How to Make a Rosemary Wreath Love Your Christmas Home Day 10

Fri 29th, Nov, 2013

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Good morning from Sydney, righto we are starting decorating, and I’m here with a Rosemary Wreath Tutorial, hands up, heads up, heck put everything up, the big sparkly day is a-coming!

So I’ve started a few bits of festive Christmas crafting and popping a few things up…things that I already have or have in the garden or can steal from other people’s hedgerows for free.  If you see a woman on Sydney’s beaches in skinny jeans, no make-up, a scruffy bun and a muffin-top, carrying a huge basket and a pair of secateurs that will be me, make sure you keep your shrubs safe.


I’ve already said that I am not spending money this year on decorations (hoping Mr BC does not read this in case I come across something that makes me squeal)… I have to confess here though I did think long and long and hard and hard about releasing myself of nearly $200 for a wreath, I mean, it surely is a wreath that I would worship, I would get home from taxi driving and stroke it, it would make me happy, I would blast the thing all over this little corner of the web for sure and if truth be known I have been secretly lusting after this wreath for years now via the world wide web.  Sometimes I weigh up how much something is by how long I have been stalking it on the net or stroking it in a little Frenchie boutique – tell me you do that too?

I won’t tell you which wreath it is but I’m guessing if you know me, you know I like white and fluff and love the shop, you’ll know exactly where it is.  So when I was about to hit buy now on said wreath and get the back of the magic wardrobe ready for wreath stashing, my lovely husband, was bringing down from the loft a few Christmassy things….first of all were the wreath boxes, cough, cough, cough, yup I said boxes, girlfriends does one need over 10 wreaths in her life?  Sparkly, check, driftwood, check more than once, green, check times 3, white and tinsly, double check.  If you are short of a wreath this year I know a woman who could well help you out of a stitch.

So I closed my browser and did not buy the wreath, I then blow me down I came across a tutorial on how to make the wonder wreath but it involved much more crafting and pom pom fiddling than this woman has in her this year.

And so I made a Rosemary Wreath, and so very glad I did…

We have our first Christmas Dinner this weekend – I love having people over for an English Christmas Dinner -it’s kinda tweaked nowadays for Australia, because I can tell you, it’s not much fun either cooking for or sitting down to a full on traditional dinner if it’s roasting hot – so there will be all the favourites, turkey, brussel sprouts if I can get my hands on them, pigs in blanket, home-made gravy, bread sauce and maybe Yorkshire Puddings, there will also be though salad and maybe seafood to start…Panetonne will be right up there too, I know not English but it’s been a part of my Christmas tradition for a very very long time since I first saw them many years ago hanging in an Italian delicatessen deep in the west end of  London.

Oh gosh, sorry I’m rambling.

So yes back to a pretty not perfect home and today we are going to start crafting and bringing things in…we are going to make one thing, hang a set of lights and decorate one tiny area, keep it simple and easy and baby steps ladies, Christmas baby steps.

Here’s what I have decorated, beside my bed, just a Rosemary Wreath and some lights – looked so beautiful last night after the sun had gone down… I ‘m going to do a few more of these, the scent as I was doing it was out of this world I know that for sure….this was super duper easy, a few sprigs of rosemary attached to a ring with garden wire.

I didn’t have and couldn’t find either a craft ring to use for this so I made my own with wire, you could easily use a coat-hanger too.

I cut little bunches of rosemary and then attached it to the ring with the garden wire and then kept going around until it was full up – you might want to tweak yours a bit more to make it neater, I quite liked it ‘rustic’ so I left it as is…


How to Make a Rosemary Wreath DIY Tutorial 

1. make a ring with wire or use any craft wreath

2. cut sprigs of greenery and gather into little bunches (I used three sprigs for each bunch)

3. attach bunches to the ring with garden twine and keep adding until you have a wreath

4. cover any twine that’s showing by tucking in extra sprigs

5. attach a bow or string to hang.


So yes your Love Your Christmas Home mission for the weekend is to

1. choose one small area to start blinging up

2. give this area a very quick clean (keep it simple or it’ll put you off starting)

3. bring in some greenery and do a little Christmas crafting with it

4. hang up a string of lights & make your area sparkle


Happy Days with the Naked Christmas Chef


p.s. I have  the vintage find of the year to show you soon, she’s looking right at me now, she’s timber, she’s big and I ******* well love her and did a happy dance last night, the males in this house are not impressed, but I don’t care…

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 ( I’m sorry for the delay on the week of easy meals, it’s taking me a while to get that all put together, I mean hello it is nearly Christmas around here, lol, on the way ladies, I will try and get it put up before Monday, my aim next week is to have my week of meals all done and dusted in the slow cooker so I wont’ be worrying about dinner!)

how to make a rosemary wreath abeachcottage.com budget friendly holiday decorating with natural supplies x




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11 Responses to “How to Make a Rosemary Wreath Love Your Christmas Home Day 10”

  1. Nice one!! May need to have a crack at this. Also plan to try a pinecone wreath. And have a few more stored in the roof waiting to be unpacked. No such thing as over-wreathing is there?? Thanks for sharing xx

  2. kelly says:

    looks great… i bet it smells wonderful, too!

  3. merilyn says:

    inspirational! … thanks sarah, I love it!
    just cut back some rosemary bushes and picked bunches for inside
    so next on the agenda … yep! a wreath or two or more see how the patience lasts! … rosemary is good for the memory and I need all the help I can get!
    lol m:)X

  4. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Gorgeous and you are not the only one that “borrows ” things from other peoples gardens i do that ,say hello to a big bunch of white Hydrangeas i got next door and some huge Magnolia blossoms ,i might have to borrow some more rosemary for this wreath as my bush is not that big xx

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  6. hrh Sarah says:

    that turned out gorgeous! I started a poofy white wool wreath last year, and lemme tell ya… making a bazillion pompons isn’t as exciting as one would think ;)

  7. yvonne says:

    Love your ideas. I just picked some Silver Birch bark from the wood and wrapped around pillar candles secured with raffia. The simple ideas are the best. Love your blog x

  8. Roberta says:

    Hey Sarah…I made a Rosemary wreath…placed it on a white plate…mounded it with various olives and mozzeralla balls and it was the hit of the party! Sooo pretty, and, the hostess was left w/ a wreath… Gotta love Pinterest!!