easy cupcake recipe with coffee for morning tea

Thu 24th, Oct, 2013

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Oooh do you love pretty food pictures, good coffee and a basic no-fail coffee and cupcake recipe?  You’re in the right place I do believe.

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I love coffee, it’s that simple really and when I get requests on this little corner of the web to try a new coffee I must say I always say yes, yes I’ll have a try, what’s to lose right?



So these little pods arrived from the lovelies at L’OR EsspressO one day and I must say I was having one of those days…you know the ones…I’ll just say one mum, 3 kiddos, one dog and one husband, bad hair day, interrupted sleep and needing a serious shot of caffeine and you will get the gist.


I switched on my machine, and dived in and must say right then and there I was a little bit surprised at the packaging, sort of felt very special and then inside the box each little pod de pod is individually wrapped making one’s coffee making ritual positively divine – really though I was more interested in a shot of the black stuff, I mean good packaging is all very well but it has to deliver… and this was good, very good.   I was a bit surprised, yep holding my hands up and saying so because c’mon a pod is a pod is it not – these are a bit different and wrapped in a flow system thingy, all very scientific but it keeps the aroma and freshness stuff in.  Works for me.

I downed the good feelings, thought about how good it is nowadays to get nice coffee in this old cottage at the hit of one button and got on with my day a rather happier bunny.


A few days later it was a Saturday and ahem rather more calm in this old cottage, I was in the mood for a bit of baking and pottering around the house in pj’s and putting on some coffee….this is the result  – a quick bit of mixing, an espresso made with ease and a lovely lovely morning tea out on the hammock with a good creamy smooth coffee and home-baked delights.


I added espresso to a basic cupcake recipe I have been playing around with the last few times I’ve baked – one bowl, one spoon, one slosh of very nice spicy intense coffee and mumma bear is out on the deck looking up at the Australian sky and humming.

20131024-06-abeachcottage-lor-espresso-coffee-pods 20131024-07-coffee-cupcakes-abeachcottage.com_

I’m not sure if the coffee did that but I’m not complaining.


Easy basic One-Bowl Cupcake Recipe with coffee

3 eggs

2 ¾ cups self raising flour

200g butter

¼ cup milk

¼ cup espresso

1 cup sugar

  1. pop all in ingredients in a mixing bowl and mix until all well combined
  2. add batter to cupcake liners and bake 190C 15 minutes


Happy coffee drinking Beach Cottage lovelies.


You can find L’OR EspressO in the supermarket – there are a few different ones to try, so far so good for me…very lovely…


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8 Responses to “easy cupcake recipe with coffee for morning tea”

  1. James Lowe says:

    YUM YUM! They look delicious, I must have my wife make me some of these for dinner :D

  2. Gorgeous gorgeous pics Sarah!!! And all of my favourite meal….coffee and cake!!! xx

  3. Scarlett says:

    In answer to your request for suggestions of a “light” fragrance, I would like to suggest Cristalle, No 19 or Allure by Chanel. In my humble opinion, all of the aforementioned have smell fresh, light, floral & “green”. Not at all cloying. ;) Good luck finding a new fragrance that you like.

  4. Some of my regulars would have heart attack if they woke up to these in the morning. :) Well done they are beautiful.

  5. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Stunning pics as per usual Sarah I do so love your photography skills,and I do like an easy little cupcake recipe and I love a good coffee as well,thankyou for sharing xx

  6. michelle says:

    Gorgeous! Will go an claim my sample now! xx