Love Your Christmas Home Day 17 Festive Vignettes and Vignetting

Mon 16th, Dec, 2013

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Helloo welcome to Day 17 of Love Your Christmas Home, we are on the home run, I’m hoping your home is looking pretty, mine is pretty in a bomb-site-pre-Christmas-oh-my-goodness-three-children-and-a-dog kinda way – or in other words, it’s lived in with sparkly lights…

Soooooo anyway I am thinking that today we need to do some vignetting, I mean one cannot possibly swing through this season without the partaking of some vignettes…

Here are a few ideas from me, key things to do and remember for this mission and when creating vignettes….there is a lot said on the internet now and even workshops in vignetting and a few people have said to me that they don’t know ‘how’ to vignette, I reckon throw those thoughts out with the dustman, don’t over-think it and just enjoy making nice little places in your home…that’s what I’ve always done anyway…

1. keep it simple

2. stick to one area at a time or you’ll get over-whelmed

3. add Christmas bling to things you already own

4. indulge in this festive event with some music and a drink and enjoy a little bit of sparkly creativity, it’s always better than the other version of this time of year which is headless-chicken-y

5. don’t pull out too much stuff, you’ll end up in a mess and wish you hadn’t started…


My vignetting has been quick and easy this year, I’ve been away for the weekend and have a few events this week so I’m keeping it basic…I used more greenery, bunched together, hand tied with a ribbon and secured to the back of a chair…


Letters are always simple and easy, paired with a couple of lantern jars and some shells…best thing about this is it’s easy to put away after Christmas, I am not a lover of the post-Christmas put-away, hence my decor always has that in mind…


And simple vintage bottles tied off with red polka dot festive ribbon and rosemary…too easy.

Enjoy foofing and vignetting



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2 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Day 17 Festive Vignettes and Vignetting”

  1. Nola says:

    How I look forward to your posts-I soo love foofing and am having a great time enjoying my home now work has dropped off. Love the way you are helping people to enjoy your home without spending bucket loads of money which is so important to me at this time-having a beautiful home on a budget can be a lot of fun! Thanks Sarah xx

  2. merilyn says:

    thankyou sarah, foofing and vignetting is what I always do too!
    love it! ,,, plus my home smells very Christmassy with your recipe,
    with variation on a theme … lovely!
    today I lopped the top off a pencil pine because it was so top heavy
    and I brought it inside and now I have a real tree too! … happy happy!
    have a good week! lol m :)X