Love Your Christmas Home Day 4

Thu 14th, Nov, 2013

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Hellooo, welcome to Love Your Christmas Home Day 4.

Today we are talking about crafting, oh yeah, Christmas Crafting.

Now I don’t know about you, but most years I have all these awesome amazingly brilliant plans to not only hand-make all of my Christmas gifts but also to cook everything from scratch, and at the same time have the most sparkliest prettiest holiday home ever.  Hmmm, I open all sorts of books – Christmas Cookery books from celebrity chefs and coffee table festive season homey books, I manically click on Pinterest links to ’25 of the Best Christmas Crafting Ideas in the World Ever’ and dream.  And a dream it most certainly is lol, a dream in someone else’s life.  Not mine.

In reality and outside of the world of those books and blogs,  firstly I don’t have much time in the run up to Christmas, three kiddos, busy life yadda yadda and secondly my skills do not match those of the professionals.  This can put a real scupper on your head full of handmade Christmas crafts.

A few years ago I took a different approach and decided to focus on the few little things that I wanted to make and do only a couple of those – it worked out really well, I got to feel like there was some actual meaning to this time of year rather than drowing in a mass of consumerism, it wasn’t too much to handle that I freaked out and failed at getting anything done and secretly I pretty much loved it too.

I think the answer, if you have a busy real life, to getting Christmas crafts together is to focus on the easy simple things… rather than full and fancy ideas I realised that adding things to jars, making up special liqueurs and drinks, baking nice biscuits / cookies and turning things a bit personal with some additions is a whole lot easier than trying to start the whole crazy thing from scratch at the beginning of December.  Having said that though, you still have time, just, if you want to craft a few things if you get going now.

Here are some some ideas for things on this blog from the last few years to get you started…they are all really really simple and time friendly, plus and most importantly they won’t meant you will have to take out a mortgage for the materials or the tools to make them…they are real-girl too, meaning I’ve done them with my own fair hands, meaning if I can do it anyone can ;-)

These succulents wrapped in burlap are very very simple to make, but give a bit of the personal touch to a gift – you can use this idea for all sorts of little plants and herbs especially are really nice, I’ve done this with little pots of Rosemary and Lavender, such a nice gift to receive and comes with fragrance too.

You can find the tutorial here.


This vintage plate stand was made by my friend lg, it’s super super simple, budget friendly and so lovely to receive…you can pick up cups and plates at op shops and charity shops or even better you might have some of these (or if you are like me just a few more cough cough) stashed away in a dresser….

Find the tutorial for the vintage plate stand here


This face scrub is super easy, very low cost, looks pretty and works like a dream.

Find the diy face scrub tutorial here.


This is a winner too, very easy and pretty special, Christmas Salt tutorial – I make this most every year, it makes for a delightful little take-along gift especially to an event where you want to take something but not sure what….

Find the tutorial for the DIY Christmas Salt recipe here. 


These blue mason jars are lovely, if you need some of them in your life this Christmas there is a tutorial here on how to make them….



Vanilla sugar is so lovely, delicious, and pretty, and guess what, about the easiest thing to make everrrrrrrr – I love this and it costs a fortune in the little packets in the shop, but this way it’s very budget friendly, it’s divine for all sorts of culinary uses and makes a gorgeous gift…

Vanilla Sugar gift / recipe tutorial here. 

So there are a few ideas from me for crafts, tried and real-girl tested for sure!

There are soooo many great things to try out there though, take a look over at this Pinterest board for interesting ideas and this link to 25 ideas if you are on a budget and need gifts that won’t break the bank.

That’s it for today on Love Your Christmas Home, your mission is to think about whether or not you want to make a couple of things, my main one this year is a wreath, more on that soon….oh and remember to not beat yourself up about whether or not you have crafted stuff, this Christmas is about calm and pretty, not perfect.  You may just want to throw any ideas of making things out of the window, and think more about you for once.

If you would like to download a printable each day hop over here click the links and print xo


p.s. coming up we are thinking about you and treating yourself plus I have a whole week of meals done and dusted for you, so you can craft or foof xx

we’ve got lots of treats coming up, get ready to make this your prettiest Christmas – if you’d like this message in your inbox every day click here and sign up, thanks so much to the heaps of you who already have!


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10 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Day 4”

  1. Fleur says:

    Le sigh…. Gorgeous gift ides lovely xx

  2. gorgeous ideas, thank you sarah.

  3. Tracy says:

    The Salt tute does not work :( Looks lovely though!

  4. Susie Gerard says:

    Just love these ideas. Look forward to your blog everyday. Thank you!

  5. Linda Winslow says:

    Can’t find the Christmas salt tutorial HELP!

  6. Anonymous says:

    I think you’re right. We have to cease trying to be super women and choose one or a couple of things to make or do well for the Christmas season and be happy with that. KISS.


  7. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Such sweet ideas Sarah I have this year planned to make my own Christmas cards hopefully I will do it and not buy them,we will see though.I often make rum balls and pack them in pretty jars for little pressies and they are lovely!

  8. Evelyn Kelly says:

    I just love your tutorial!!! From few days, I am reading your blogs to get inspiration for my home decoration. Your ideas are impeccable and wonderful and I would love to got some more ideas for you.