A Week of Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Finds Day 3

Wed 30th, Oct, 2013

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G’day, here we are, Day 3 of Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage finds, now you know I have not been in favour with the Vintage Treasure Hunting Gods don’t you?  Those girls up there have been mean girls for  like ever.  And then on Saturday oh my, hello vintage style beach cruiser, hello pre-loved bike…in white, no less.


I have to tell you there has been much debate in this old cottage on the purchasing of a new bike, I have had my beady little eye on one for a while, mainly because my lovely blue bike gets shared around a bit and sometimes I find myself bike-less.  Husbands have been less enthusiastic with the needs for a range of bikes in a variety of colours in this old cottage.  Party pooper.

So when Miss Beach Cottage and I came across this at the weekend, after the chair but before the plate, well we were pretty psyched.


It went a little bit like this.

I hissed at my lovely daughter to hop on and see if it worked.  I have had my fingers bitten like this before.  Check the working box.

Have a quick look over, a bit of rust, that’s par for the course in this climate but looks good.

Stand back, pop head to side, examine beach cottage qualities.  Right up there with the blue Kitchen Aid.

Ask the price.  Negotiate a bit.

Clinch the sale.

Pop new baby in the back of car.

Bring home to beach cottage land.

Do the happy dance.

Squeal at husband re new bike.

Tell him it was $20 less than it was just to make it sound really good even though it was already pretty good.

Park it out on the deck.

Make some tea.

Go out and stroke.

The end.





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18 Responses to “A Week of Beach Cottage Coastal Vintage Finds Day 3”

  1. Neen says:

    You have an amazing ability when re-telling stories……luuuuuurve your story style. Especially when telling hubby the price !!!
    Happy dance,stroke and admire away, she’s beautiful ;) Neen

  2. Diana says:

    I love it!

  3. andrea frost says:

    Bloody insane…

    what a find…Is the seat leather?
    whatever..it was an AWESOME find…and I can still hear your squeals of delight here in Melbourne!~~
    x andrea

  4. Sharon Nickel says:

    Not only do I love the bike but the basket and the wooden Australian cheese box to boot !!! and don’t get me started on the flowers!! Are they real? Don’t tell me you grow them? Beautiful! Just gorgeous Sarah.
    And the deck is looking great (no longer yellow)

    • sarah says:

      yes they are very real! no I didn’t grow them sadly, but they are next on my list!

      the deck is no longer yellow but it is no better…we have had a rough ride with it, at one point it was shiny silver blue!!!! I haven’t even mustered up the guts to blog about it yet :-)

  5. Felicity says:

    What an awesome score!

  6. Allie says:

    There is nothing like the thrill of a great find and this one is beautiful.

  7. alison says:

    Life can be wonderful some days, can’t it?


  8. Narelle says:

    Holy pretty vintage-style white bicycle. What a find. Very jealous. Nicely treasure hunted Sarah!

  9. merilyn says:

    fantastic sarah! … and I can just imagine the scenario … what a wag you are!
    that deck is looking pretty good now too! … light sand colour, great! lol m:)x

  10. Suzanne says:


  11. Petra says:

    Oh loving it! I saw a white bike for sale in a bike shop (think many $$$$$) and I fell in love – I’m putting it on my “wish list”! Well done!

  12. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Doesn’t everyone tell fibs about prices to husbands?? I do that’s for sure they do not realise the price of lovely things we like even underwear gets a “really” that much .Well done Sarah your new bike is lovely may she travel along the beaches with you for a very long time…Enjoy!

  13. Marie W. says:

    “After the chair, but before the plate”?? What plate? Did I miss something here? Do share! Marie