Fri 15th, Nov, 2013

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Good morning from Sydney and Love Your Christmas Home, can you believe we are on Day 5?  Today we are talking more about loving you at Christmas time, strap yourselves in ladies we are thinking frocking up for Christmas.

When I first started this pretty Christmas gig I’ve already said that things that came up were not how to make it perfect, didn’t cost a lot of money but more it was about making things special – again and again my Christmas Day outfit kept popping up and so I decided to totally embrace it and make my Christmas day outfit spesh.  I’ve been doing it now for years and wherever we’ve been for Christmas Day I’ve enjoyed the one day in the year where what I’m wearing is not only sorted…but nice.

Most of the time my Christmas Day outfit has included frocking up – this is the day of the year where a little black dress will take you right through the day whatever it is that you are doing.

So have a little think about it, things to consider

1. where will you be going?

2. what will you be doing?

3. will you need to consider being warm or cool?

4. what will other people be wearing?

5. will you be comfortable?

For most of my Christmas Day’s a little black dress has taken me from church in the morning, through putting the dinner in the oven, to meeting friends at lunchtime down the pub, through to serving the dinner and playing board games in the evening.

However this might not be right for you and it might not suit the occasion.  A few times I’ve changed this up to suit a more casual crowd (but still wanted to feel nice) and worn jeans and zooshed them up with a nice top, Christmas bling in the accessories  etc.  Also did the same with shorts and sparkly thongs one year (not those kinda sparkly thongs, the ones on your feet).

I like a nice pair of Christmas shoes – in the Old Country this was often a pair of boots or nice pumps, since we moved to Australia I always treat myself to a pair of Christmas sandals.

My Christmas Day this year will be involving a big breakfast / bbq with friends, followed by a lunchtime trip to the beach with family and friends and ending in the evening with a full traditional Christmas dinner…there will be Limoncello…so when I saw this maxi dress, liked it, tried it on and it was ok, I thought it would be perfect to easily slip on and off for changing into swimmers, it’s cool and very comfortable

Same thing with the shoes, easy slide on and off but with a little bit of bling but still pretty neutral.   The hat will be perfect for the sun, where I will be it will be Aussie strong.

So today think about you, what will you be wearing?  Have you had your eye on something, treat yourself to it!  If however you have reasons not to treat yourself, open up your wardrobe, pull out that special dress or nice top and get it ready for Christmas day, think about the sparkle factor too – there’s only one person around here who is going to make this special for you and that’s you :-)

See you next week for more Love Your Christmas Home, thanks soooooo much for all the lovely emails I’ve had and to all of you who have signed up for this in their inbox every morning…oh and if you would like to download a printable each day to pretty up your home hop over here click the links and print xo


p.s. coming up a week of meals done and dusted for you, so you can craft or foof and thinking about rituals after that we are taking on the big boys and starting putting up the bling xx

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  1. lizzie says:

    Enjoying these Christmas posts so much, Its so true that the only person who can make my Christmas special is me. So I’m off with a friend on a 2 hour trip tomorrow to do all things Christmas, cant wait.

  2. mel says:

    Loving this daily dose of Christmas preparations, had not given any of it much thought whilst it’s still November but I will be starting now.
    It’s true if you want to make a special time YOU have to make it special :)
    Thanks Sarah!

  3. Petra says:

    Sarah, you have the dress spot-on for an Aussie Christmas day! The hat is really “Aussie beach-style”, and the red belt very cute – but the sandals are very cool!

  4. Anonymous says:

    Shhhh, but I’ve been treating myself to a few nice outfits this year. I generally have a policy that if I see something I love, often when I least expect it, it feels fabulous on, then I buy it. I hardly ever go clothes shopping deliberately. So this Christmas season I am going to shop my wardrobe.


  5. merilyn says:

    it’s all lovely sarah! yes we girls have to make it special because we are usually the ones who do most of it because guys don’t get it really … they do stuff because we ask them but they don’t get the dressing up idea and making a concerted effort! … no matter! we girls get it and we try to make and serve everyone else so it’s only fitting that we take good care of ourselves and support each other … all good especially a new dress and shoes! … I remember those little red ones last year just popped into the pics … just gorgeous … lol m:)x

  6. Trish says:

    Thanks for doing these posts Sarah, just loving them !!! Feeling inspired Merry Christmas

  7. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    I have bought a beautiful water colour maxi dress that I will be wearing,it has gorgeous colours and it will suit Christmas day I like to look a little special don’t you xx

  8. Surely Sarah says:

    I’d love to start a tradition of getting a new dress for Xmas every year. I love to wear white in summer, so I’ll be on the lookout for something floaty and cool from now until the big day!

  9. Lusine says:

    I’m loving the series so far, Sarah! It’s only day 5 and I’m already full of so much inspiration. Thank you so much! And my Christmas outfit usually involves lots of sparkle. I mean, how many days a year can you get away with glittery dresses? I take advantage of this whenever possible :)

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  11. Such a perfect dress for Christmas, the hat is absolutely cool! Nice post

  12. Smaggle says:

    It’s been so cold every Christmas for the last few years I’m just hoping it will be warm enough for a swim at my uncles house on the central coast! I usually go with a nice dress and pretty shoes!

  13. Marina says:

    It’s so funny! I’m looking for something warm for my Christmas day and you’re talking about sandals. By me, in the north of Italy, probably it will snow and it’s so strange to immagine a sunny Christmas. I’ll have to try it sooner or later …..