Love Your Christmas Home Day 2

Tue 12th, Nov, 2013

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Hellooo & welcome to Day 2 of Love Your Christmas Home

Today is all about your theme, colours, lights, what you really want and making a pretty Christmas with what you’ve already got.

Now after yesterday hopefully you will have lots of inspirational images of how you want your Christmas to be – but tell me is there a little bit inside you that makes you heart sink?  Do you have a heap of images with a perfectly perfect Christmas that when you look around you you know will never ever happen?

Oh I hear you!  The thing is though you can still have a pretty Christmas without having a perfect home, trust me.

So have a think about it a bit more – is there something you have always wanted?  Can you make it happen this year?   Do you want to pull up to your home and see a plethora of white twinkly lights, do you, this year, for the first time ever want a real Christmas tree, do you want your bedroom full of Christmas sparkle, do you want a comfy de-cluttered living room warm and toasty and a beautiful mantelpiece (I would kill for one right now), do you want your front door dressed up to welcome people for the festive season?

You can make these things happen, trust me, I’ve been there I have the Christmas t-shirt.  I made a pretty Christmas when we first moved into this old cottage and it was far from lovely, I still did things to make Christmas special even though my home was on a journey to looking nice lol.


The secret?  Well firstly there isn’t really one, if you want something to happen in your life and want Christmas to go a certain way, one thing I’ve learnt is you have to make that happen.  If you have a family anything like those beautiful souls who live with me, they couldn’t really care less what the house looks like – I’m not imagining anytime soon my 6ft2 teenager will be musing whether or not there will be a sparkly white wreath on the front door this year.

To make it happen though, can be easier said than done – you might have a very tight budget, you might be on your own and can’t physically do much easily, you might be in a rental and loving your home is about as far away from how you feel about it as can be (oh yes I’ve been there in a rental with green nylon carpet), you might be living in chaos and think your home will never ever ever look like those in the magazines (nope probably it won’t, well it could do, but even then if you’ve got kiddos and a real life it will last all of 6 minutes), you might be so snowed under crazily busy that you can’t even begin to get your head around whether or not you’ll make it to Christmas Day, let alone if your home is pretty.

But, and there is a but, you can do it, the secret is to keep it small and manageable, focus on a few things that you want to have to make Christmas in your home pretty and lovely.

So today think about what you want to do, without fail in your Christmas home this year, and think about how you are going to make that happen….

Here are mine

fresh Christmas tree on the deck :

white lights around the front deck

a Christmassy bedroom

lights on the Summer House

a fresh hand-made wreath

Now take into account what you already own – creating a lovely Christmas home shouldn’t be about spending a lot of money (it certainly won’t be for me this year).  Think about what you have in your decor already and choose a theme that will complement this – I like to keep mine streamlined by using heaps and heaps of fairy lights hung on things I already own, like vintage doors, old oars and vintage ladders…that way the Christmas theme fits nicely into my coastal vintage too.   Lights are key to my Christmas and I think they can be for anyone – string up a set of lights and a whole room can change from blah to special.   If you can muster up the enthusiasm go to your Christmas box and find the lights, have a quick check over of them, it’s a million million times easier to do that now when you don’t have hundreds of other Christmas things to do.   If you can afford it treat yourself to new lights – I buy a set of lights most years so that I have firstly lots of options (I collect them) and secondly so that when things go wrong and things don’t work (they don’t make them like they used to) I have a fallback.

Lastly think about colour – the one thing about Christmas decorating is that it’s fairly easy to inter-change colour and pop a new colour into your look, I like to stick with one to two main colours, one year pops of red and lots of white, last year was more white with just fairy lights for sparkle and greens from the tree etc (I was tight on time last year), this year at the moment and after I did the coastal inspiration perusing, I’m going for bringing the outdoors in with lots of herbs, bay and olive leaves, gum and lavender and using things from the garden together with my Christmas decs for a fresh festive theme.

That’s it from me,  I hope you enjoy thinking about how your Christmas will be pretty this year!

If you would like a free Love Your Christmas Home Printable including a list of pretty things to do for Day 2, go here to download.


p.s. over the next few days we will be thinking more about you, we’ll be starting to gather things and I have a week of meal recipes all done and dusted, so that you won’t have to think about dinner and you can start foofing – oh and get ready for we’ll be Christmassing up our front doors, our beds and all sorts.

If you missed Love Your Christmas Home Day 1 it’s over here xo

the Beach Cottage Coastal Christmas Pinterest page is here for lots of pretty Christmas ideas xo


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20 Responses to “Love Your Christmas Home Day 2”

  1. Nola says:

    I am loving these ideas but would love to know where to buy fairy lights that are white as most of the ones I have seen are those green ones-not very coastal. Love the idea of fairy lights on mirrors etc.

    • sarah says:

      I just keep looking until I find white ones – I’ve already bought a set this year, the white ones sell out quickly xxx I got mine from Target x

  2. merilyn says:

    delightful sarah! … I say thankyou to the helpful Christmas fairy! … you!
    I have my folder as i’m always doing that stuff!
    i’m going out today to get bits and pieces as the early start is best for not becoming overwhelmed by it all.
    KISSweetheart is my motto … cheers! m:)x

  3. Ok, You have officially dragged me out of my denial and got me thinking, just, of Xmas. I’m feeling a white-light obsession coming on along with lots of xmassy-type (whatever that may be…) food. Of course!!! Best be off to start pinning…..xxx

  4. Smaggle says:

    I haven’t ever actually decorated my home for Christmas because I travel interstate but I might just do it this year!

  5. lizzie says:

    thanks Sarah, really enjoying love your Christmas home. Thank you :) Lizzie

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sarah, I love your Christmas style! Do you prefer your lights to be warm white or the cool LED white?

    • sarah says:

      I like both depending on where they are – the cool white are so pretty against really vintage weathered stuff but I love the warm ones too in the evenings xx

  7. Natalie says:

    Hi Sarah. Love your idea for a pretty not perfect Christmas, this will be us this year. Where did you get that ever so cute pine tree from?

  8. katie says:

    hi sarah. love EVERYTHING you do. we are going to re-do our kitchen in the next 9 months….anxiously awaiting what you do…we are prob going to do IKEA. PLZ post pics. EVEN IF you’re in the i-don’t-know-for-sure phase!!!!!

    • sarah says:

      Hi Katie

      I hate to say this but I wouldn’t recommend IKEA kitchens 100% – the one we put in as a temporary measure has peeled on the drawers which I have not been impressed with – luckily it was a budget option (the stand alone range) ….I would be so upset if we had installed a whole fitted kitchen and this happened – of course IKEA aren’t interested in replacing it when I contacted them, in fact it was such a deal even to get to speak to someone….we are re-thinking our kitchen since we knocked the wall out and I will probably makeover what I’ve got now for various reasons, one of the main ones being that I want a vintage fridge….good luck x

  9. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Great ideas Sarah I love fairy lights they just make everything pretty and shiny!

  10. Mary Lou Ridler says:

    I live in Minnesota and it is 7degrees this morning as I type. However by Friday it is going to be 45.
    I am now going to have my husband put a tree outside our dining room window,with lights, and I will buy ornaments made to feed birds. We have many all winter, this will give me so much viewing pleasure, I don’t do a real tree in the house, allergies , so this will be sweet, thanks for the idea!

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