Love Your Christmas Home DAY 6

Mon 18th, Nov, 2013

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Welcome to Love Your Christmas Home Day 6 – we are gearing up to the holiday season proper ladies, getting the decs out and starting to sparkle things up will be here quicker than you think. Today we are thinking up a few ways we make Christmas in our home a season full of joy…without any stress…little rituals and treats we can do for our home, ourselves and our family that will make the holiday special and ensure that this time of year is, if not oh-so-magical, a bit on the twinkly special side.

Have a think about what you would like to do this season in and around your home to add a bit of special to it all, is there something you’ve always wanted to do but never get around to?  A few years ago I had always wanted to visit a Christmas tree farm and choose and cut our own tree….but it had never happened…one year we made it happen and we’ve been going there ever since…what do you want to do?

When we lived in England I wanted to have a Christmas trip to the beach, ahem not the warmest of places in Blighty in December…but off we went, the kiddos bundled up in hats, scarves and boots, a picnic basket full of treats and a thermos with steaming hot chocolate and we walked along in by the shore with the the fog rolling in off the sea…magical… it got dark quickly and we finished it off with a Christmas lights drive…didn’t cost a penny but here I am years later thinking of the memory now.

You know what works in your home and with your family the best, so get inspiration and ideas for others but tinker with it and come up with something that suits you, your budget and where you live.  I would love to go to Finland one year to the snow, we never made it when we lived in the UK and now it is a huge deal to travel there – that won’t be happening, but I will be picnicking on the beach with bubbles and seafood…

A few years ago I asked my family the little things they loved doing at Christmas, interesting how their views were different to mine, on of their favourite Christmas rituals was the tree decorating with music and Santa arriving at the beach…

Here are some of the things I am doing this year to make it special

* a full English Christmas dinner with all the trimmings for friends outside in an Aussie garden

* a Christmas bath (yep I’ve got sparkly bath glitter & new pjs)

* decorating the back garden

* a family decorating evening with lots of lights, mulled wine and Christmas tunes

* a candelit calm night under the stars with a Baileys & Bing

* Christmas movie night

* decorating an outdoor decorated tree

* an evening walk to see the lights



So today think about how you want to make it special, keep it very simple and not too big, make sure it’s do-able, what rituals do you want in your Christmas – ponder them now and make time and effort to make them happen – no-one else will!


{ make this your prettiest Christmas ever – if you’d like the LYCH message in your inbox every day click here and sign up, we are prettying all the way through the holidays, the good twinkly stuff is on the way, get ready to make this year}

oh and if you would like to download a printable each day to pretty up your home including a checklist of 5 to-do’s hop over here click the links and print xo

p.s. next up we are talking the dreaded Christmas cleaning – when I started writing Love Your Christmas Home I wanted it to be all about having a calm and happy home for the festive season, that’s what I want, and not under any circumstances have everything perfect and organised up to its eyeballs, the more I thought about decorating though and getting a pretty Christmas home, the more I thought that may all be fine and dandy but it needs a little bit of pre-thought and work – unless you have a cleaning, de-cluttering all singing all dancing sparkly fairy to wave a magic wand all over your Christmas home I’m thinking there will probs be only one person in your house thinking about housework, that would be you, coming up we talk simple steps to calm your mind and what *needs to be be done, well at least what I do…xx



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6 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home DAY 6”

  1. JudeB says:

    A girl after my own heart! I live in the UK, and having lived pretty much in the middle of the country all my life, we then moved to within a 20 minute drive of the sea. Our first Christmas we just had to go and have a paddle – oh boy, was it cold, but such fun! We did it for several years but then I became disabled and so it’s not something I can do any more, but a great memory. From there, we moved to the next village and lived only 100 yards from a Christmas tree farm, so it was a real tradition to walk down the road, pick out our tree and dig it up ourselves, sadly it’s now a housing estate, but again, a great tradition while it lasted.

    Hope you have a wonderful, relaxing and fun Christmas this year.

    Judi in the UK

  2. Karen says:

    Loving reading all the Christmas newsletters. This is a very special time of the year for me and have already made the puddings, started the spring cleaning and I’m clearing all the work projects away so I can concentrate more on organising my Christmas by the sea – we live in Horrocks WA, a small coastal town near Geraldton.
    One of our new traditions started when we moved here last year by Jamie, was to cut down our own Christmas tree – luckily we don’t have to travel too far in the bush to find them – and I treasure this new tradition, firstly because real Christmas trees are wonderful, it’s a nice & exciting avo outing for our young family and it was Jamie that came up with it.
    I get so many email these days but this one I really enjoy receiving and reading because it is so nice that there are others (besides mum and I) that love preparing for Christmas in the same ways.
    Karen xx

  3. merilyn says:

    you always manage to lift my spirits and to motivate and inspire me … just lovely! thankyou sarah. you never disappoint … i’m hunting and gathering, plus going to my magic cupboard and coming up trumps with bits of sparkling tat to put about my home, also opening my heart to the spirit of the season.
    good on you sarah lolove m:)x
    p.s. just came across your lovely trifle from last year or so … looks delicious and so festive!

  4. Anonymous says:

    lovely, inspiring and motivating me to move along slowly and peacefully toward a joyful Christmas. many thanks .. just lit two beautiful white pillar candles with snowflakes embedded on the sides

  5. Jean says:

    I am so grateful that I found you and this Christmas blog! You are wonderful and I am so enjoying reading it each day. Thanks for the inspiration!