Love Your Christmas Home Stove-top Christmas Fragrance Pot-Pourri

Fri 13th, Dec, 2013

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Helllooo, how the devil are you, we’re all about layering our home with Christmas scent today and I’ve been making DIY stove-top Christmas fragrance, if you wanted a festive pot-pourri recipe to fill your home with holiday spirit and Christmas love, guess what, I’m you girl.


Man, I don’t know about you but I am feeling a tad on the exhausted side, big old day yesterday, mahusive weekend on the beach coming up…it always gets like that at this point in the Christmas run-up…most of my gifts are bought but sooo not wrapped, some of my foodie things are done but not all and this old cottage is fairly pretty I guess and definitely twinkly…I tell you what it isn’t….perfect!


So it’s about this time in the silly season that I think it’s a good idea to make things smell good, I just love the idea of Christmassy scents all about the place…so today, your mission, should you choose to accept it is to get your house layered up with Christmas zing!


Little things to think about and do on the fragrance front :

1. ponder what Christmassy scent is to you – is it cinnamon, perhaps fir, maybe if you are Down Under it’s frangipani or the ocean, I love love love nutmeg and all the spicy scents at this time of year, what do you love?

2. if you can afford it treat yourself to a lovely Christmassy candle, if not use what you’ve already got – yup actually light that candle you have been saving!

3. some ideas for layering your home with scent – soap popped here and there (in drawers, in between towels etc), room sprays, scented rocks, reed diffusers, votive candles, pot-pourri, lamp rings – whatever you have already got, place around your home and get it smelling good especially if you are starting to feel some of the Christmas chaos…one thing I always rely on is a quick 15 minute tidy up and lighting a candle or spritzing some fragrance around always does wonders for our old cottage (and my frazzled brain sometimes!)

4. bring in herbs, branches, flowers, fragrant leaves and anything that will make your house smell lovely…I love doing that as you know, because it’s so good for the soul plus it’s free, it’s taken a long long time for me to have the luxury of bringing things in, before that of course there is always going out in the dead of night by torchlight and rummaging around with secateurs in neighbour’s hedges, be careful re possums though if you are taking on this adventure, ask me how I know ;-)  …not thankfully I am less reliant on the foraging for nature’s gifts with our garden finally blooming and guess who has quite a few softly layered, beautifully scented English roses to choose from in her garden, heehee soooo loving it ladies, it’s me….as I was hanging the laundry the other day and all was festive I sniffed one, seems a bit weird to me to have that scent at Christmas but I guess there’s still so many new experiences when you move to the other side of the world – summery English roses at Christmas-time I can deal with alright.

Now moving on to this little beauty of a Christmas room fragrance, indeed it’s not a room fragrance but a whole house fragrance…


I first made this many many years ago and haven’t stopped since, it’s a very lovely part of Christmas to me and every single person who has come in the house asks what the wonderful Christmas fragrance is and normally they think it’s a candle.  I must say it’s pretty simple to light a candle, but that doesn’t light a candle (boom boom) to this scent – if you have some time to spare and want to evoke that wonderful Christmas emotion in about 3 minutes, if everything is getting all a bit much, popping this on the stove might help to ease it all away in a fog of cinnamon, I mean hey the guy in the red suit might even pop in and offer you a ride on his sleigh if he gets a whiff of this…

The best part of this is you can re-use it again and again, just pop it in an airtight container and you will be good to go again – the other great thing is all you need is a slow cooker / crock pot or a saucepan.   Yep I am the queen of the crock pot, I do scent my home at Christmas-time with it.



And these are lovely to give as little hand-made gifts, you can buy all of the ingredients in the supermarket (though I couldn’t find dried orange and lemon for these which you need if you package them up) and all you need to do is decant into bags and tie with a sweet ribbon.



 simple christmas room fragrance tutorial / how to make stove-top festive pot-pourri

1 x orange peeled & then sliced

1 x lemon peeled & then sliced

6 cinnamon sticks crushed

3 cups water

6 or so star anise

a small handful cloves

1 nutmeg grated

a small handful bay leaves crushed


Add all ingredients to a saucepan or slow cooker and simmer on very low. 




Enjoy filling your pretty not perfect Christmas home with beautiful scent ladies.

I’ll be off, I’m going to the beach this arvo





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6 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Stove-top Christmas Fragrance Pot-Pourri”

  1. Petra says:

    This recipe looks so good – I’m going to get the ingredients! Love the close up photo showing the orange slice – wouldn’t mind a copy of that in a frame in my kitchen – it’s gorgeous :-)

  2. Honeyaar says:

    Sarah, this sounds perfect and your pics are stunning as usual !!!

    I can’t wait to try it . Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. merilyn says:

    delightful and always inspirational thankyou sarah!
    lovely to have that evocative christmasy aroma at this time of the year
    i’ll be doing this today and it’s cool here still which is even more fitting somehow … lovely for you to have your roses too! lolove m:)X

  4. I’m so doing this during the weekend. Thanks!

  5. Anonymous says:

    Am hoping to try this soon,do you drain the liquid?

  6. As soon as I am dug out of the big snow we just got overnight, I am going to the market to buy these ingredients ! It will be lovely, that scent .. with all the snow as a decoration outside. feet and feet of snow
    Happy Holidays !