Thu 21st, Nov, 2013

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Helllo welcome to Love Your Christmas Home Day 7 and let’s talk Christmas wrapping.

Now I love a bit of wrapping up, and in my exciting life wrapping is one of my Christmas rituals.  I make an evening of it, nice chocolates, nice drink, a Christmas movie and I love foofing around with string and bows and stuff.  I mean, of course, there is often the offer of a limousine to pick me up and take me off to the Opera House for a night out around the festive season, a nice dinner over-looking the Harbour Bridge, bubbles, you know, but I always think to myself, heck, stuff all that, why I’ll just sit on my old white sofa with a drink and wrap gifts ;-)

Over the years though as life has gotten busier and time is more precious, intricately wrapping gifts is not always top priority for me, funny that, so I have learnt a few tricks to keeping everything looking nice without taking much time…what about you, do you never find time and then end up scrambling around the house desperately looking for something that doesn’t say happy birthday or congratulations?

So today think about your wrapping this year, do you want it to look a certain way or more do you want it to be stress-free?  Do you want it to be part of your Christmas home love?  Do you feel you will never have beautifully wrapped gifts like you see in your inspiration folder?

Well I think you can, it might not be quite as perfect as those styled images that we all know were taken in the middle of August with a whole lot more time, six stylists per gift, two photographers and an intern, and you may have to give up a night out at the Opera House, but you can have pretty gifts under your tree, you just need to do a little bit of prep now.


Below are things I have found have helped me to have nicely wrapped presents without any stress and last minute dramas – nothing worse than a mama stressed at Christmas time.

7 Christmas Gift Wrap Ideas

1. stick to a theme & do not wander from it…I like plain basics paper dressed up with Christmassy bits – most years I add pops of red with white for that Scandinavian festive look, but this year I’m going a bit more au natrel with white, silver and gum, herbs, leaves and olive branches.

2. buy only one or two different wrap designs – makes the whole thing much easier and everything will co-ordinate, I love brown paper, it looks nice and can be dressed up to the eyeballs plus it’s good on the pocket – I was recently reading in a magazine a Christmas feature displaying wrap for $19 a roll – I don’t know about you but at only 1.5m on the roll that’s not what I will be spending my budget on – brown paper will cost you a whole lot less than that.


3. buy much more sticky tape than you think you could ever imagine you will need

- invest in the little dispensers, I always think they are ridiculously over-priced and then when I am wrapping I am oh so grateful that I am not fiddling around for the end of the tape…

- stock up with sticky tape NOW the next time you are in the supermarket, in a couple of weeks time there will only be odds leftover and you will be the one looking for the end of the tape, ask me how I know :-)

4. stock up on ribbons, string and curling ribbon

I adore lovely thick fabric ribbon especially velvet on a plain wrap, however it’s not the most budget friendly gift topper so I also stock up on string & twine (buy a huge roll of it from garden centres), I also check out the budget stores for large rolls of curling ribbon and cord – dollar shops are a treasure trove for these…

5. give your wrap a home

My wrap has a little section in the study cupboard and I keep the sticky tape, scissors and foofing accessories in a basket there too – sooooo much easier if it’s all in the same place when you go to start wrapping.


6. Go all out for the toppings

Just like soup toppings, with gift wrapping I think it’s the little bits you tie on that make the difference – a plain brown parcel wrapped up in string tied with a bit of Christmas sparkle can look stunning…have a look on Pinterest for wrapping ideas (there are some nice wrapping ideas on this board here) and you will see a lot of the best ideas with the most impact are simple basics topped with bits and pieces – take a trip to the dollar shop and stock up on mini baubles, labels, luggage tags, and small sparkly bits, keep it to one theme.  I’ve put together a free little printable download list of ideas to top your gifts with here if you need some inspiration….

Look to nature too to make your gifts special – herbs, especially rosemary and lavender look lovely…this year I’m going for herbs & gum on my gifts – I gathered a load of this recently and dried it so it’s ready…I’ve also been gathering shells and driftwood and things from the shore…..other ideas little twigs, bits from the garden, holly, ivy.

I also love clay tags – I make my own, they are super super easy and soooooooo economical while giving big impact on your gifts – you can pick them up in crafty shops and boutiques but you can make DIY clay tags at home without too much effort or money at all – I have a How to Make Clay Tags tutorial available here if you want to top your gifts with these beauties this year (if you are a Love Your Christmas Home & Beach Cottage Newsletter subscriber take 50% off the price of the clay tag tutorial – look for the coupon code in the Love Your Christmas Home newsletters, sign up here)



7. invest in emergency wrapping

I invest in emergency wrapping materials – these consist of ready-made gift bags and tissue paper, a few gift boxes and some bottle bags, I also look out for hessian bags and pouches too – I keep an eye open for all of these in plain designs so I can add a few Christmas bits of my own to them and so it’s all fits together nicely.  You can pick up packs of gift bags in discount stores and there is nothing like it when you are feeling a bit over-whelmed with wrapping, having a bag to simply open, pop in the gift, add some tissue and tie with some ribbon – and trust me when you hand over the gift it will look like you did a heck of a lot more than what you actually did.

Go forth and wrap Beach Cottage friends, yup you can have prettily wrapped gifts around your tree this year….and no you don’t have to fork out an arm and a leg for it


{ make this your prettiest Christmas ever – if you’d like the LYCH message in your inbox every day click here and sign up, we are prettying all the way through the holidays, the good twinkly stuff is on the way, get ready to make this year}

oh and if you would like to download a printable each day to pretty up your home including a checklist of 5 to-do’s hop over here click the links and print xo


 How to Make Clay Tags Tutorial Here


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  1. Oh yes, the sticky tape…oh the sticky tape!!?!! For the amount of sticky tape that gets used around here I should be buying shares in the stuff. And that’s even before Xmas hits!!! I’m thinking washi tape could be useful at this time too. Gorgeous pics as per usual lovely…..xx

  2. Slightly Potty Clare says:

    Lovely Sarah, the discount code for the clay tags won’t fit in the box at checkout. I have tried typing and cutting and pasting. Loving this Christmas series!!

  3. Trish says:

    Lovin these post Sara
    Came home today opened my fb and there it was , sat for 10 with a wine and enjoyed.
    Thank you

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Trish! the feedback has been amazing, there are obviously a lot of people out there who feel the same as us :-)

  4. Or you could buy the sticky tape from me lol :D

    What you have done is very pretty well done :)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Many years ago I was watching a very rich woman give the TV host (Oprah, I think) a tour of her mansion. She had a WRAPPING ROOM!!!!! I thought it was a ridiculous idea but then her lifestyle meant she often had to give people gifts. She had a lovely wrapping bench with wall mounted rolls of wrapping paper. She was a lovely lady and has inspired me since to put “Wrapping Room” on my life wishlist. So in the meantime I have a wrapping drawer which reminds me of my goal. LOL.


  6. Loving this series Sarah! I’m off to the dollar store today to stock up. Thanks ever so much for all your inspiration! Have a wonderful day girl!

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I keep all ribbons I ever get and have quiet a stash plus some vintage lace I picked up and an op shop that looks lovely on wrapped presents I love brown paper raffia and string as well and make little shapes out of coloured cardboard ,that is my fave part of Christmas wrapping the presents nicely!

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