Love Your Christmas Home Day 3

Wed 13th, Nov, 2013

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Welcome to Love Your Christmas Home with a beach cottage Day 3

Today we are doing some preparation for a pretty, not perfect Christmas.

So I’m thinking about things that I want to do for a lovely sparkly non-stressy festive season…years ago when I started to think that unless I made Christmas special for me I’d end up rushing around making everyone else’s Christmas happen and fall down in a crumpled mess on Christmas Day, I started to think of little things to do to make this time of year nice for me – in those days I had a baby and a little one and life was busy but in a very different way to now.  I sat down and thought about things I wanted to do, make and experience over the Christmas period, interesting things came up, there wasn’t too much money spending involved but just sweet rituals and a comfy holiday home- I wanted Christmassy music in the house, I wanted mince pies, lovely scents, to spend time wrapping presents and enjoy it, lots and lots of candles and lights, I wanted to enjoy the special time and mostly I wanted to enjoy the foofing.   All sounds pretty simple right?   Yes, but to have those things in the middle of December and enjoy it requires a little bit of fore-planning and stock-piling – not a lot but a bit.

So today we are looking at doing some festive season stashing – getting a few things together over the upcoming weeks so that when all around you swings into Christmas mode and you, all of a sudden, have the urge to dowse all around you in sparkles, drink mulled wine or limoncello, have a sparkly bath, and feel the irresistible need to make holiday decs from doilies, you can because you have it all there at your fingertips.  Been there my friends and have to say if I’m not time poor about love it ;)

Today we are thinking about gathering things in your home to make it pretty not perfect this Christmas – so what do you need to gather so that Christmas for you is nice?   Right now I have in my head a bit of a natural Christmas mixed with a coastal theme, so I’m going for rustic bits and bobs plus herbs and things – I’ve got together a few of them already…

Here are the things I am looking out for over the next few weeks to stash – there may or may not be a white magic wardrobe involved…you don’t have to spend a lot of money on any of these though, I get most of my stuff from discount stores and the supermarket and a lot of it is already in your home, it’s just making a note of where it is….


These are the things being gathered for my Love Your Christmas Home nest egg this year….

cinnamon sticks

Christmas movies for my ipad


candles & lights



new pajamas


wrapping paraphernalia

special ribbon

Christmas tunes for my ipod



That’s just my basic list, so have a think about what’s going on yours – what do you love to have around you?  Are there specific Christmassy things you love to have?  Food you want to indulge in?  Any comforting things to splurge on (I like new pj’s for Christmas and now in Australia I buy Christmas thongs too).  So jot down yours and get stashing.

I’ve put together a printable list of other pretty ideas too for a bit of inspiration, you can find it over here along with Day 3 of the Festive Planner and the 5 things to do today to get your Christmas this year pretty xx

Have fun

ho ho ho


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If you missed Love Your Christmas Home Day 1 it’s over here xo

the Beach Cottage Coastal Christmas Pinterest page is here for lots of pretty Christmas ideas xo



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12 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Day 3”

  1. Anonymous says:

    I have a few v e r y cheesy Christmas CDs from the $2 shop that I play on Christmas Day. Strangely the CDs really add to the atmosphere and are a real conversation starter.

    Ho Ho Ho

    • Mary Joan Robbins says:

      I would like instructions for Christmas ornaments I think made with shells. They are in a basket! Thanks!!

  2. Elisha Ross says:

    Id be very interested to see a playlist of your xmas songs especially if you have found anything quite recent that excludes Mariah bloody Carey (sorry if you are a fan)!! Love all the old time crooners. Thats what i play in my house all day long.

  3. Nola says:

    I am very happy because after being inspired by you I went searching for some all white fairy lights and found some which are very pretty-I could get carried away,I wonder how many is too many!!

    • sarah says:

      you can never have enough fairy lights in your house at Christmas time Nola, that’s my motto anyway – so easy to put up and take down and one flick and everything sparkles! xx

  4. Ooohh yes, delicious smelling candles. And always pjs… xx

  5. Ashlea says:

    I am so in love with these pictures – absolutely gorgeous. You certainly have inspired me to decorate a coastal Christmas home this year!

  6. carla says:

    ooooh lovely pics as always. The shell spheres are gorgeous, where can I buy these please? x

    • sarah says:

      they are a leftover from my shop that I found in the garage when we cleared it out recently so sorry but can’t help :-)

    • Anonymous says:

      I have seen the shell balls in Loot homewares before- maybe check their website?

  7. Jan says:

    O dear, would you please share with me where you found those shell hanging ornaments in your post today? I’d be ever so grateful.