Love Your Christmas Home Day 8

Mon 25th, Nov, 2013

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So, one year many moons ago I signed up for an all singing all dancing holiday thing whereby Christmas Day you had one seriously clean home and one seriously organised life – I have to say here it was great, you had tasks to do every day and I was certainly not stressy by the time the big day came, all my gifts were done and dusted, I was done and dusted, my house was done and dusted and I even had emergency back-ups for various scenarios Christmas might decide to throw at me, including but not limited to the turkey (back up in the freezer), tree (spare fake one in the conservatory), the gifts (gender free gifts not only bought but wrapped) but in the back of my mind it was all a bit bleh and not long afterwards I realised why, I’d spent weeks and weeks preparing for every single thing to be ticked off the list but I thought one night Christmas for me wasn’t about cleaning and perfection – for me to have a nice Christmas I wanted it pretty and comfy and sparkly around the edges with a nice meal, chilled out kiddos, singing carols, doing special things, treating myself and celebration.  How simple is that?

Hmmm well pretty much very simple but still taking a bit of preparation ladies, and this is the part of Love Your Christmas Home where we get real and we get serious.  Tie up your work boots and pop on your white glittery gloves and suck it right up girlfriends, because Christmas, however pretty you want to make it, however laid-back and low-key you want it to be, however much you don’t want to buy into consumerism but make it all about twinkle, however much you want to embrace what you own and sit back and enjoy the festive season, if you are female and in charge of making Christmas happen this year and you don’t have a cleaner and your house isn’t quite at its best  right now you are going to need to do some cleaning and organising.

Now I don’t know about you though, but I won’t be worrying about super-organised kitchen cupboards or de-cluttering my laundry (there’s a Christmas fairy for that right?) but I will be focusing on a few things…

Before you read mine though have a think about what’s the thing that you really want to be clean and presentable at Christmas time?  Maybe you want cupboards that are organised and clean unlike mine, maybe your linen being organised is top of your agenda…write a list of what, if you get it done now, will make your shoulders drop and get your home in order to get sparkly.

Here’s my list of 9 things to do now and what I’ll be doing to prepare to get my Christmas home ready to get pretty


Christmas Cleaning List

1. Clean your front door & get outdoor areas ready.  Yep really.  I like to decorate my front door every year but I don’t like having to clean it first.  I vacuum off the cobwebs and doormat, tidy up the general area around the door, dead head the flowers, and wipe down the door itself, plus I spray the handle and hardware and give it a scrub and shine.  Of course cleaning the door and the area around it takes all of 15 minutes if that but makes a huge impact.  So have a look at yours and see if it needs a spruce up.  Being in Sydney and having an outdoor Christmas I also do the same to the deck area and paths and the back door.

2. Deep vacuum your whole house (or at least the rooms you use the most) – pull furniture away from the walls and vacuum all floors – include vacuuming the sofa under the cushions (yowzas), pop the extension on and go around the ceiling to capture cobwebs, seek out dust bunnies under beds.

3. Clean out the fridge.  Throw away things that have grown a life of their own in the back of the fridge, remove the shelves and plastic bits and run them through the dishwasher or put them in to soak in the sink – do this in rotation, a shelf or two a day and it will done without any drama and you will know your fridge can be opened without you or a guest freaking out.

4. Damp dust your main areas, takes minutes but by the time you come to putting up Christmas decorations you’ll be ready to go.

5. Tidy up all flat surfaces.  Don’t make excuses, pull on your big girl’s pants and do it – my worst job in the world is tidying flat surfaces I’d rather clean the toilet than tidy but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.  At this time of the year you don’t want clutter and cr*pola in the way of pretty.  Grab a garbage bag and throw out as much as you can, re-cycle what you can and use a basket or box as the ‘put away’ box and pass it on to appropriate members of your household so you aren’t doing all the work – a few days of this concentrating on different rooms each day and you’ll be done in no time.

6. Clean your windows.  I don’t mind this job but to be totally honest it’s not done anywhere near as often as I’d like…however it’s one of those jobs that when you do it, every single thing looks brighter and better.  Same thing here rather than making it into a huge chore do a room every couple of days – I’ve already done my back doors to the deck and goodness we can see outside now ;-)

7. Scrub your bathrooms – not thinking this needs me to explain, not my worst job for some strange reason, I quite like a bit of cleaning therapy but I know from my Facebook page I’m pretty much on my own here on this one…get it done, get down and dirty and behind it, chuck any old lurking toiletries out, scrub the shower door, get rid of the mould, go under the rim, shine the mirrors…

8. wash and prepare your linens – sort out a tablecloth and napkins and get them fresh and ironed, you won’t want to be doing that on Christmas Eve, freshen up towels and if you’re having guests and can afford it buy some new ones (I buy plain white towels from discount stores, too easy)….get clean bed linen ready and, gasp, if you, like me, like ironed sheets, get them done now.

9. Concentrate on your entrance hall and your main room, wash covers and fluff up cushions, clean blinds, mop floors and generally try to keep this area straight and clean from now until the big day.

See you soon with a bunch of super easy recipes to make with your eyes shut to get you through this next few weeks, plus I’ve got a super easy craft coming up, and it’s nearly time for sparkly things… ;)

Happy cleaning beach cottage ladies



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oh and if you would like to download a printable each day to pretty up your home including a checklist of 5 to-do’s hop over here click the links and print xo


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12 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Day 8”

  1. Great cleaning list Sarah, I really need to get organised so I don’t have that mad rush at the end. xT

  2. Smaggle says:

    I’m so going to do Christmas decorations this year. Totally on my list of things to do.

  3. sunny says:

    LOL You mean you don t do this list every day? Or at least once a week? We have Thanksgiving here at the beach, so I do this list in November. But the sand and the dust re-arrive almost daily, it’s an ongoing thing….


    • sarah says:

      well I think I can beat you I have the dustiest house in the southern hemisphere, I’m not sure where it comes from but it’s here daily :-)

  4. merilyn says:

    me too sarah!
    I was going to do some cleaning today but I went outside in the garden …
    that’s that! … oh yes at least I did some loads of washing!
    big deal! I have low energy time now, so maybe later i’ll look in a cupboard or two … too boring! … but i’ll try and make it interesting! and foof on the way …
    lol m:)x

  5. Great list! I think I’ll make all of these my goals as well, so let’s hope I get them done before the holidays! I also need to start cleaning out my fridge more often… I’m guilty of not doing that nearly enough.

  6. Jamie S says:

    Great tips. I think I will pass them to the female part of my household for an inspiration. Christmas cleaning is stressful time for both men and women. Men are stressed their wives are going to be nervous they don´t have enough time to clean it all up. Women are stressed their husband will not help them doing the chores before the holidays. In my family there´s always a compromise. Happy Holidays!

  7. hrh Sarah says:

    Great list Sarah, and glad you mentioned breaking it down into manageable pieces… I think most of us tend to get worked up about perfection and forget that we don’t have more time and energy this time of year than any other time. Looking forward to a beautiful, stress free Christmas!