someone or yourself online it’s just so heavenly all through the year to receive it….I’m not sure why but there is something nice about popping down to the post box and seeing a crisply wrapped unread magazine ready and waiting for you.


When I was very very young we used to get the newspapers delivered at the weekend and I was lucky enough to have Tammy magazine through my door…I loved loved loved that feeling when the newspaper plopped through the letterbox on a Saturday morning – it was the day that Tammy came…it took me far away from reality and into a sweet world.

I guess that’s the way a magazine subscription feels today too, the same as it did all those years ago on a Saturday morning…that little bit of deliciousness in the month, a homey magazine to peruse and dream or a recipe magazine to browse through and an excuse to make a cup of tea, run a bath and slip away quietly for a while.

So I’m super happy today to be teaming up with Magshop to offer A Beach Cottage readers a chance to win a subscription to your fave magazine for the year, all you have to do is answer the question below in the comments.

What’s your favourite place to curl up with a magazine?  

On the deck with a drink, rugged up on the sofa, in the bath, at the beach?  

Love to know?

Happy reading!


 if you are looking for an easy and lovely gift that lasts all year this Christmas I know I would love a magazine subscription from Magshop plus  subscribers to participating titles get a chance to win a trip to Hawaii, sweet, thanks yes I’d love a trip ;) hop over here for more info 


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19 Responses to “Special Beach Cottage Christmas Rituals”

  1. Neen says:

    Luuuuuurve to make a good strong cuppa, french jam on toast and sit on the deck surrounded by my garden.
    But to be honest ……..I often retreat to the smallest room in the house for a nice, quiet read………. not sure I should have shared that !! ;0 Neen

  2. lizzie says:

    I retreat to my bedroom, shut the door on the world, fluff up the pillows and snuggle in for a long read.

  3. andrea frost says:

    Hi Sarah…
    I have just last week purchased a year’s subscription to “DONNA HAY’S” magazines for my son’s girlfriend as her xmas pressie…she loves cooking…
    he is buying her a “cheese making” course…(as ONE does??)…!~~

    anyway, i love to curl up on my couch with “sooty” nestling into my lap whilst reading my huge stash of mags i buy every week!~~

    merry xmas & new years anyway Sarah..

    xx andrea & sooty…(it is sooty’s 14th xmas with us..)..!~~

  4. Leisa says:

    The most peaceful time for me is back to bed early in the morning with a cup of coffee. Bliss…

  5. Helena says:

    I love to take a magazine or a book to the beach where I can also take a break from reading and look up to watch the world go by and breath in all that beautiful sea air……. ;)

  6. kerrie says:

    I like to read my fav mags on my ruffled white sofa in the sitting room with windows wide open for natural sunlight and a good cup of tea.

  7. Why users still make use of to read news papers when in this technological globe the whole thing is available on

  8. Lyn says:

    Hi Sarah my spot back verandah comfy chair with a couple of cushions, home made latte (low fat of course) my puppy “gidget” my magazine & my imagination! and to dream what I can do to my home. Hmmmmmmm bliss….

  9. Linda jenkins says:

    I have a comfy chair and table on our front deck near my lavender bushes. I can set myself up with a pot of tea and grab some me time in the sun with a favorite magazine – lovely

  10. merilyn says:

    wonderful sarah! … lovely to receive a magazine in the post
    it’s always a surprise and even though one can get everything and much, much more on the net, there is something special about it!
    I sit anywhere that feels right at the time and chill out with a cuppa, or an ice- cold something and savour the moments that transport me into another world! … all good thankyou lol m:)X

  11. Deb says:

    Oooh, I love a good magazine, I have piles and piles under my bed! I find it so hard to part with them!

    I love curling up in my hammock chair, under our verandah, a drink of some description nearby, and reading a magazine, aaaahhh its the little things!

    Merry Christmas to you Sarah! xxx

  12. I am a mag addict but actually find it quite difficult to then find the time to do the whole curling up with it thing! I think my fave place would have to be out on the deck (the kids INSIDE) snuffled with a few cushions on the adirondack, cuppa (or wine) on the arm, feet up on the rail, with the sun and nature chirping happily away in the background. But that rarely ever happens :( xx

  13. Jessaitch says:

    I love to retreat back under my doona, with a cuppa and a sneak biscuit. One of my pet hates is when someone reads my newly bought magazine before I do, so I hid it under my pillow till i get the chance to enjoy it

  14. Aileen says:

    Fave mag, fave spot – on the verandah, cool beach breeze, iced tea & usually snuggled in enjoying the peace is the cat as well..lol

  15. cathie says:

    I agree, it’s lovely to go to the letter box and find a fresh new magazine wait there- e-magazines will never give that satisfying feeling! I love to make a fresh coffee and curl up on the lounge and escape .

  16. michele says:

    I love nothing more than waking early while the house is still, boil the kettle on the stove and wait patiently for the whistle. I then make a nice strong brew and sneak back up to bed. I then grab my favourite magazine and escape and dream! It is such a fabulous way to start the day. X

  17. Laura says:

    In my library on the comfy daybed/sofa. The kitties try to lay on the pages of whatever I’m reading, but aside from that hazard, it’s quite cozy.

  18. Isabelle says:

    As it happens to be I have a magazine subscription on my Christmas wish list. I love browsing through an article, reading and even making recipes. Usually I retreat to my bedroom, as it`s cozy or on vacation on the beach. But I think my new favorite place will be the new house me and my fiancé are going to look for next month. Every spot in the house will be special then, as it will be our first own house to call home. Happy Holidays!

  19. janita says:

    On a Sunday afternoon cozied in my bed. … Then drifting off to dream land …. It is the perfect afternoon. Thanks for a chance to win. I love a magazine in my mail box but have resorted to using the library . Janita