Love Your Christmas Home Tree Trimming Day 13

Fri 6th, Dec, 2013

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helloooo Love Your Christmas Home Day 13, unlucky for some, not me because this is tree trimming day…let’s get the trees up and get festive.

I know everyone is really different with their tree rituals, I like mine to go up pretty early in December but not as it cracks and I cannot possibly put a tree up in November…each to their own….I know a lot of different cultures don’t have a tree at all, I know some put up early for other celebrations and others keep it right through to February…


…here in Sydney too I have to wait for the fresh trees to arrive, I’m assuming it’s something to do with the climate and heat, but they don’t start to arrive until about or around the end of the first week of December…they arrived here yesterday and I was first in line, if you follow my instagram you’ll know it’s lush and green and was looking really lovely on a beautiful Australian Summer’s day…

So Love Your Christmas Home mission today is simple, swift and easy, get the tree up, get the Christmas music on, pour yourself a drink and have yourself a little tree decorating party…the worst thing you can do is too much fussing and hoping it will be perfect, that only belongs in magazines, but getting sparkly and Christmassy we can all do.


I’m also loving little fresh trees this year, I saw these for a great price in the local garden centre and thought hmmmm, nice, simple, easy and not too tricky on the purse, so I bought a few and have dotted them here and there, soooooo simple, looks very Christmassy and most of all you can just pop them around and there’s not a whole heap of fuss. Love that.


…so in our cottage tonight we are having a Friday night of tree decorating, if you have already done yours well sit around it, give it a stroke, sigh and wallow in the magic of Christmas, oh and love your pretty not perfect Christmas home

Yours in twinkles

Mrs Beach Cottage



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4 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Tree Trimming Day 13”

  1. Honeyaar says:

    Loving the fresh trees around the home Sarah. It looks so peaceful and serene.
    Enjoy the special family time this evening.
    Our tree has been up since 1st December with red and white ornaments and the little bibs n bobs the chilluns made when super leetle….cute memories.
    Need to get the music going now…WITH a noice drink too.

    BTW where is the first pic taken?…..it looks so spacious!!!

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    So pretty and no i haven’t put up my tree yet,i don’t get a fresh one as our kiddos are older,but i might when i am a Nana ( no not yet) and i love the little trees so pretty.

  3. Sarah says:

    I always LOVE your photos, so beautiful and I love your house. The little trees look so lovely against the white backdrop…someday I will have my own home again to do what I want…my life is in transition right now so all I can do is absorb all the inspiration! Merry Christmas!! ;-)

  4. Lovely, the touch of fresh greenery is exquisite. xo