A Week of Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Finds Day Two

Tue 29th, Oct, 2013

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G’day troops, queen of treasure hunting here, and logging on here to show you Day 2 of my Week of Vintage Treasures, tomorrow is good but this shabby little chair to slot into beachy decor was not a bad buy for $5.

I came across this beauty while garage saling with Miss Beach Cottage, she’s into fashion (please insert the voice, you know the one) and likes to scour around for things, I on the other hand couldn’t be much further less interested in fashion.   Big ole yawn peeps, show me the vintage weathered furniture.

So we pulled up at this garage sale as the first one of the morning on Saturday, we had coffee, we had baby wipes, we had sunnies, we had cash and we were all good to go….this sale was advertised with lots of goodies but when we arrived I was thinking to myself this won’t be for me.


It was over on the side of the town looking down towards the harbour and the ferries and after weeks of sizzling weather here it was chilly as the wind whipped off and up from the ocean….it may have been a garage sale but this garage sale was in the garage of apartments with a million dollar view.  We walked down the driveway to a whole lot of young trendy designer clothes, a couple of those bikes where the handlebars are kinda weird and big and high up, know the ones, hipster music playing and a very nice young girl in one of those green parka jackets that every single girl on the Peninsula is wearing at the mo’ and I wore the first time around (actually I think these are from the 60′s mod boys originally so technically I wore it the second time around).  My younger companion I do feel was having very different thoughts to me as we approached this garage full of gear…but rather than rifling through jeans and designer label tops that would certainly not cover my muffin top and nowhere near the tuck-shops, I was wondering quite how quickly we could get us outta here.


And then I spied this old chair.  Hmmm I’m liking it.   Hmmmm.  Well after asking the price of a second-hand sweatshirt that looked like not only it came from the 80′s I thought this chair would not be coming home with me.

Clearly old chairs, on the very shabby side, with peely paint and wearing a shed load of love are not prized.

And at 5 buckeroos her and the sweatshirt came home with us.

Catch ya later thrifting buds





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12 Responses to “A Week of Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Finds Day Two”

  1. Ha ha!! I’m loving this week’s thrifty finds!! Hope you’ve got the sweatshirt in the bucket of napisan??!!! xx

  2. michelle says:

    very very very nice!! Love it! <3

  3. Cizi says:

    Love, love, love that chair, it looks like one from my grandmother’s time, never to be found in the shops. Clever girl to find something soooo gorgeous.

  4. alison says:

    Lovely. WIll it be strong enough to sit on or will it be looking pretty with a vase of flowers, a pile of books, a folded blanket or a sleeping dog on it?


  5. Allie says:

    Gorgeous, comes with inbuilt charm? Beautiful photography.

  6. merilyn says:

    good one hun! looks perfect … & what a bargain … you never know your luck in the city, until you look! always the optimist … lol m:)X

  7. Felicity says:

    That is so perfect! You definitely have created a sense of serene calm in your bedroom! Such an inspirations! Thanks for sharing. Xx

  8. Maureen says:

    Hi Sarah and readers,
    Have seen some painted floors here and want to paint a concrete garage floor white because we’re converting space to studio for guests. All advice I read on forums relates to garages where cars will be driving over surface. Any hints for my situation?
    Love to hear your thoughts.