A Beach Cottage Love Your Christmas Home DAY 1

Mon 11th, Nov, 2013

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 Welcome to Love Your Christmas Home!


I’ve been quite over-whelmed by the huge response I have had to Love Your Christmas Home!  …when I first was thinking about Loving Your Christmas Home after I had had, over the course of a few days, email after email about the perfect Christmas and how to be so super-organised I would have checklists of checkslists and a clean and tidy bathroom cabinet ready for the Christmas matron to inspect , I decided to put out a little note in my newsletter to see if anyone else would be interested in not a purrrrfect Christmas with every single thing done and dusted but Christmas with a calm loved home and a mama, while not super-woman and definitely having forgotten things, who was actually having quite a nice time herself too this year.  One with a bit of festive sparkle, you know?

Boom, lots of you felt the same, heaps and heaps of you (thank you!) have signed up for the daily email to Love Your Christmas Home which has fueled me on even more….(if you want a daily email too just click here and add your details or scroll down to the end of this post  - make sure you check the Love Your Christmas Home box – if you are already a newsletter subscriber you will just need to go to a newsletter from me and update your preferences to include the Christmas Home emails)

Sooo here’s the first thing we are going to do :  we are going to get some inspiration going and we are going to make a good old foofy Beach Cottage meal of it, if there’s one thing I know how to do it’s enjoy looking at home inspiration!

Love Your Christmas Home Mission


Dream up your vision of a pretty (not perfect) Christmas!  .

* Spend some quality time with yourself thinking about the festive season and how it will be….make this time a treat, pour yourself a nice drink or make a cup of tea, put up a Do Not Disturb sign (I’ll be doing mine in the bath), open some chocolate or maybe a slice of cake and spend some happy time thinking about loving your Christmas home. Light a candle, put your feet up, test out new wines and make it lovely, this is the start of your Christmas fun.  Love it.  What does your pretty and calm Christmas look like?  Mine is lots of fairy lights, not a lot of bother and Christmas traditions our family have come to love.

*  gather inspiration – get yourself a pretty notebook and start a Pinterest board and start musing how you want your Christmas to be (not your kiddos, your family or anyone else, just you) You can find A Beach Cottage Coastal Christmas board on Pinterest over here.  Come over and join me and get lost for a while in Christmas over on Pinterest – pop all sorts of things into the search bar at the top and you’ll be inspired and before long have a lovely little stash of things to inspire you to make this year lovely.


* use this place over the next few weeks to pop in simple ideas, tear things from the brochures coming through the doors, keep recipes you see for easy entertaining and pin stuff from blogs, save things from the weekend papers – I started doing this at the weekend, a few of the flyers in the letterbox had some lights I liked at the discount store and a gorgeous drinks dispenser for the deck – I ripped them out and popped them into my notebook.

* think about colour schemes and think about what you’ve already got, I learnt pretty quickly that for Christmas to work for me it needs to look nice but mostly it mustn’t be too labour intensive or budget heavy hence why I get huge bang for my buck from twinkly lights and keep the colour scheme pretty simple.

* Mostly enjoy this little ritual, it’s the start of a special Christmas, you can have a pretty, non-stressy Christmas, trust me I’ve had one (yes really) and this is where it begins!




If you would like to print off the Love Your Christmas Home Planner, there’s a little list of happy things to do in there too, then go here to print off the PDF, a happy Christmas Home inspiration place  - it’s totally free too xo

What do you want your home to look like this Christmas, I’d really love to know some of your ideass on how you make your home pretty and festive?   Leave me a comment if you like and I’ll be posting some reader ideas on the blog soon – oh and pop over to Facebook too if you fancy it, we’ll be talking pretty holiday homes over there :-)





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13 Responses to “A Beach Cottage Love Your Christmas Home DAY 1”

  1. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Lovely idea Sarah x

  2. sunny says:

    Sarah, your Pinterest Xmas board is so inspiring and fun. Perfect for us beach cottage-y types. After the hols last year I stocked up on dollar-on-sale strings of tiny white lights [what you call fairy lights]…and I am so glad I did! First project will be adding them to the large driftwood star I just hung in my dining room. I’m still liking the distressed mercury glass bits and pieces, candle votives, Xmas ornies, jugs, too. So soft and shimmery. Thank you for all your lovely ideas,looking forward to more to come.


  3. Anonymous says:

    OK, not feeling the Christmas spirit yet. I’ll just sit, watch and wait for it to envelop me.


  4. Dornbuschhexe says:

    Sarah, love your blog! Maybe you can find some more inspiration in a similar style here:
    It seems to me the older I get I like simple and reduced things more and more.
    Greetings from Germany

  5. Deb says:

    Not quite ready for All Things Christmas just yet, but I’m sure your posts will inspire me. We purchased new silver ornaments for the tree last year, and I’m thinking of adding a few turquoise ones this year to help bring in a coastal touch. Here in Texas beachy Christmas trees are rare, but one with seashells on it would warm my heart!

  6. Jenny McAteer says:

    Hi Sarah,

    Not feeling the christmas bug yet, so here’s hoping that your wonderful xmas blog will trigger me to become inspired.

  7. Tracy says:

    I’m so happy to have stumbled upon this blog! I have a 3 year old and a 1 year old so a pretty but not perfect Christmas sounds like just what we are looking for!! We haven’t had many decorations the last few years to avoid breakages but this year I want lots of fairy lights to make if magical for the Children! I’m looking forward to receiving your daily posts, Tracy xx

    • sarah says:

      thanks so much Tracy and welcome! lights are perfect for you with little one, they are soooo easy, no mess but have big impact for Christmas cheer and decor xxx

  8. Dear Sarah,
    Your blog always make me so happy. I’m a new blogger & I added your blog to my short list of “Blogs You have to Read”. You are cheerful, happy, fun, honest and so witty. Thanks for brightening my days. I subscribed to your newsletter earlier.
    I am a huge fan of Christmas decorating and cannot wait to begin. I’m starting this week-end as I usually put up a few trees. The goal of your newsletter is to not be stressed & enjoy the moments. I couldn’t agree more, but I love the process. I really don’t care if anyone else sees my house decorated for Christmas — I would do it anyway, just for us. This year, I’m adding a real tree. Yeah, many of you usually do that already, but I wanted the smell & freshness in my home. There will be many white twinkly lights, silver ornaments in all shapes and sizes, and special family heirlooms. Thanks again!

    • sarah says:

      oh I love love love a fresh tree – I went without one for a few years, I would never do that again….sooooo lovely and means xmas to me xxx enjoy

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