Love Your Christmas Home Day 12 Easy Christmas Dessert

Thu 5th, Dec, 2013

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Hellooo, Love Your Christmas Home today and we are thinking food and special things to eat and a super easy dessert for the holidays.

When I was a whole lot younger I read all the Christmas magazines (love the Christmas editions) and got myself in a real tizzy about having everything from my gravy to my Christmas pudding made from scratch, heck I got my head caught up in produce gathered from the wilds of the English countryside and a hand-reared turkey.  Totally un-realistic then and still is now…do you know what I mean where you sort of getting over-inspired and end up the opposite?


As more kidlets arrived and so did real life I threw those ideas of a perfect Christmas swiftly out the window…I still love the ritual of a Christmas dinner with all the trimmings, I still like to make my own stuffing, I still like bread sauce bubbling away on the stove and I still like a beautiful turkey flavoured with garden herbs….but in other areas I believe cheating is the best way to deliver that special festive pop without any of the hassle.


So today we are thinking about what you want in your home this Christmas in terms of food and treats that will mean that you enjoy it but *you won’t be stressed…if cooking a turkey and roast potatoes is about the last thing you want to do, don’t do it, if you have always wanted duck now’s your chance, do you, actually, want a cold buffet you can set up easily for everyone to come and go as they please?  I reckon it’s all about what you like, do you want to splurge and go out  - I’ll be having a traditional English dinner, and where I’m going it’s most likely going to very warm so we’ll be eating in the evening.


Things to think about for special Christmas food

1. make the meal a celebration, wherever you are and whatever you are eating – when we first came to Australia and didn’t know anyone and it was hot hot hot I cooked the turkey on Christmas Eve and we did up a big picnic the night before and spent Christmas afternoon at the beach…with nice napkins, crackers, champagne and made it a special time, how will you make your Christmas time special?  You certainly don’t need to spend heaps of money, I like to buy nice meat and seafood but keep everything else really simple.

2. think about whether or not you want to do any work, ummm who would say yes to this really but this is the real world, I’m thinking that if you are anything like me you will be the one making Christmas happen, suck it up and make this your best year yet …if you don’t want to be doing it all or it will make you stressy, think of ways to either delegate or cheat – there is nothing nothing nothing worse than a stressy mum on Christmas day, trust me I have the t-shirt.

3. make or buy something nice – I love little traditions and rituals, it’s what makes this time of year happy for me, I always do a nice ham (not so easy to get the kind we like in Australia), I always buy Panettone and make things with it or just have it with my coffee and I always always make a Christmassy trifle – I’m not very good at desserts though and so I just use good store bought things and make them into something festive.

4. the bit about you – have a think about just you and treating yourself to something nice – in the days before my allergy I used to buy a lovely bottle of bubbly get it very chilled and schedule in a night by the fire and a Christmas movie, these days it’s an evening on the deck with the lights on and a Limoncello, though this year I’m drawn to Baileys and I’ve bought myself a little box of special chocs from Europe, bring that right on.   Think about a little something in the food department that’s treating just little old you – I bet you’ve been thinking about everyone else in all this, right?


Anyway so I thought I would share one of my cheat desserts here today too while we are talking easy Christmas desserts – this is a chocolate cake dessert, it’s super super easy, quick and fuss-free, but piling this up with cream and fruit makes for a wowza of a dessert, it involves minimum effort for maximum effect, just how I like it baby.


2 x store bought unfilled plain chocolate sponge cakes

double cream whipped into soft peaks

strawberries and cherries or soft fruit of your choice chopped into bite size pieces

dark chocolate




1. pop your bottom layer of cake on a plate or cake stand and top with the whipped cream and fruit

2. add another layer of cake and a thinner layer of cream

3. continue with layers of cake and fruit

4. on the top layer add dark chocolate shavings.




So that’s our Love Your Christmas Home mission for Day 12 – think about lovely Christmas food, keep it simple, no stressing, get people to help you – send family out with shopping lists, treat yourself to something you love and most of all….enjoy!





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5 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Day 12 Easy Christmas Dessert”

  1. merilyn says:

    1st cab off the rank … looks amazing sarah!
    love cheats way with a bit of creative tweaking my type of entertaining
    easy peasy lemon squeezy!
    and always get a special treat for moi! we deserve it! … mummy’s turn sometimes. … lol m:)X

  2. Stunning! We have our first Christmas lunch on Sunday with my family – keeping it simple but lovely and embracing your tips x

  3. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    That looks amazing Sarah and I do love a little cheaty treat or dessert ,thankyou for sharing x

  4. Jenny says:

    I was looking at the pics of your beach cottage and it is just beautiful. I love to have a decadent treat like this for Christmas – and the simpler, the better.