A Summer deck table

Wed 20th, Nov, 2013

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Morning from Sydney and a little deck table from early yesterday evening when we had sunshine after a few days of rain….taking a break from all things Christmas and Love Your Christmas Home but I’ll be back later with Day 7, no it’s not the cleaning post, not yet ;-)


We’ve had major downfalls Down Under, I don’t really dig rain these days, one day of it I quite like and I quite like a day of grey skies and showers – a brolly, a pair of gumboots and a raincoat and a walk by the sea followed by some nice home-made soup and a movie….yep that’s nice but after a few days I’m so over it, I guess I’m used to the Aussie sunshine nowadays….not sure how I’d cope in old Blighty now although for sure I miss that whole late November dark evenings, lighting the fire and snuggling down for the night with the heating cranked up…


Over this side of the world it’s the flowers that are cranking up, hydrangeas are blooming, the jacaranda is filling the sky and the pavements with its lovely purple blue wand and I am reveling, after years of having nothing in the garden, in seeing flowers (and tomatoes, gosh I have tomatoes ladies) all around.


To be honest I had pretty much given up on my hydrangeas, I had some success but never the bundles and bundles I thought I might – my bushes are far from huge…and so last year after planting them in different positions to see if that would work any better (I had worked out that where I am they like to face south) I pretty much left them to their own devices…


…and this year they have suddenly come to life, all I’ve done is make sure they were watered through the long dry hot months we’ve recently had…it’s a funny old thing gardening in this land of Down Under, I’m still such a novice…but I do have tomatoes, green stripy ones at that ;-)


So yeah four simple pink hydrangea heads, a few mason jars and a shell and a pretty table is at your fingertips.


I hope you like my hydrangeas :-)

I’m off for a coffee and a walk, check in with me on Insta or Facebook if you wanna chat (we talking facials on Facebook at the mo’, trust me I need one).




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11 Responses to “A Summer deck table”

  1. mel says:

    I’m totally with you on the one day of rain is nice then I’m so over it. It’s the grey I don’t like, makes me feel so tired! Can’t imagine how I would feel going back to England and I’ve only been here for 18 months! Anyway, lovely pops of pink flowers, love them :)
    I’m off to the op shop now to do some offloading and some mooching.

  2. merilyn says:

    your hydrangeas look gorgeous sarah!
    they always remind me of my mother …
    always had them on the Christmas table and she would give them to her friends … a lovely reminder! … lol m:)x

  3. Wendy says:

    My favourite flowers. I just bought a pot full from the supermarket, but am worried they won’t survive. I’m not really sure where to plant them. I’m thinking I may have to go fake next time.

  4. heather says:

    Hey Sarah. As usual, you never fail to surprise…wonderfully! I think I’d love to swap my very hot deck right now with yours! ;-) Cheers, Hx

  5. Jenny says:

    Hi Sarah! Just love your beautiful fresh table setting! My ex-English dark-timber-loving husband is proving to be a hard sell on the white paint jobs – I just want to poke these pictures under his nose & say “see how gorgeous it looks – please let’s paint over all that dark wood????” Aaaahhhhh – my continuing challenge! He loves the idea of our house being like the warm cozy dark interiors of his much-missed English pubs, & I crave light. Jack Sprat & his wife! xx

  6. Anonymous says:


    Your hydrangeas are beautiful.
    I’ve just been down the NSW south coast and the jacarandas are amazing down there too. Sutherland Shire has lots of jacarandas because many years ago there was a local maternity hospital that gave each new mum a jacaranda to plant.


  7. Diana says:

    Sooo lovely! Hydrangeas are my fav flower/shrub. Right now in ye olde Midwest our colors are of fall and falling leaves which I love too. Enjoy your beauty right where you are I say!!! Have a great day!