Beetroot and Apple Smoothie Recipe

Tue 15th, Oct, 2013

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Hi, how are you, I have a raw beetroot smoothie recipe today, no no no don’t grab your coffee and walk away, I swear this is good for you and tastes nice too – packed full of vitamins, minerals and energy it will give you a spring in your step, trust me, lady with white paint and tuck shops, I know.


I’m really into smoothies especially since I got the new blender, not that I am saying you need a fancy blender, I used a $10 el cheapo blender for a few years until I was sure I would use a decent blender regularly enough to justify spending a good amount of money on.

I love smoothies and the love is growing – there is one main reason though, I don’t like these because they are lip-smackingly the bestest thing you will ever taste ever…nope, it’s more the fact that this is like the lazy girl’s healthy – shove a few things in the blender, turn it on, drink it (with or without grimacing) and you know that whatever happens for the rest of the day, you have managed to get good things in and more you are banking goodness ready for the times when 65 glasses of something rather more potent make their way somehow down one’s neck.


At the beginning of the year I started a mini-detox – I had realised I had become slack in quite a few areas, I blogged about how everything was getting on top of me, it wasn’t pretty but it was real – the main thing I changed was alcohol, no I was not a rolling around the floor drunk every night, but it had certainly become a habit and was leaving me feeling washed out and listless.  I’m very pleased to say that nearly 8 months later I’ve cracked it, I still very much love a drink and now boyo do I enjoy it so much more when I do.


So with mini-detoxing in mind I started googling de-tox, how to get your energy back, how to not crumple down on the floor at 6pm in a heap every night, how to improve your diet for energy, you get the picture, I came across again and again and again the benefits of the humble smoothie, which to be honest I already knew since I have been dabbling for a few years now…since then though I’ve kicked it right up a gear and there are lots of combos that I love with more errrm ‘healthy’ things other than the odd orange and frozen banana …and beetroot has been right up there….and as a beetroot lover I’ve found it ok to down most combinations but I have to admit some are cringingly toe-curling, raw beet is, if not done right, quite a hard taste to swallow even if you like it…


This then is down-able, indeed it’s quite delicious in a smoothie kinda way – I always smile to myself when people claim smoothies packed with things like kale, garlic, beetroot, ginger and the like are delicious – chocolate cake this ain’t – but I’m doing it for a clear brain and to hopefully keep me out of trouble, right.

When I make these I will usually make a batch of it, if it’s the weekend I will pour my darling husband a glass, he will always ask ‘how bad is it?’….we now have a scale where I reply with how bad I think he will think it is – some he has literally grimaced at, others just shot me a look, there have been eyebrows raised to the sky but this one didn’t get too much of any of that so I reckon that means it’s a keeper.  Well I knew that already :-)



Beetroot and Apple Smoothie

1 beet scrubbed

1 apple cored

1/2 cucumber

juice from half a lemon

handful parsley or greens

handful ice cubes

1 cup apple juice

1. pop all in a blender and zap

Beach Cottage Recipe Notes ** serves 1-2  I double up and keep one in the fridge for my daughter or the next day *throw in some garlic if you are feeling brave   *eyeball the liquid and add more apple juice or water if it’s too thick   *sub coconut water for apple juice if you like


I hope you like it if you give it a try!  I promise it will give you a spring in your step.  It might even make you raise your eyebrows.


See you soon




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14 Responses to “Beetroot and Apple Smoothie Recipe”

  1. jody says:

    yea Sarah for trying it, working on it till you find the best combo for you, and then sharing health blessings with everyone else! thank you! xo jody

  2. lg says:

    Too funny! I have been doing the exact same thing every morning to my tribe as you have done to Mr BC. I concoct some sort of smoothie brew and serve it up to many a raised eyebrow or grimace. The teenager is usually the worst one. And I have been easy on them with only things like bananas and oranges and other sweet fruits! (ok I also slip in a few scoops of probiotics and other goodies that they don’t know about!) However I currently have a few beets sitting in the fridge, so guess what they will get in the am???? I’ll make sure to tell them it was your recipe ;) xxx

  3. alison says:

    Well, it looks good and the flowers look very cute and I like baked beetroot and raw beetroot salad but I’ll have to work up to this one. Strangely, I find apple juice way too sweet. I know it’s a good mixer but I tend to avoid any apple juice concoctions. Must try coconut water.


  4. Claire says:

    Sarah I do a similar one in my juicer: 2 beetroots, 2 carrots, 1 apple, 3 radishes, 1 lemon. Looks scary, but tastes GREAT (it’s the lemon I think)! I call it my Long Life Lemonade : ) x

  5. merilyn says:

    morning sarah! i’m also that kind of woman to slip a few more vitamins into things and love juices and smoothies too … it’s nurturing! … on the alcohol front, I am pleased to admit i’m not drinking! and what has surprised me is that i’m not missing it at all … what a habit!
    a few years ago I thought I had the alcoholic gene really!
    every late afternoon i had a tipple or two, but recently I have been reducing it to one glass of wine with
    meals only and in the last two weeks i’m only having mineral water, tonic water, or bitters lime and soda
    in a special glass with ice, a slice of lemon or lime and sometimes even a dash of apple cider vinegar for digestive purposes … being creative, love it! I feel heaps better too! … my sister has done the same and we still want to get up and dance! so that’s the main thing! happy dancing sisters lol m:)x

  6. Petra says:

    You’ve inspired me to get into juices! My new kitchen will go in in about 2 weeks so I can start then! Raw beetroot??? I’m thinking the apple juice helps it to be palatable haha! However, I will give it a go – but only because your photos make it look really, really good!

    • sarah says:

      it’s not chocolate cake lol but it’s still quite good but I love beetroot – smoothies are wonderful for super quick no fuss keeping healthy, I am just about to have one now – like health insurance in a glass in my mind x

  7. Etta says:

    I struggle with the beetroot taste but is determined to eat/drink healthier. Tried Claire’s recipe as I did not have enough apples for apple juice, and I actually liked it! Thanks for all the great recipes that you post Sarah!

    • sarah says:

      my pleasure!

      yes beetroot is very strong – I LOVE it cooked though – have a quick google into its amazing healthy properties, quite interesting and makes throwing it in worth it x

  8. Lisa Mckenzie says:

    Nice! I will have to get my blender out more often to make some healthy smoothies,this looks so bright and healthy will give it a try,Thanks for sharing again Sarah.