6 Best Easy Salad Recipes

Fri 20th, Dec, 2013

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find my easy radish salad here

G’day, just popping in with a few of my best recipes for salads if you are stuck for Christmas and beginning to panic a little bit…ahem I know that feeling!

Trust me, if there is one thing I know how to do, it’s cheat at entertaining…I love me a bit of festive foofing, a bit of beach cottage decorating and I love to plan a meal with lovely friends in our old cottage, the older I’ve become, the more kiddos I had and the more wobbles to the outer thighs that appeared the more I relied on simple, fresh ingredients and no fuss.

I don’t know about you though, but often, in magazines and cookery books simple and fresh ingredients means expensive, ingredients where one has to race around to ethnic supermarkets for that special zing de zing to add to a plate of simple ingredients to make them fabulous.

So a few years ago I started to look out for exactly what easy was to me – that is no fuss, preferably one and only one ingredient and nothing else – could there be a salad out there in the world that fitted my requirements?   Could I find salads to serve with lovely meats that were budget-friendly, meant I could prepare them ahead and go and get in the bath while my meat was slowly roasting, but, and the big but, still performed when being presented out on the deck to guests?

Yup and yup and yup.  These are a few of the salads I have up my sleeve for such events, I have more too but these are the ones that have made it to the blog and continue to be very popular recipes on the blog.

If you are tearing your hair out by now about Christmas entertaining, whether what to serve with the big bird, what to place on your Boxing Day table or what to go alongside that beautiful piece of beef you’ve had your eye on all year, I can help – these salads tick the boxes of

1. prepare ahead

2. delicious

3. super easy

4. budget friendly

5. fuss-free ingredients


French Carrot Salad 

 This is French Carrot salad, it’s not French really, but just makes it sound good – you can prepare this early, cover it in cling film and pop it in the fridge, I make up the dressing too and then when it’s time to eat just whip off the cling and pour over the dressing, easy.


This fennel one is along the same lines, it’s super easy one ingredient and again can be prepared in advance – the good thing about fennel is it seems a bit exotic, a bit special when in fact it’s very easy to prepare and nice on the budget – only thing you need is a fancy plate to make it look good.


 best fennel salad here

This rice salad is a no-brainer and really really tasty, easy, quick and perfect for a buffet or side, plus it sits nicely in the fridge until you need it.


 rice salad here

…this chop salad is good – basically chop it up and go, not so good for preparing ahead though you can at a push, it’s my fall-back salad but it still performs.


easy chop salad here

But this is the best, this layered salad has been with me since we came here and I love it still, I’ve tried a few different ones now and this one is still the best – the absolute mutts nuts though is you can make it 24 hours ahead and it feeds a crowd – read my full run-down on it here with full step-by-step instructions and why it’s such a winner!

All the best, I’m doing a last few bits of shopping, nice stocking filler shopping not stressy shopping and then I’m off to the beach this arvo, it’s roasting how here in Sydney and clocking into the mid 30′s today….

Sarah x


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3 Responses to “6 Best Easy Salad Recipes”

  1. merilyn says:

    love your salads sarah! especially the one in a glass and last Christmas salad in that lovely glass bowl showing the layers … love that!
    thankyou sarah! always all good! lol m:)X

  2. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Yum i love salads Sarah especially in the heat we have been having x

  3. Nadine says:

    Made your layered salad and it was a HUGE hit! (I used Greek yoghurt instead of sour cream.) Thank you so much Sarah – YUM!