Easy Gluten Free Rice and Quinoa Recipe

Fri 18th, Oct, 2013

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Good morning Beach Cottage friends, I have a beautiful, simple, delicious and healthy gluten free rice and quinoa recipe for you today, not only that it’s kiddo and more importantly mum friendly.

This post is sponsored by SunRice


So a few years ago after years and years of grinding the stone with that whole making the lunches thing (I don’t know about you but lunchbox making is not my most fave part of that thing they call motherhood) I started to experiment beyond the sandwich, sushi and sausage roll and into pasta and rice salads…I wanted something that was really healthy that I could add veggies and good things to, to make an easy all-in-one salad without too much fuss.


It quickly became apparent that indeed this humble little salad in a plastic pot could not only be healthy but seriously aid the smooth flowing of that hour in the early evening when all mothers of the world begin to fizzle and frazzle aka Arsenic Hour.   Yup you know the one when you suddenly realise that although you have done four loads of laundry that day, your daughter’s school uniform is crumpled up on her bedroom floor, your son declares he has to dress up as a character from Star Wars the next morning and your teenager informs you that he has to be at school at 6.30am with the team soccer kit that is still in the back of your car stuffed in a bag and smelling far far from pleasant.  Having a rice or pasta salad in the fridge already prepared because you batch made a few comes in very handy at times like these, trust me, I have the tee-shirt.


So when I first started making rice salads for lunches it was while winging it really and to be honest there is still much winging it going on, that, indeed, is the beauty of it, sling a cup of rice in your rice cooker, scramble around in the fridge for healthy bits and bobs to add into it, lug on some oil and hope to goodness you have a lemon to squeeze on top and one very nice lunchbox salad you will have.

And so when I came across a few new rice products from SunRice including the rice and quinoa, low GI brown rice and a microwave rice with chia, bing bong not only is there the ease and deliciousness thrown into the pot but lots of good stuff too, packed full of vitamins and protein and importantly for me at the moment gluten free.


In this rice salad journey I have been on in the last few years though a funny thing happened, firstly there was very positive feedback from said children above who leave dirty laundry on bedroom floors and secondly via a night where there was no dinner in the house and one very tired mum but a glut load of ready-prepared rice salad in the fridge, we have moved this rice salad from lunches to main meals.


Here’s what I do :  I make up a big batch of this on one of the afternoons when we do not have a million after-school activities, that evening we have the rice served hot – a big comforting bowl on its own.   The rest of the rice goes in the fridge in little plastic tubs with lids for lunches.   So easy, keeps really well, perfect to grab as a snack and lunch is done plus you know the kiddos and yourself actually are getting good gluten-free stuff going in in the middle of the day…


Gluten Free Rice & Quinoa Salad with Roasted Capsicum and Feta Cheese

1 cup Rice & Quinoa (I used SunRiceRice and Quinoa)

1/3 cup feta cheese in oil crumbled

½ cup chopped roasted red capsicum (pickled in jar)

3 sticks celery or veggie of your choice chopped (see notes)

handful fresh herbs, I use basil, parsley and oregano

Juice of half a lemon

Salt and pepper

5 tbsp olive oil (I use the oil from the feta cheese jar)


1. cook rice

2. stir through all ingredients and mix well

3. season to taste and top with a few more herbs

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes

On veggies :  any veggie you have to hand works here, experiment with different combos but stick with things that won’t wilt and go soggy – carrots, celery, peas (frozen thawed), corn, broccoli, cauliflower, courgette, cucumber (cut out the middle if you want this to sit overnight)

*if you don’t have fresh herbs leave them out, *a sprinkle of dried chilli is very nice in this you may not want to add that for kiddos  *any feta is good but I always have a jar of feta in oil in the fridge  *use the oil from the feta  * I buy jars of roasted capsicum and keep in the fridge once opened


This is a lovely combo, I use it often as a base and add other things and it always works really well, best thing is though especially if you use a healthy rice such as this one with lots of good things in it, is that it’s pretty much store-cupboard, so even if you are mother-hubbardy you can pull a healthy lunch and dinner out of the bag.

And that my friends is gold to me.

I’ll be seeing you soon, I hope you like the look of it.


SunRice has lots of lovely new healthy rice products including rice with quinoa, rice with barley and white and brown low GI rice and they are still pretty reasonable on the pocket, I don’t know about you but with the size of this family that is very important to me…there is also a range of SunRice microwave friendly rice that have additions like chia for when you are short on time, always good to know…the lovely people there sent me a pack to try and you know it’s good when I’m texting my friend lg after I had used it, who is on an amazing new healthy living / food journey and was here when it had just arrived, and say ‘oooh that rice is sooo good’   

20131018-08-a-beach-cottage-rice-and-quinoa-salad-with-feta-and-roasted-peppers 20131018-01-quinoa-salad

 This post is sponsored by SunRice 


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24 Responses to “Easy Gluten Free Rice and Quinoa Recipe”

  1. Helen says:

    Thanks Sarah. Looks yum and so easy to prepare, this will be going on my lunch and dinner list. Have missed you this week

  2. lg says:

    Well to update your story I promptly went out and bought a bag and served it up instead of plain rice w our green curry dinner and the response was very positive! Delicious was even muttered – from the fussy teenager no less. So definitely a win in this house.
    Now why didn’t I think of making it in a big batch and dolling it out for lunches?? You are so clever Mrs BC! ;) xxx

  3. Think I need to get me some of this!

  4. merilyn says:

    thanks sarah! rice is nice! it’s good comfort food … but since I’ve been mainly having protein and low carbs. I haven’t eaten it much lately … didn’t actually know it was low gluten.
    I love it with tuna and some frozen peas no cooking only warm through in microwave if wanted warm and I throw in whatever I have around dash of soy and sesame oil, seeds and ginger for an Asian taste.
    i’ll get brown rice instead of basmati next time. I’ve actually got some black rice , must see what that is like with gluten count. cheerio lol m:)x

  5. Deb says:

    Not sure if we have this particular brand here in the States, but I will look for it or something similar. This recipe looks like a real winner!

  6. Linda jenkins says:

    That sounds exactly like what we need at our house. Thanks for highlighting the new product as I had previously bought quinoa on it’s own. I will probably add tuna or cooked chicken as an extra protein boost but I love fetta too!!

    • sarah says:

      yes me too, this makes quinoa so tasty and I don’t know how but easier if you know what I mean, I’m actually really glad I found it x

  7. Neen says:

    Oooooh looks delish, easy to make and yummo, I’m going to have to try this.
    Any advice with cooking the rice? I bought a VERY cheap rice cooker and it was useless.
    Luuuuuurve your recipes.
    Perfect day here, 26 degrees, slight breeze but lovely sunshine. Decking all swept and ‘fooofed’ for a BBQ night with friends……yay luv Aussie daylight savings !!! ;) Neen

    • sarah says:

      wow interesting b/c I have a $15 (or maybe 10) rice cooker from big dubs and I couldn’t live without it – I just throw in the rice, give it a rinse, drain and then add 1.5 to every cup of rice, I normally cook between 2 and 3 cups of rice and then use the leftovers for salads or just make up on e big batch of salad – the more rice there is I scale the water down a bit.

      other than that I use the same process in a saucepan (when my old rice cooker broke I did this) – 1.5 water to rice, bring to boil with a lid tightly fitting but a little steam hole and then boil for about a min or so and then turn right down to just barely simmer and it absorbs the water

      hope this helps :-)

      oh and I also cook my rice in the afternoon and it keeps warm so that if it is to go with a dinner in the slow cooker the whole lot is ready x

      • Neen says:

        Oh thanks Sarah, I will try the rinse method, never rinsed rice before !! Might try a new rice cooker too.
        I love rice and sometimes wonder if I am, in fact, Japanese (as I take thousands of photos of the same thing !!! ) LOL !!
        ;) Neen

        • sarah says:

          I think you might have had a bad experience with the rice cooker – to be honest when I bought one years ago it literally changed my life…throw it in and turn it on and it’s perfect! x

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    That looks lovely and very nice for lunches Sarah thankyou for sharing I love rice type salads as I love rice very much and I do have Quinoa as well x

    • sarah says:

      yes I love rice a lot too! apparently it’s how Japanese women keep skinny – worth a shot I thought ;-) xxx

  9. Anonymous says:

    I recently discovered that I have a gluten intolerance. I found your blog through Pinterest. Thank you for the lovely recipe. I have to say your pictures are beautiful!

  10. alison says:

    When I see recipes like this we really don’t have an excuse for not eating well. Getting organised with food prep reaps rewards many times over.


    • sarah says:

      yes it does for me, being organised and using slow cooker, rice cooker and doing batch cooking really has saved my sanity too to be honest!